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“Friendly Days” premieres, Chen Li and Jiao Maiqi join the group for the first time in a fun acquaintance game

“Friendly Days” premieres, Chen Li and Jiao Maiqi join the group for the first time in a fun acquaintance game

The original musician travel group drama “Friendly Days” produced by Mango TV, Damang Project, and jointly produced by Hunan Quansheng Media has been officially launched today (January 4th) amidst everyone’s expectations and attention! Six original musicians from the Good Sister Band, Qin Hao & Zhang Xiaohou, Chen Li, Jiao Maiqi, Wang Jiayi, and Chen Jingfei, transformed into the “Youqu Family” and came to Fuxian Lake, a beautiful wonderland in Chengjiang, Yunnan, where Escape the bustling city together, enjoy the slow life of travel, and embark on a romantic and interesting journey to the mountains and seas!

  Friends + Colleagues: Music acquaintances get their first taste of the new group experience of family travel with different interests!

The six people are all original musicians and come from the same company. They are both colleagues and friends. This time, we can form a travel partner and go on this rare journey together as a “Friendly Family”. We can present ourselves, heal each other, and convey the vitality of music in the most authentic state between the mountains and the sea. It also makes everyone look forward to it.

In the previously released pilot film, the six people work together with the team’s unique tacit atmosphere: fashion singer Chen Li, fringed girl Chen Jingfei, Weifang prince Jiao Maiqi, Hunan spicy guy Wang Jiayi, and small town young man Zhang Xiaohou , the stunningly beautiful middle-aged Qin Hao… The hilarious identity recognition mode at the beginning made fans shout “so happy”! When talking about his expectations for the trip, Chen Li said that he was very lucky to have such an opportunity to organize a “team building”. He claimed that the team was “responsible for the atmosphere” and hoped that everyone would enjoy the trip; Wang Jiayi and Zhang Xiaohou both mentioned that they wanted to Watching a sunrise, only to be slapped in the face by Zhang Xiaohou and Mikey, it is feasible for those who stay in bed early to get up early; Chen Jingfei, who has always loved music, seriously hopes that everyone can improvise in such an environment and start the creative mode to create a A choral work that truly belongs to the Youqu family… “Group Song” was put on the agenda and netizens called in one after another.

And as the program goes online, the mystery inherent in music old friends will also be unveiled in the program: The “conspicuous bag duo” of good sisters Qin Hao and Zhang Xiaohou is constantly making headlines? Chen Li, Jiao Maiqi, and Wang Jiayi compete to be responsible for the atmosphere? Chen Jingfei, a talented and cute girl, is about to start a big contrast? The six people have different “fun” separately, and together they have a unique “friendliness”. Netizens said that this is the happiness that can only be enjoyed by friends + colleagues and acquaintances of the music bureau!

  Friendship becomes childlike?Good sister’s conspicuous bag is upgraded, the jokes are endless, Chen Li, Jiao and Mikey talk about music and friendship

In the first episode of the program, the first stop of the six-person trip came to Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang, Yunnan. They stayed in the cozy cabin exclusive to the Youqu family and officially started the 10-day journey with a concerted hot pot game. Faced with the rare gathering of a six-person team, Chen Li, who was somewhat afraid of society, uncharacteristically took the initiative to initiate an idiom solitaire challenge. The upright people were successfully ignited with a desire to win. Even Chen Jingfei in i-person mode joined the “battle” , the talented girl from Tsinghua University went online and became the “ruler” of the game without any suspense. The familiar and relaxed team atmosphere also allowed everyone to fully “let themselves go”: Jiao Maiqi was attracted by the children’s secret diary during the process of purchasing ingredients, focusing on one who could not move his legs; Qin Hao & Zhang Xiaohou, a pair of conspicuous bag brothers, also found In order to provide room for performance, he led everyone to play shoe games and play tricks. The simple childhood games made everyone have a great time; and there is always a person in the team who is responsible for making jokes. Wang Jiayi transformed into the leader of the praise group, and his emotions Full value.

The tacit understanding and banter throughout the day is undoubtedly a reflection of the friendship between these six people who have been colleagues and friends for many years. In the evening “Friendly Music Radio” segment, everyone calmed down and shared their feelings. Not only did they have in-depth discussions on topics that trouble social relationships in daily life, but they also recalled “how we met and ended up in the same company”, which were either warm or funny. The story makes everyone happy and warm. Taking a closer look, the average friendship between the six people lasts for more than seven or eight years. In today’s fast-paced life, it is even more valuable for long-term friends to pursue their love and dreams together. The lakeside, the sunset, friends, the radio, music… everything has become a catalyst for beauty. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature, everyone, with friends as companions and dreams as music, hummed their favorite songs, making this chaotic but interesting The first day has come to an end.

In the face of ordinary daily life, pursue your passion and maintain “friendliness” with like-minded partners, and every ordinary moment will shine! Starting from January 3rd, every Wednesday night on Hubei Satellite TV at 21:20, and from January 4th on Mango TV every Thursday at 12:00 noon, “Friendly Days” will arrive as scheduled, and we will have a date with friends.

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