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From planting a tree to contributing a forest, turn around and adhere to long-termism to accumulate energy for the future

From planting a tree to contributing a forest, turn around and adhere to long-termism to accumulate energy for the future

In March of Yangchun, the vigorous spring returns to the earth. The arrival of the 3.12 Arbor Day has added a touch of beautiful green green to March.

In the first spring after upgrading and transforming into a circular economy company, Zhuanzhuan Group organized a public welfare tree-planting activity called “Carbon Cycle Future Step by Step Counting Trees”, implementing long-termism in environmental protection actions and business development.

For a long time, Zhuanzhuan Group has practiced the mission of “letting people enjoy the joy of idle transactions and making the world more sustainable due to circulation”, insisting on improving services and environmental protection. By establishing a CSR organization (Zhuanzhuan Group Social Responsibility Group ), upgrade environmental protection packaging, lead and promote industry standardization construction and afforestation activities, etc., insist on doing “difficult but correct” things, and give full play to the responsibility and responsibility of the head platform.

At the same time, in the field of second-hand transactions, Zhuanzhuan Group has been committed to providing users with the service of “buy with confidence and sell with peace of mind”, and use high-quality second-hand transaction experience to make low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green consumption a place that everyone can participate in anytime, anywhere. daily life.

Arbor Day Carbon Follows the Future, Drawing a Green Vision of “Turning the Forest”

The “greenness” in March this year is particularly eye-catching. 3.12 Arbor Day, 3.25 Earth Hour, etc., make people pay more attention to environmental protection topics this month.

This year’s Arbor Day, Zhuanzhuan Group specially launched a public welfare activity with the theme of “Carbon Tracking the Future, Counting Trees Step by Step”, and gathered more than 100 company employees, users and Lvyuan environmental protection volunteers to come to Silver Tree Park in Baishawan, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen. Participate in the replanting of mangroves and experience the birth of “green life” in person.

Every tree is an image of nature and life, and a symbol of immortality and eternity. Mangrove is the city tree of Shenzhen City. It is known as “the blue carbon of the earth”. In addition to releasing oxygen and improving the environment, it can also resist typhoons and tsunamis and purify water quality. One of the ecosystems.

However, the growth of mangroves is slow, and it takes 50 years to grow to a height of 2 meters. This feature of mangroves is highly consistent with the concept of Zhuanzhuan Group’s launch of this event-believe in small powers, and continue to do difficult and correct things thing.

With the confidence of “second-hand saving the world” and hope for the new year, “Turn around the forest” planted the first tree.

“The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now. Planting a tree is an extraordinary experience, and we have the patience to sow seeds for the future.” Huang Wei, CEO of Zhuanzhuan Group, said that Zhuanzhuan is in the strategic choice Always maintain business rationality, not only focus on immediate profits, but also uphold long-termism like planting trees, so that trees can grow together and grow endlessly.

(The picture shows the first tree planted by the “Turn Around the Forest” program)

It is understood that “Turning the Forest” will be a long-term plan, from planting a tree to contributing a forest. From then on, Zhuanzhuan will continue to plant trees, and at the same time organize corresponding activities in different cities, watch the green with unremitting patience and perseverance, and join hands with more users to deliver beauty.

Zhang Yanlong, vice president of the Shenzhen Carbon Neutrality Promotion Association and chief carbon expert of the Shenzhen Carbon Exchange, said that the establishment of a low-carbon circular economy is of great significance, and all parties including the government, enterprises and consumers should participate in it as soon as possible. “The development of a green and low-carbon circular economy requires consumers to become participants, building a platform to build a green and low-carbon economic system with a full life cycle, making it possible for consumers to participate, and participating in this great new economic reform is everyone’s responsibility. Humans can.”

Adhere to the long-term principle, practice environmental protection and Zhuanzhuan has been on the way

Whether it is a public welfare activity for afforestation, or at the level of second-hand trading business, we firmly believe that greatness begins with smallness, and starting from small things has always been the connotation of Zhuanzhuan’s “long-termism”.

In terms of corporate public welfare actions, Zhuanzhuan continues to explore and find more possibilities. At the end of 2020, Zhuanzhuan Group has upgraded its corporate mission to: let people enjoy the joy of idle transactions, and make the world more sustainable due to circulation, which has become the underlying logic and development strategy of Zhuanzhuan Group to stick to long-termism. In February 2021, Zhuanzhuan established a CSR organization (Zhuanzhuan Group Social Responsibility Group) within the company, advocating employees and users to participate in the construction of a circular economy starting from small things around them in the way of “environmental protection that everyone can do”.

In terms of the second-hand trading business where it works, Zhuanzhuan is even more daring to be the first in the industry to launch second-hand machine inspection services and independently customize inspection standards, and provide consumers with intermediary services through the C2B2C model to enhance consumers’ trust. . At the same time, Zhuanzhuan is also the first circular economy industry platform in the industry to provide services such as 7-day no-reason return and one-year warranty. distance between consumers and green consumption.

Last year’s Double 11, Zhuanzhuan continued to increase packaging investment while upgrading its brand strategy, and upgraded new environmentally friendly packaging with low carbon, low plastic, and low ink. Although such an upgrade has increased the cost of second-hand mobile phone logistics cooperation by nearly 50%, and the cost of each packaging box has increased by 2.26 yuan, Zhuanzhuan still has no hesitation.

In addition, Zhuanzhuan is also committed to promoting the standardization of the industry. In June 2022, the group standard of “Project-Based Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Assessment Technical Specification Second-Hand Trading Platform” that Zhuanzhuan participated in drafting was approved and released, becoming the first domestic and even global second-hand commodity trading platform for greenhouse gas emission reduction accounting standards. The promulgation of this standard has made the carbon reduction assessment of second-hand platforms have a “standard” to follow, and also made consumers have a more intuitive feeling of the green benefits generated through second-hand consumption.

According to statistics, in 2022, Zhuanzhuan presided over and participated in the formulation of 13 various standards, including 2 industry standards, 1 local standard, and 10 group standards. It is a well-deserved leader in second-hand industry standards.

Through the circulation of second-hand idle items, Zhuanzhuan’s efforts have also paid off. In 2022, Zhuanzhuan will work with users to reduce carbon emissions by 668,000 tons, reduce energy consumption by 936.8GWh, and sell more than 3.486 million second-hand books, which is equivalent to protecting 30,000 forest trees.

Believing in small powers and persisting in doing good deeds despite difficulties is not only the “cheat book” for Zhuanzhuan to save the world, but also the driving force for one’s own development. While actively participating in social welfare, Zhuanzhuan is committed to growing into an industry pioneer in carbon emission reduction. By leading the establishment of industry standards, it helps promote sustainable social and economic development, contributes to the realization of the “double carbon goal”, and makes second-hand idle transactions Become a carbon reduction action voluntarily participated by hundreds of millions of people.

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