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Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin kicks off the Christmas holiday season in smart pink tones

Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin kicks off the Christmas holiday season in smart pink tones

The snow is falling and the sleigh bells are ringing. On the evening of December 7, 2023, Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin held a Christmas charity light-up in smart pink tones. In the Christmas atmosphere of soft light pink and silver and white, accompanied by the natural carols of the Tianjin Juilliard School Music Development Course Youth Chorus , Anthony Gill, general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin, and more than a hundred guests lit up a Christmas tree full of love and hope; and a charity auction and charity sale that conveyed warmth raised considerable funds for the Tianjin Social Welfare Institute; there were also special guests"Santa Claus"Landing in the hotel by air, delivering surprise gifts to the children, happily kicking off the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The cold winter is warmed by festivals, and you can celebrate with your loved ones in a ceremonial way. You can choose Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel’s holiday decoration package, stay in modern and luxurious rooms/suites, and enjoy the joy of celebrating privately in a customizable festive atmosphere. Tell each other our feelings and describe the future together. Festive decorations are available in a variety of styles, including vibrant light pink, pure white swan, and cool black and silver.

Yihui Western Restaurant is led by the new executive chef Bruce, who selects high-quality ingredients and presents a heart-warming Christmas Eve buffet feast, where sea and land meet, rich and delicious, including Christmas-only"Steamed baby green dragon with XO sauce, grilled oysters with garlic sauce, hairy crabs, grilled scallops and abalone"Seafood platter and Dalian abalone soup stewed with matsutake mushrooms and scallops are delivered, as well as live performances by international bands and lucky draws. The La Sala lobby lounge is creatively created by the talented executive pastry chef Wendy. For a limited time, it offers festive afternoon tea with bright pink tones, as well as exquisite pastry gift boxes/gift baskets, which are a sweet choice to celebrate the festival.

The end of the year is approaching, so why not welcome the New Year with a fun-filled New Year’s Eve party. Bar 9 will create a New Year’s Eve party with the theme of “Top Secret Agent”. In a festive atmosphere with bright gold and deep black as the main colors, guests will be presented with special cocktails, shop-selected sparkling wine/wine, and exquisite snacks. , live performances by foreign bands to add to the fun, and lucky draws. Guests who like Chinese elegance can try the nourishing and warming winter seasonal delicacies at Jinyun Chinese Restaurant, which has been awarded the Black Pearl for the sixth time, including pan-fried scallops with black truffle, preserved winter bamboo shoots, honey bean kernel tartar, persimmon ruyi, etc. The banquet opens the new year; there are also Poon Choi, New Year Good Luck Gift Baskets and Fengrui Pastry Gift Boxes, which are ideal for enjoying by yourself or as gifts for relatives and friends.

In addition to gatherings and feasting, the holiday season is also a time to rejuvenate the mind and body and prepare for the New Year. Recently, the hotel’s Luo Spa held wellness-themed paddleboard yoga and mulled wine yoga activities, bringing guests a healing journey that balances the body and mind and reshapes the body. At the internet-famous skyline swimming pool, balance your body on the paddle board and redefine the freedom and creativity of yoga; after yoga, drink a glass of mulled wine to soothe your meridians, promote body metabolism and circulation, and start a journey of renewal from the inside out. .

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