For gentle hair removal, choose French Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream, the most pure formula for skin care and hair removal

Just as the temperature picked up in March, Veet France launched a new series of products – Pure Hair Removal Cream. The pure series hair removal cream contains 4 products, namely mild type, moisturizing type, moisturizing type and pure pure hair removal cream for shower mild type. Delicate skin, normal skin, and dry skin can all find suitable products at Veet.

Hair removal cream removes cleanly, has good effect, is easy to use, and can also prevent hair from growing inwardly. Compared with hair removal devices that cost thousands of yuan, it is very cost-effective, and it is the most popular method of hair removal. The depilatory cream can dissolve body hair from the root, and it can also effectively reduce the hair strength for stubborn short hair under the armpits, and the hair can be easily removed in just a few minutes without leaving small black spots.

France Veet is the world’s number one hair removal brand, and has always been a leader in the industry. France Veet not only provides users with satisfactory and comfortable hair removal products, but also continues to lead the development of the industry and innovate. In March this year, it released a new series of products—— — Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream.

pure formula,safe and gentle

The formula of Jingchun Hair Removal Cream is more pure. Compared with the old version, the chemical ingredients are reduced by 35% (the bath type hair removal products are reduced by 27%). You can use it with confidence.

hair removal,long-lasting silky softness

The ultimate goal of people’s hair removal is to have a better skin feel. French Veet understands the needs of users well, and specially added a long-lasting skin-nourishing ingredient to the new product formula – American Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, plant extracts for 24 hours of long-lasting moisturizing Nourishing the skin, making the hair removal experience more gentle, and you can also experience a moisturizing skin feeling after hair removal.

The smell is calm, fresh and natural

While reducing chemical components, the scent of Jingchun series hair removal cream is more pure, natural and fresh.

Imported from France, quality assurance

The new version of Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream is upgraded in quality, 100% imported from France with guaranteed quality.

Careful friends may find that Veet and its spokesperson Guan Xiaotong have recently appeared in subway stations around the country. The eye-catching combination of ultra-long light boxes + light box columns, frameless light boxes, etc., better present Veet’s “new upgrade of net care” Pure product series.

Let everyone freely show their skin and show their beauty with confidence is the beautiful vision of Veet in France. Since the birth of the Veet brand in 1918, it has been working hard for this goal, constantly breaking through itself, innovating and developing, so that everyone can be free from body hair Confused, feel comfortable and confident.

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