From “Made in Egypt” to “Made in the World”, Haier makes China’s creation lead the world


From global sales to global manufacturing, the global operation of Chinese companies has once again stood at a new starting point driven by leading companies. On March 15th, local time, the Haier Egypt Ecological Park, with a total investment of 160 million US dollars and a designed total production capacity of more than one million units, covering air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, refrigerators and freezers, laid the foundation stone. The home appliance circle learned that after the first phase of the project is put into operation in the first half of 2024, it will not only realize the “Made in Egypt” of Haier products, but also radiate to multi-regional markets such as Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, and accelerate Haier’s “global manufacturing” of its own brand. Landing, and leading the operation and development direction of the global home appliance market.

“Made in Egypt” is only a strategic node for Haier Zhijia to promote “global manufacturing” overseas. Now, as an explorer of the transformation and upgrading from “global sales” to “global manufacturing”, the home appliance circle believes that: Haier Zhijia is based on the “Trinity” localization and The two-wheel drive of global brand creation is injecting a new development engine into the globalization of Chinese companies, opening up a new leading track, and harvesting a new business structure.

Haier launches “Made in Egypt”, accelerating the globalization transformation of Chinese enterprises

Over the past 30 years, the key word for the globalization of Chinese home appliance companies has been “made in China and sold globally”. However, as Haier Zhijia took the lead in launching the “three-in-one” localization strategy of R&D, manufacturing, and marketing in overseas markets, it opened up a new pattern of global operation for Chinese companies in one fell swoop, that is, from “made in China and sold globally” to “made globally and sold globally”. “Fall to the ground.

“Made in Egypt” is not just a testimony to the value of Haier Smart Home’s “Global Manufacturing” strategy for Chinese companies’ overseas market expansion. For example, after the Egyptian ecological park was put into operation, Haier Zhijia shortened the market response time through standardized and large-scale localized production, and also brought benefits such as tariffs and transportation costs. At the same time, it also announced that the global operation of Chinese enterprises will enter a new stage of development of self-owned brands, independent innovation and independent operation from commodity processing trade.

Previously, Haier Smart Home has established 33 industrial parks, 133 manufacturing centers, a 10+N open innovation system and more than 230,000 sales networks around the world. The global operating capabilities of “manufacturing and marketing” are “face-to-face” connected with the localization needs of users and families in different countries, opening up a new situation of “global manufacturing and global sales”.

The leap from Made in China to Created in China, the new order of world home appliances

From the global sales of “Chinese goods” back then to the globalization of “Made in China” led by Haier Zhijia, for Chinese enterprises, this is a strategic upgrade from the output of commodity manufacturing capabilities to the output of management capabilities, but the test Not only the company’s manufacturing capabilities in products, but also the creative capabilities to meet the differentiated and diversified needs of users in different countries and regions.

Different from the previous “Made in America”, “Made in Pakistan” and “Made in New Zealand”, Haier’s newly added “Made in Egypt” ecological park is a digital twin park. The ONE-COSMO digital factory comprehensive solution explored by COSMO realizes the seamless connection of information from the user end to the factory end, and quickly conducts customized production according to user needs. The precision of the twin model reaches the millimeter level, and finally creates an “intelligent, digital, Flexible” ecological factory.

As Haier’s “global manufacturing” has been launched one after another, the home appliance circle has seen that this is not only the realization of the large-scale batch manufacturing capabilities of Chinese enterprises to take root in the global industry, but also actively promotes the “intelligent and digital” China with international leading advantages. The implementation of creative capabilities drives the upgrading of the world’s manufacturing industry and creates more products, solutions and scenarios that meet the personalized and diversified needs of different users.

Participate in the competition to lead the breakthrough in the market, a new stage for Chinese home appliances

Since entering the Middle East and Africa markets in 1998 and starting the first year of localized brand creation, Haier Smart Home is now starting again in Egypt to embark on a new journey of high-end brand creation in the global market. Behind this move, it not only means that Chinese enterprises headed by Haier Zhijia will become the leaders and builders of the world’s home appliance industry from participants and followers in the global home appliance market, and will leverage a series of localized innovations. The mobile industry upgrades and leads the consumption trend.

Egypt, as the intersection of the “Belt and Road” initiative, has historically been a hub connecting trade and culture between the East and the West. As one of the fastest-growing brands in the Egyptian home appliance market and one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to “go global”, Haier actively responded to the “Belt and Road” strategy and created a new model for Chinese companies to “go global” to meet the needs of users in the local market. At the same time, it also creates employment opportunities and drives the continuous upgrading of local home appliance technology, standards and industrial chain. In this regard, Li Huagang, chairman and president of Haier Zhijia, said: “Haier will insist on creating high-end brands, enhance user experience, promote the construction of home appliance industry clusters, and make Egyptian manufacturing go out of Egypt and go to the world.”

From overseas independent brand creation to today’s global high-end brand creation, we can see that what has changed is Haier’s global business logic, development strategy, and business strategy, while what remains unchanged is that Chinese companies represented by Haier Smart Home, relying on independent innovation , User thinking participates in and guides the upward development of the global home appliance industry and the trend of upgrading to high-end.


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