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For “Happiness”, Fude Life Insurance’s 2024 VIP Art Season kicks off

For “Happiness”, Fude Life Insurance’s 2024 VIP Art Season kicks off

“Today’s program was particularly exciting, and the atmosphere was very lively. The organizers were really attentive. It is also a particularly unforgettable experience to welcome the New Year with everyone in elegant art.”

Even though it was early in the middle of winter, the Changsha Concert Hall on the Xiangjiang River was bustling with people. Ms. Hu, who had just enjoyed the 2024 New Year Concert, could not conceal her excitement. Ms. Hu was invited by Fude Life Insurance Hunan Branch to participate in this special New Year’s Eve event.

At the Gansu Grand Theater by the Yellow River, the Gansu branch invited the internationally renowned Philharmonie de Paris to perform at the New Year’s concert. The musicians presented musical poems with diverse repertoire and styles to send New Year blessings to customers. The audience was immersed in the In the beautiful melody, we can feel the joy of welcoming the New Year together.

Poetic Ten Years to Appreciate the Beauty of Art Together

It is understood that since Fude Life Insurance held its first VIP New Year Concert in 2015, this is also the tenth consecutive year that the company has organized art season activities nationwide for VIP customers. With the performance specifications, activity quality, and service The experience has been upgraded year by year, and the series of activities are also deeply loved by customers.

  The theme of this art season is “Yachun”With the theme of “Rich Rhythm”, it will be carried out across the country from now until April 2024. The activities include theme concerts, stage plays, folk art performances, etc., and we can walk with our customers to walk through the light beauty of winter, welcome the vitality of spring, and unlock Unique elegance and artistic charm.

Theme concert roams music time and space

Following the New Year Concert, which took the lead in playing the New Year celebration, the 2024 VIP Art Season will also launch more than ten special concerts in major concert halls across the country, including concerts of famous music, animation audio-visual concerts, etc., which will be held all over the country. Play. By then, customers will be immersed in the ocean of music, experience the integration and innovation of Chinese and Western art and culture, and gain a new sensory experience.

Colorful stage plays to appreciate the various aspects of the world

Stage plays are also an important part of this arts season. From classic masterpieces to modern historical themes, from parent-child fairy tales to real-life stories, various types of stage plays will shine in this arts season. The landmark modern Chinese drama “Thunderstorm”, the drama “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” produced by a gold medal production team, the parent-child children’s drama “Nezha Haohai”, etc. will all be presented one by one. These wonderful performances will lead customers to appreciate the various aspects of the world and feel the charm of different art forms.

Among them, the Hebei branch has launched the ballet “The Nutcracker” in early January, taking the lead in kicking off the first act of the new year in the art season. Gorgeous and spectacular scenes, humorous and interesting performances, and Tchaikovsky’s exquisite string music create a beautiful fairy tale world; Jiangxi Branch planned and staged the Russian classic stage play “Anna Karenina” at the same time, Moscow Modern The performing artists of the Art Theater vividly displayed the dramatic conflicts and emotional entanglements of the original novel through superb interpretations, and the plot was intricate and fascinating.

Special performances to experience regional culture

It is worth mentioning that this arts season will also launch a number of traditional folk arts, acrobatic crosstalk and other special performances to showcase the regional cultural characteristics of the north and south of the Yangtze River. These traditional art forms will glow with new vigor and vitality in the context of the new era, allowing customers to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture while appreciating art.

“Good service comes from Fude.” As the VIP Art Season plays the melody of spring, Fude Life Insurance’s “Home Love” 2024 customer service event officially kicked off. The “Home·Love” customer service activity is an annual brand activity of Fude Life Insurance to express gratitude to customers. As of the end of 2023, a series of more than 4,100 on-site activities have been launched, with a total of more than 7.39 million online and offline participants. The “Home Love” annual customer service activity has also won praise from customers and all walks of life for its outstanding features of innovative form, warm service and rich content, and was selected as one of the “2019-2020 China Insurance Service Innovation Outstanding Cases” by China Banking and Insurance News “. With its innovation and efforts in service, Fude Life Insurance also won the “Annual Insurance Service Award” at the 2023 (9th) China Financial Annual Conference of the Southern Metropolis Daily and the “2023 Professional Service Award” at the 8th Times Financial Golden Orange Award. Financial Institutions” and many other honors.

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