From the three major upgrades of AWE, we can see the high growth potential of Casarte


  In the uncertain business arena, let’s see how Casarte uses brand and product innovation to tell a growth story.

The annual international home appliance industry event “AWE China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo” will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 14th to 17th. The theme is “Smart Technology, Create and Enjoy Life”, which can quite reflect the current situation. The consumption trend is becoming more and more intelligent and pursuing quality life.

Consumers’ pursuit of a life that pleases them has also allowed the high-end home appliance market to still achieve growth against the trend in 2023, a year full of uncertainty. The leading brand Casarte is leading the industry and winning many firsts. This achievement is a cumulative result. The result is also the result of innovation.

Just before the opening of AWE2024 on March 13, the Haier Smart Home Ecological Conference with the theme of “Unbounded Symbiosis of Digital Intelligence Update” was held in Shanghai. At the conference, Casarte’s good results were summarized into three major upgrades: brand innovation, product Innovation, model innovation. The author believes that these three major upgrades not only enabled Casarte to achieve rapid growth in the past, but are also the underlying logic for its high growth in the future.

  Not just an innovative brand, but an interpretation of a lifestyle

According to the “2023 China High-end Home Appliances Market Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), from January to September 2023, the overall sales of the global home appliances and electronic consumer products market showed a downward trend, but the high-end trend of the Chinese home appliance market is still obvious, and The meaning is constantly upgrading, and home integration, smart and simple life, personal quality enjoyment and product aesthetics have become the main trends of high-end home appliances.

  However, in the past, home appliance brands tended to focus only on the product itself, lacking systematic innovation and presentation in home integration and product aesthetics. Casarte is keenly aware of changes in consumer trends and has discovered gaps in the industry’s brands and products.

Casarte proposed a new brand proposition of “Smart Life for Extraordinary Love” in 2023, and made various industry innovations around brand upgrades.

Casarte has always had in-depth interactions with art circles and design circles. Based on years of research and iteration on the space aesthetics of high-end home appliances, Casarte proposed the concept of integrating home furnishings and ultra-hidden aesthetics. As an advocate of the integration of home appliances, Casarte has also maintained in-depth cooperation with the home furnishing industry. It has teamed up with high-end home brands such as Bologna, Marker, and Brutal to provide users with integrated home customization solutions.

Through original and refined technology, space-smart aesthetics, and high-end smart life, Casarte has become the absolute leader in high-end lifestyle. From Casarte’s interpretation of “the art of home”, users can fully feel that high-end home appliances are It’s just a product, it can also be a piece of art for your home, a reflection of a high-end lifestyle.

This concept of creating a fully embedded space for users integrates artistic aesthetics, technological innovation and spiritual pursuit. It has also obtained the China Home Space Art Certification from the Furnishing Committee, once again defining the high-end standards of the era.

The various innovations Casarte has made to upgrade the brand obviously meet the needs of users. Currently, Casarte is the most popular high-end brand on the Xiaohongshu platform, and has become a high-end home appliance brand owned or expected to be owned by high-net-worth individuals. TOP1. According to public information, Casarte is on the 2023 “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” list with a brand value of 71.165 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.7%, showing huge growth potential and brand value.

After 17 years of hard work, Casarte has developed into a global leader in high-end home appliances and a phenomenal brand. Continuously upgrading the brand does not stop at innovating the brand, but deeply integrates the brand connotation and user needs from the level of artistic and spiritual pursuits. This may be the reason why Casarte’s brand connotation continues to grow.

  When a company breaks out of its industry and not only innovates a brand, but creates a lifestyle and a concept of life, allowing it to take root in the hearts of users and eventually become a cultural symbol, its future growth space is naturally difficult to estimate. .

  Not just innovative products, but creating a home that understands users better

Behind the high-end lifestyle is a home that can meet the spiritual needs of users and is smart enough without losing artistic sense. To help users create such a warm home, brand upgrade is the beginning and product innovation is the path.

  In the past, product innovation in the home appliance industry was often innovation in a single category or breakthrough innovation in a certain technology, but high-end users are obviously not satisfied with the ease of use of the product itself.The “Research Report on Values ​​and Lifestyles of High-Net-Worth Individuals 2022” released by Hurun Research Institute shows that by “feeling culturally rich handicrafts or customized services in many consumption categories” to enjoy the fun of consumption and become a consumer of high-net-worth individuals new preferences. The rising sales of smart and convenient products such as high-end flat-mounted refrigerators, integrated cooking centers, washing machines and floor scrubbers with dual washing stations also show the importance of scenarios and customized services.

Taking Casarte’s smart living room as an example, we can understand the appeal of full-scenario smart life to high-net-worth individuals.

In Casarte’s smart living room scene, the devices are interconnected. After the user swipes their face to enter, the lights, curtains, and air conditioners in the home will automatically turn on, and the smart speakers will automatically broadcast a welcome message to welcome home. Say “Open sports scene” to the TV, and the TV will jump directly to the AI ​​fitness interface, link the air conditioner to turn on fresh air, the wind speed is gentle and the temperature is automatically adjusted to 24°C. The duration, score, and calories burned of the exercise can also be displayed in real time. For the movies and TV series you are watching, you can continue to play them on the bathroom TV after entering the bathroom…

  To meet the needs of these smart scenarios, it is obviously difficult to achieve true interconnection and interoperability with a combination of home appliances. For Casarte, innovation should not just be limited to the product itself. Only by creating a series of smart products that adapt to different scenarios can users be given a home that truly understands them better.

In terms of technology, Casarte has accumulated a lot and has gradually become a leading brand in original technology and standards in the home appliance industry. Casarte refrigerator is the world’s first original standard setter for “flat-mounted refrigerators” and has successively taken the lead in formulating “free embedded refrigerators”. Refrigerator standard and many other refrigerator industry standards. So, how to realize full-scenario smart life?

The residential packages released by Casarte in 2023, such as Lightyear and Nebula, are designed to create a home for users to better understand themselves. These products are distributed in smart bedrooms, smart cloakrooms, smart living rooms, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms and other smart living areas. scenario, leading the industry into the era of high-end packages.

Jizhi’s all-scenario home appliances – the Nebula series is aimed at young users, is stylish and simple, and pays equal attention to quality and performance. 350,000 units have been sold since its launch. Among them, the Nebula air conditioner is well recognized by the market and users, with 140,000 units sold.

  Casarte’s full-space integration package, the Zhijing Suite, exhibited at AWE2024, is also a cutting-edge achievement of Casarte’s continuous exploration of smart life in all scenarios.The Zhijing suite includes 16 categories, 18 original embeddings, and 26 original wisdoms. It is integrated into 5 major scene spaces and integrates Casarte’s latest technological and aesthetic research results: Zhijing F+ refrigerator has won the first prize in China’s home appliance industry. Personal home appliances iF Design Gold Award, and equipped with original flat embedded technology, hoping to create a complete set of home-integrated luxury home appliances in a fully embedded space for the elite group.

In addition to the Zhijing package, Casarte’s complete set of high-end solutions also includes the new Conductor package, which is Casarte’s flagship package and will debut at the AWE exhibition.

  Each of the three major series has its own positioning and has only one goal: to meet users’ needs for a full-scenario smart home that integrates aesthetics and intelligence. This is no longer simply innovative products, but a home that gives users a better understanding of themselves.

Artificial intelligence is subverting the world, and it is difficult for us to predict what smart life will be like in the future. In this era, the home appliance industry, as a traditional and innovative industry that stands at the forefront of the times, how can it use technology to shape a better consumer life and achieve the sustainable growth of the industry and enterprises? It’s not easy to answer this question, but Casarte seems to have given a perfect answer.

  It is no longer a simple experience, but a harbor for creating spirituality.

Home is a balance between life and art, a display of the latest achievements in science and technology, and a spiritual harbor. The “High-end Lifestyle White Paper” released by the Chinese version of Robb Report shows that the time consumers spend at home is gradually increasing. 12% of consumers spend more than 12 hours at home every day on average. The living room, bedroom, and kitchen have become the three most important things for consumers. Scenes. It is foreseeable that all household-related consumption will receive more and more attention in the future.

This is why high-end home appliance brands often attach great importance to the scene layout of offline experience stores. Since users are examining the brand from a higher-order dimension, it is very important to awaken consumers’ potential needs and allow users to truly experience and feel the charm of home. important.

In order to allow users to truly experience Casarte’s spatial art, design aesthetics, and product innovation, Casarte adopts model innovation to break through the industry’s traditional To B business model. It takes a step forward from the previous user segmentation management and is the first to create a comprehensive user experience. The new model of the best journey experience allows users to understand what kind of high-end lifestyle experience full-scenario smart life can bring to users.

  Smart bedrooms, smart cloakrooms, smart living rooms, smart kitchens, smart bathrooms… What Casarte wants to bring to users is not just products, but a lifestyle and a spiritual haven. The “atmosphere of home” cannot be described, it can only be felt.

Starting from 2022, Casarte has accelerated its entry into Shopping Mall, achieving the goal of “where there are users, there is Casarte”, realizing the transformation from “people looking for goods” to “goods looking for people”, meeting the needs of different users. The experience requirements of the scene.

In 2023, Casarte touch points will continue to be launched across the country: in East China, they have successively entered Shanghai Global Harbor, Hong Kong Plaza, First Yaohan and other places. Currently, Casarte high-end lifestyle has covered the main urban area of ​​Shanghai; in North China, Casarte The Art Life Museum has settled in Huaifang Wanda Plaza in Beijing; at the end of December, Casarte has settled in Nanjing Deji Plaza.

At present, Casarte has deployed nearly 300 high-end shopping malls across the country, trying its best to integrate art into high-end lifestyles; Casarte’s high-end membership users have exceeded 12 million, with better user experience and higher platform efficiency.

Not only for domestic users, Casarte is also trying to bring a more artistic, full-scenario smart lifestyle overseas to tap user needs and explore growth space in overseas markets. It is reported that Casarte products have not only appeared at exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Germany’s IFA Exhibition, and Singapore Electrical and Mechanical Exhibition, but also in well-known buildings such as Hinwick Manor in the UK and Almona Castle in France. In Europe and the United States, Casarte products There are also many Casarte series products in high-end families.

Either displaying exhibits or opening an experience center, to be the brand that understands users best, Casarte continues to promote the latest scientific and technological achievements of Chinese home appliances to the global market and bring them to global families, becoming a new trend vane for Chinese home appliance brands going global.


Casarte has achieved 13-fold growth in 7 years and continues to lead the industry. It ranks first in the industry in three dimensions: average unit price, high-end share, and compound growth rate. The brand value also continues to rise, with the Casarte brand value reaching 71.1 billion in 2023. When a brand understands users best and brings China’s brand concepts, product innovations, and lifestyles to the world, the ceiling for growth no longer exists.

For Casarte, insight into and leadership of high-end lifestyles is the beginning, strong product innovation capabilities are the cornerstone, satisfaction of user needs and experience is the support, and continuous innovation of brands, products and models has made Casarte Today’s market position as the industry leader has also contributed to Casarte’s high growth. At the upcoming AWE exhibition, users will experience the results of Casarte’s continuous innovation on site, find the home they want, and the lifestyle they want.


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