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“Friends Invite Me to Dinner” ends today. A journey to explore food has officially come to an end

“Friends Invite Me to Dinner” ends today. A journey to explore food has officially come to an end

The urban food exploration variety show “Friends Please Eat” produced by Tencent Video officially ended today, and Douban scored 7.9 points on the closing day. The program is presented in the form of a combination of food and games, and combines the most popular mode of city walk among young people nowadays. With food as the medium and friends as the medium, it brings the audience into a journey full of surprises and joy. In each episode of the program, the hosts Yang Di, Chen Zhuoxuan and different guests will embark on a unique food adventure in the city. They not only have to taste the special food from various places, but also complete a series of interesting tasks through games and interactions and challenge. This unique form allows the audience to feel the infinite charm brought by food and friendship while laughing.

  Explore food with friends and feel friendship during the food tour

The ten episodes of “Friends Invite Me to Dinner” traveled to six cities, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and each stop showed a different food culture and human taste. From home-cooked meals in the north to seafood feasts in the south, from exquisite delicacies to special snacks, the “fans” have tasted a variety of delicacies, experienced the unique charm of different cities, and left precious memories. remember. Leng Song, secretary-general and researcher of the World Media Research Center of the Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once commented that “”Friends, Please Eat” uses ordinary food to project the real daily life and life status of modern people. Presented by the lens, the immersive interactive experience makes every drink and meal to the heart, and makes the philosophical wisdom of harmony, taste and flexibility in Chinese food culture into a sincere emotional experience and life memory”, and can let Leng Song give The reason for such an evaluation may be precisely because in addition to the presentation of delicious food in “Friends Please Eat”, the part about friendship in the show is also very poignant. At Changsha Station, the 0713 Brothers reunited again, and everyone experienced a “crazy food journey” from night to morning. They joked with each other and woke up. A group of friends gathered together to look back at the past, talk about their dreams, and climb Yuelu Mountain at night to watch the sunrise; when they arrived at Guangzhou Station, brothers Mika, Lin Mo, and Liu Zhang joined in a pleasant surprise and played a game of singing and asking passers-by to guess the name of the dish , challenge to eat insect feast, experience Guangzhou morning tea, and romantically make a wish to the sea. They laugh together, eat together, play together, and face all kinds of challenges and difficulties together, and these experiences are the most worthwhile emotional experiences and life memories for them!

  “Friends Please Eat” opens the “City walk” lifestyle, making the show more “fresh”!

“Friends Please Eat” combines the food culture in the city with the young people’s desire to explore, with food and friendship as the core, exploring new places and experiencing new things in the city, shuttling between the streets and alleys of the city , discover hidden food stalls and trendy restaurants. Not only that, “Friends Please Eat” is also set so that young people can invite their friends to taste food together, and deepen mutual understanding and communication through the process of sharing food. This intimate way of dining together breaks down the strangeness, allowing young people to forge deep friendships and relationships while feasting on food in the city.

“Friends Invite Me to Dinner” is not only a program showing urban food and culture, but also a show of another way of life. “Friends Please Eat” combines the “City Walk” travel mode that contemporary young people are keen to explore food, and tastes delicious food casually with the attitude of “this food is now”, allowing the audience to see the diversity and richness of life, and what is more valuable is the program The film well interprets the power and warmth of friendship, and in the process teaches the audience some social skills, encouraging young people to take the initiative to establish contact with others, expand their social circle, and develop communication skills. While meeting the needs of young people, it also provides a beneficial influence for the growth and development of the program.

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