From home appliance champion to scene leader!Haier AWE Releases New Achievements? New Smart Home, New Technology, New Life


Facing the world and serving the world, Haier Smart Home is accelerating the global implementation of smart homes!

On April 26, the Haier Smart Home 2023 Ecological Conference with the theme of “Digital Intelligence Symbiosis Vientiane Renewal” officially kicked off in the silver hall of the Shanghai World Expo Center. At the meeting, Haier Smart Home showcased a series of achievements including the most complete brand layout, the most comprehensive scenario solution, the most leading technological innovation and the most thorough global layout.

Today, “Global Home Appliances Champion” is no longer sufficient to describe this Fortune 500 company. We saw at the scene that the “New Smart Home”, which has transformed from the world champion of the world’s major home appliance brand to the smart home ecological brand, is creating a “new life” with global users that is smart and unbounded by relying on the “new technology” led by generations.

Understanding “New Smart Home”: From Home Appliance Champion to Scene Leader

In the “short but not simple” 1-minute opening video, Haier Zhijia blew the clarion call of the new era with a brand-new attitude. Although it has won the global home appliance championship for 14 consecutive years, Haier Zhijia is no longer the “home appliance brand” you think. The current Haier Smart Home no longer only provides good home appliances for global users, but customizes a good life for global families. This is an all-round upgrade from strategy to execution.

Then let’s take a look, what “new things” did Haier Zhijia bring to this meeting?

In terms of brand, Haier Zhijia has completed the global leadership of high-end brands, and achieved full coverage from ultra-high-end, high-end, mass to young people, and built a leading brand matrix. In China, the high-end brand Casarte has always occupied the first place in the high-end market and is in the absolute lead. Just yesterday, Fisher & Paykel, a global ultra-high-end brand under Haier Smart Home, also opened a store in Shanghai, filling the gap in China’s ultra-high-end home appliance market; globally, Haier, Casarte, Leader, GEA, AQUA, Filipino The brand clusters of Snow Parker and Candy have also achieved market leadership in various regions. In 2022, under the environment of industry decline, Haier Smart Home will grow twice as fast as the industry in all regions, achieving 35% growth in the North American market, 30% growth in the Australia and New Zealand market, and the same in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Japan. Brand high growth.

Based on the high-end brand matrix, Haier Smart Home is also fully transforming into a smart home ecological brand. Domestically, Haier Triwing leads the way with four major advantages. First of all, Triwing has designed an industry-leading smart scene solution that can meet the needs of different users; second, Triwing has pioneered a professional set of home appliance design tools, which can design a smart home in as little as three minutes; third, Triwing Bird has built a user platform that can continuously empower stores, providing users with one-stop professional services; finally, Triwing Bird has the core of smart capabilities – the smart home brain, making scenes smarter and life smarter.

Overseas, Haier Smart Home has also completed its global layout. In Europe, which has the highest retention rate of smart homes in the world, Haier Smart Home launched hOn, and Smart HQ in North America and Australia. In Southeast Asia, Haier Smart Home provides smart home services for local users through Haismart.

And these, in fact, are confirming one thing. That is, today’s Haier Zhijia has completed the transformation of its core competitiveness from “home appliance champion” to “scenario leader”.

Embracing “New Technology”: From Original Subversion to Smart Leadership

In the context of the era of “innovation-driven development”, the innovative thinking of an enterprise determines its technological height. In the process of changing lanes from home appliance champion to scene leader, Haier Zhijia, which continues to lead, simultaneously completed the upgrading of innovation vision, achieved user perception, global co-creation, and experience iteration, and further realized the “double competition” of product technology and scene technology The way” leads.

Looking at product technology first, Haier Smart Home can more efficiently perceive user needs, respond quickly, and continuously iterate user experience through a global R&D collaboration system.

When the industry is still thinking about how to upgrade product functions, the starting point of Haier Smart Home has become how to make users’ lives more convenient and healthier. A new species that integrates into the scene and serves life”. At the same time, it also launched the Casarte Light Year TV, which can bring users a healthy viewing experience with double eye protection. This is also the industry’s first TÜV Rheinland & CQC dual-certified QD-Mini LED TV.

These achievements not only solve the real pain points in users’ lives, but also lead the innovation and iteration of industry technology. For example, the Casarte Neutron F2 integrated washing and drying machine, through the first 3D perspective drying technology, has solved the problems of not drying or not drying for users, and has achieved fiber-level clothing care effects; another example is the Nebula air conditioner equipped with The original “jet flow uniform wind” technology can restore the gentle “natural soft wind” from the three aspects of wind temperature, wind speed and wind direction, and solve the problems of dry, cold and hard wind in traditional air conditioners.

So how is this done? Behind this, it is necessary to talk about the breadth, thickness and height of Haier Zhijia technology layout. Haier Smart Home has always been user-centered and has been increasing investment in R&D. It has established a world-class R&D center through the 10+N open innovation system, linked 1 million+ resources through the HOPE innovation ecological platform, and realized “global innovation” according to changes in user needs. “Synergy” 24-hour uninterrupted research and development, so that technological innovation comes from global users and serves global users.

In terms of scene technology, Haier Zhijia has always been at the forefront of the field. This time, Haier Zhijia further strengthened perception, judgment, decision-making and vitality through Zhijia brain.

In short, with the smart home brain, your home will become more and more “understand you”: when you move into your new home, all the devices in your home can be connected with one click; when watching TV, the air conditioner can automatically find the location of the elderly and children, avoiding the wind ; When you sleep, the bed body will automatically adjust your posture according to your sleep state to reduce snoring, etc.; your life assistant “Xiaoyou” can also understand dialects, constantly learn your habits and preferences, and manage your life like a housekeeper. Taking care of you like a family member makes life better and better and never goes out of date.

Start a “new life”: from extreme home appliances to smart homes

From the speeches at the scene, it is not difficult to find that whether it is the overall upgrade of the brand or the intergenerational leadership of technology, the ultimate “beneficiaries” of all Haier Zhijia’s actions are users, more precisely, “global users”. From this point of view, the strategic vision of Haier Smart Home is already very clear—to use the ultimate smart home appliances and exclusive smart scenes to lead hundreds of millions of users to a new era of smart life.

Let’s first look at domestic users. As long as they are willing, they can easily enjoy a one-step, healthy, convenient, and proactive smart new life: the refrigerator in the smart kitchen scene can “remember” the ingredients you put in, and will Plan meals for you according to family tastes; go home at night and walk into the smart bathroom, the water heater has been prepared in advance according to your living habits, hot water will come out when you turn it on, and the bathroom heater will automatically dehumidify after washing; sit on the sofa in the smart living room and say “I want to watch TV”, the TV will automatically play the program I watched last time, and you can also check the operation status of other home appliances; when you come to the smart balcony, put the clothes into the washing machine, and say to the washing machine: “Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, “Sweeping the floor”, the sweeping robot will automatically clean the ground… It is also very simple to realize this kind of life. The unique “one-stop customized smart home” service of Triwing Bird has realized the initial design, mid-term construction, and later home appliance home furnishing. One-stop all-inclusive package.

How do foreign users realize it? At this moment, Haier Smart Home’s 7 global brands are also launching smart homes at a fast pace. In the United States, more and more GEA users have experienced the “one-click roast turkey” function through the smart kitchen scene; Accelerate the popularization of “Landoli” smart community; in Asia and Africa, more than 200,000 users are enjoying the comfort and efficiency of smart scenes through the Haismart platform; in Europe, users can use the hOn platform to quickly build smart homes.

The global popularization of smart home is inseparable from the most thorough global layout of Haier Smart Home. At present, Haier Smart Home has penetrated into nearly 200 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1 billion user families around the world. It has landed 34 industrial parks, 117 manufacturing centers, 108 marketing centers and 230,000 sales networks. Thousands of smart home experience centers have built up the multi-faceted advantages of global brand coverage, global trinity, and global R&D collaboration.

This global synergy was also fully reflected in the live speech of GEA CEO Kevin Nolan. Kevin said: “The ‘big drum’ washing machine created by GEA and the global team was a great success, which gave us more confidence to explore a larger market space.” It is foreseeable that the huge localized grid cooperates with global brands The matrix will release the value of Haier Smart Home’s high-end leadership, scene leadership, and technology leadership to the greatest extent.

Regarding the future, Haier Smart Home also has a clear plan, which is to step out of the “triple curve” of smart life, smart city, and smart ageing, and accelerate the realization of the global leadership in the field of smart living ecology of the Internet of Things. At that time, the family will become the smallest unit of the smart city, technology will transcend skin color, services will be regardless of language, wisdom will accompany day and night, the needs of gray hair and silver hair will be accommodated without distinction, and living alone or living in the same room will have a different kind of splendor.

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