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“Forget Each Other” Tianjin Road Evolution Campus Director: Take everyone to find pure feelings

“Forget Each Other” Tianjin Road Evolution Campus Director: Take everyone to find pure feelings


Directed by Liu Yulin and supervised by the original author Zhang Haochen, the movie “Forgetting Each Other” will be released on August 22, Qixi Festival, and the pre-sale is currently in full swing. Yesterday, the movie road show came to Tianjin. At the first stop of the day, director Liu Yulin, producer/original Zhang Haochen, actors Guo Cheng and Zhang Lei walked into Hebei University of Technology with the film, chatting about youth and love with classmates. At the event site, the students came here despite the rain with undiminished enthusiasm, praising “the pure and beautiful emotions that are heart-beating without knowing it”, “the movie screen is warm and bright, just like our youth”. It coincided with the freshmen receiving military training uniforms, and the youthful atmosphere on campus matched the movie very well, which also made the director express “dream back to youth and campus”.

Some viewers at the scene shared that they had read the original story as early as junior high school, and they never forgot it until college. “This story represents youth”, watching the movie today is also “going to a good time”. Some viewers were also moved by the sincerity of the main creator after watching the movie, saying that “sincere people have a magnetic field and will attract everyone together.” This movie is also sincerely telling a beautiful and romantic story. Completely reproduces pure love. Zhang Haochen also said that this story is pure and beautiful, without regret and blood, it is a kind of “full sugar love”.

Campus Roadshow Dreaming Back to Youth Students share their love from high school to university

Director Liu Yulin: I want to bring you the sweetness that is very important in complex life

At the road show of Hebei University of Technology, some students mentioned Niannian and Sihuo’s “happy friends” style of getting along with each other, and were moved by their “like but not knowing” emotions, and shared their acquaintance with their girlfriends since high school. The story of going to college together. The director said that Sihuo likes Niannian, “so he is willing to use silly and clumsy ways to get her attention. The two opened up each other’s hearts in the process of getting along, and became a better version of themselves.” Talking about the emotions in the film, the director shared sincerely: “There is no utilitarianism in it, it is a kind of pure love, and at the same time I want to bring you the very important sweetness in complex life.”

In addition, many students at the scene mentioned that they could find their shadows in high school in the movie. youth. This time may be gone forever, but the movie has always captured its beauty and bravery on the screen. Guo Cheng said that this movie is also telling everyone that “youth is beautiful, life is beautiful, you must be brave in the face of everything, dare to take this step, this is youth.”


Guo Cheng chatted about “hanging up” on the set, and Zhang Lei was too soulful to improvise

The story of Niannian Sihuo shines into reality Zhang Haochen: There is only one time to pursue youth bravely

When it comes to improvisation during on-site shooting, Guo Cheng shared that “the art teacher’s props are well prepared”, not only the environment is real, but the director and producer will also give everyone a lot of room to play within the framework of the script, making it easy and joyful on the set In the filming atmosphere, there will be a lot of “hanging” content, one of which is Lu Wang handing a baseball bat to Sihuo’s father. The director lamented that “the actors on the scene gave this story the most vivid vitality.” Zhang Lei, known as the “national class teacher”, also contributed a lot of soul performances on the set. At the road show, Zhang Lei also cooperated with Guo Cheng at the request of the audience and performed an impromptu performance of educating students, which attracted constant laughter. The audience praised ” It’s so real.”

Surprisingly, there were also audiences on the scene who shared the touching stories of themselves and their boyfriends from liking to missing and finally reunited. Like Nian Nian Si Huo in the movie, the two had a happy ending because of their bravery for each other, and they are about to enter the palace of marriage. The main creators sent sincere blessings to the two at the scene, and the director lamented, “This is the most beautiful presentation of Niannian and Sihuo’s feelings.” Zhang Haochen said: “Youth is only once, I hope this movie can encourage everyone to bravely do what they want to do and pursue bravely.”

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