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From “blood transfusion” to “blood production” China Life Insurance Company takes multiple measures to help rural revitalization

From “blood transfusion” to “blood production” China Life Insurance Company takes multiple measures to help rural revitalization

  The grass in the river is green and endless, and the sheep are shepherding. The blue sky, green grass, and cattle and sheep floating across the mountains and fields like clouds together form a beautiful grassland scene.andIn Da Liu No. 6 Town under the right wing of Chahar in the central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, between the “blue” and “green”, there are patches of “golden” belonging to the harvest.

  Over the past five years,China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) has undertaken the pairing assistance task in Da Liu No. 6 Town, Chayouhou Banner.From “blood transfusion” people’s livelihood support to “hematopoietic” industrial assistance. While effectively supporting the “security net” for the people, it also promotes the upgrading of local specialty industries, enriches the “money bags” of the villagers, and continuously enhances the local people’s sense of gain and happiness.

“Blood transfusion style” covers everything,

Propping up the “security network” for people’s livelihood

  Actively carry out insurance assistance to reduce the risk of farmers and herdsmen falling into poverty due to illness and returning to poverty.In the past five years, China Life Insurance Company has invested a total of 5.2815 million yuan in insurance assistance to provide high-quality insurance protection services to the local people in Da Liuhao Town, and provide free major disease insurance for registered households that meet the national poverty alleviation conditions. Solve the problem that poor households cannot be reimbursed for part of their medical expenses after suffering from serious illness. At the same time, China Life Insurance Company is also actively undertaking supplementary accident insurance and supplementary medical insurance for local non-registered people, effectively improving the problem of local people falling into poverty due to illness. At the beginning of 2022, China Life Insurance Company launched China Life’s rural revitalization series product portfolio, which covers the entire Chayouhou Banner population that has been lifted out of poverty, the population at risk of returning to poverty, and registered students. Up to now, the cumulative compensation paid by China Life Insurance Company’s insurance assistance project has exceeded 2.4 million yuan.

In addition, China Life Insurance Company helps local governments solve the problem of lack of basic medical equipment, and helps township health centers purchase required medical equipment such as color ultrasound machines, fully automatic biochemical analyzers, and electrocardiogram machines to improve local medical service levels. Currently, the Daliuhao Town Health Center uses medical equipment donated by China Life to conduct regular health checkups for the town’s permanent residents, and carries out activities such as cancer screenings for women.

(Picture: China Life Insurance Company assists Daliu Town Central Health Center)

  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of rural living environment and the continuous advancement of the goal of building a livable, industrial and beautiful countryside, rural governance has developed in depth, which has also put forward higher requirements for financial institutions.In 2018, China Life Insurance Company helped nine of the poorest natural villages in Daliuhao Town (Nanliang Village, Wangjin Village, Lucao Village, Zhaojiafang, Hengyilong, Quanyaowa, Huatuwa, Erming Village, and Liudaogou). The village appearance has been transformed.At present, all old and dilapidated buildings in the nine poorest natural villages have been demolished.Rows of brand-new brick houses have replaced the previous thatched mud houses, and the brand-new cottages with white walls and red tiles are also the best reflection of the increasingly prosperous life of the local people.At the same time, in order to meet the elderly care needs of the left-behind elderly and empty-nest elderly in rural areas, China Life Insurance Company launched the Daxigou Xingfuyuan renovation project in 2020 to repair the houses and renovate the public areas. Now there are nearly 700 elderly people in this Xingfuyuan live.It will truly allow relevant local elderly groups to “have support, happiness, support and a place to live when they are old.”

(Picture: Today’s cottage in Da Liu No. 6 Town)

“Hematopoietic” assistance

Promote the development and upgrading of local industries

  The support policy not only needs to “transfuse blood” to cover the bottom line, but also allows the local economy to achieve independent “blood production”, which makes industrial revitalization the top priority of rural revitalization. In order to implement the industrial assistance policy, we must do a good job in “local specialties” and rely on rural characteristic resources.Strong faucet,Replenish the chain, develop business formats, and build brands, promote the upgrading of the entire chain of rural industries, and enhance the market competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities of local industries.

  Since 2022, China Life Insurance Company has made precise efforts in industrial assistance to “Local government + assistance units + industrial parks + production companies + farmers“The “5+” new model has launched a fragrant and waxy corn deep processing project in Daliuhao Town, driving local economic development and increasing the income of people who have been lifted out of poverty.

Finding good projects that meet local objective production conditions based on local conditions is the first step in launching industrial assistance. According to the climate and geographical conditions of Daliuhao Town, China Life Insurance Company assisted local production companies to conduct multiple tasting comparisons and market research, and finally chose to introduce “Wannuo No. 8” high-quality corn for planting. This variety of fragrant and waxy corn has a grainy appearance. It is full and has the characteristics of “fragrant but not greasy, glutinous but not sticky” in taste, and is widely welcomed by the market.

(Picture: Villagers in Daliuhao Town harvest and transport fragrant corn)

After taking the first step in industrial revitalization, taking a solid approach and producing mature products that meet market standards is the key to the success of the project. “Only by transforming primary agricultural products into standardized commodities can poverty alleviation agricultural products truly enter the market. In this process, specialized production and processing equipment is essential.” Cai Zhi, a town-based assistance cadre of China Life Insurance Company, introduced China The life insurance company said this when it invested funds to assist the local introduction of the fragrant waxy corn deep processing production line in Daliuhao Town.

On a complete and standardized assembly line, fresh corn undergoes a series of processes including machine peeling, manual selection, vacuum packaging, high-temperature steam sterilization, and cooling and drying before being sent to a standardized constant-temperature warehouse to await secondary packaging and shipment. Standardized production ensures product quality to the greatest extent. It also makes “low price and high quality” the biggest confidence that Daliuhao Town Xiangwao Corn can truly realize “market-oriented” operation. Cai Zhi said that he hopes to build Daliuhao Town’s fragrant and waxy corn into a regional specialty agricultural product that meets the requirements of “nationalization of resources, marketization of operations, standardization of production, and standardization of products.”

(Picture: Xiangwao corn deep processing production line in Daliuhao Town)

  While maintaining product quality, brand building is equally important.China Life Insurance Company assists local production companies in designing new brands. With the approval of the Party Committee and Government of Da Liu Hao Town, the production company will apply to register the word and trademark “Da Liu Hao Lengliang”.And has obtained the green food certificate issued by China Green Food Development Center.Speaking of the origin of the brand name, localLiu Haijun, head of the production company Hongda Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company, said, “We are a Daliuhao town with a cool climate, so the brand of fresh corn produced here is called ‘Daliuhao Lengliang’.” This name is rooted in The local water and soil also make the products closer to the lives of local people.

  Now that you have a good product, how to sell it has become a new problem. In order to open up product sales, China Life Insurance Company carries out various forms of online and offline consumer assistance activities.Just this year, China Life Insurance Company included high-quality local agricultural products from Da Liuhao Town into the scope of system-wide consumption assistance procurement, and opened two major channels for system-wide canteen food procurement and employee welfare procurement. Under the premise of “controlling prices and ensuring quality”, Daliuhao Town has Purchase high-quality specialty agricultural products in Daliuhao Town in bulk.

  At the same time, China Life Insurance Company is activelyHelp local enterprises connect with “market-oriented” platforms,Training the sales service team of rural e-commerce centers,Vigorously develop rural circulation formats such as “point-to-point” direct sales, distribution, and e-commerce of local high-quality specialty agricultural products, cultivate and develop rural industry integrated operations of “industrial parks + production enterprises + planting farmers”, and improve the quality, efficiency and market competitiveness of local agricultural development. Further enrich China Life’s new “5+” model of rural revitalization with the participation of “local governments + assistance units + industrial parks + production enterprises + farmers”. Cai Zhi has communicated with the heads of companies undertaking the company’s industrial assistance projects many times: “The ultimate goal of industrial assistance is to help farmers increase their incomes. There is only one chance for consumer assistance to help enterprises alleviate their difficulties. In the future, enterprises must take the initiative to connect with the external market.” , reasonable pricing, and marketization.”

(Picture: Daliuhao Zhenxiang waxy corn entering the packaging stage)

Up to now, the 350-acre fragrant and waxy corn project has involved 46 households with 200 farmers in Daliuhao Village. It has directly increased the land transfer income of farmers in Daliuhao Village by 100 yuan per mu, and indirectly increased the per capita income of 35 households in Daliuhao Town. 3000 yuan. But the fragrant and waxy corn is not the end of China Life’s industrial assistance in Daliuhao Town. New projects using this as a template are also being launched one after another.

(Picture: Flax on the mountain in Daliuhao Town, corn fields at the foot of the mountain)

While making the “Da Liu Hao Leng Liang” brand bigger and better, China Life also helped the local government explore and create a new regional public brand of agricultural products “Da Liu Hao Premium”. This trademark can be used for the export of processed agricultural products such as edible oil. Package. In the next step, the Daliuhao town government will also strengthen the connection between alpine flax planting farmers and Baiyincha dry-pressed pressing and processing enterprise Kangxing Cereals and Oils, and produce and fill cold-pressed alpine linseed oil and related products to help the rural areas of Daliuhao town. The road to revitalization is getting wider and wider.

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