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For a better next generation!The Shanghai Experience Hall of the Youth Health Promotion Center was unveiled

For a better next generation!The Shanghai Experience Hall of the Youth Health Promotion Center was unveiled

Young people and children are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation. Promoting the healthy development of young people and cultivating a young generation with ideals, responsibilities, and abilities is the foundation of a better life for the masses of the people, an important foundation for building socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. sustainable power.

On July 8, 2023, the Experience Hall of the Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center was officially unveiled. Yu Lijuan, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai CPPCC, Kong Qingwei, Chairman of China Pacific Insurance, Li Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Sport University, Mao Lijuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, Shanghai Sports Health Promotion Modern Chen Peijie, chairman of the Institute of Industry, Wang Hao, deputy head of Yangpu District, relevant leaders of the Municipal Education Commission, Yangpu District, China Pacific Insurance and Shanghai Sport University attended and witnessed.

  "Sports + Health"Strong alliances to create a benchmark for China’s youth health promotion

Doing a good job in promoting the health of adolescents and children is the top priority in promoting the construction of “Healthy China”. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 12th Shanghai Municipal Party Congress, practice the concept of people’s city, promote high-quality development, and create a high-quality life, China Pacific Insurance has joined hands with Shanghai Sport University to leverage the strengths of both parties in sports and general health With the advantages of long-term deep cultivation in the field, comprehensive cooperation has been carried out in the field of healthy growth of young people, and the professional health insurance company under China Pacific Insurance – Pacific Health Insurance is responsible for promoting the implementation.

On June 30, 2022, China Pacific Insurance and Shanghai Sport University held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties reached a consensus to jointly build the “Shanghai Sports and Health Promotion Modern Industry College” and “Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center” through the integration of production and education, and carry out in-depth cooperation in terms of teaching staff, curriculum development, personnel training, technological innovation, and achievement transformation. , with the goal of becoming the setter of industry standards, the training ground for professionals, and the benchmark of the sports and health industry, opening a new chapter in the collaborative cooperation of “sports + health + insurance”.

After a year of preparation, Shanghai Sports Health Promotion Modern Industry College has completed the first election of directors, deliberated and approved the constitution of the college. At the same time, the first phase of construction of the Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center Experience Hall has also been completed. It was officially unveiled on July 8 and will soon start trial operation. This marks a milestone and solid step forward for the youth and children’s health promotion project jointly launched by Shanghai Sport University and China Pacific Insurance.

The first phase of the Shanghai Experience Hall was completed, creating the first “immersive” sports and health experience

The Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center Experience Hall is located at the intersection of Changhai Road and Hengren Road in Yangpu District. It consists of three buildings with a total area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. It is located in the Jiangwan Historical and Cultural Area. The light green metal curtain of “Youth Sail” is ingeniously integrated with historical elements such as “cornices” and “green tiles”, presenting an expressive force that combines historical charm, fashion and health, and naturally blends into the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

The sports body measurement area is located on the first floor of the experience hall. Covering skiing, track and field, flying saucer shooting and rifle shooting, swimming, ball games, cycling, rowing, trampoline, rock climbing, boxing and other sports experiences, teenagers and children can test their balance, speed and agility by participating in diversified simulated sports and explosive power and other sports indicators. Realize the immersive experience of a mobile wristband throughout the whole process: the evaluation data is uploaded to the platform in real time, and information such as personal exercise duration, score, ranking, etc. is recorded; after the experience is over, a complete exclusive health evaluation report is generated to help parents grasp the physical and mental health of their children. hand information.

According to the relevant person in charge of Pacific Health Insurance, this “immersive” sports health experience system is the first in China, and it is expected to explore an innovative path with practical value for the cultivation of youth sports interest, the establishment of sports awareness, and the improvement of national health literacy.

In conjunction with the 7.8 Insurance Publicity Day, invite children to be “Little Experience Officers”

Chen Peijie said that students’ physical health belongs to the scope of education, but it cannot be limited to the campus. The promotion of adolescent health requires the joint efforts of schools, families, and society. Research at home and abroad and public policy practice have revealed that factors such as family, society, and community resource support have an important impact on students’ physical health.

The opening ceremony of the Shanghai Youth Health Promotion Center Experience Hall coincided with the 11th July 8th National Insurance Publicity Day. Combining with the theme of the publicity day of “Insurance power, work harder for you who are struggling”, China Pacific Insurance invited nearly 50 children to enter the sports experience area of ​​the Youth Health Promotion Center to be “little experience officers” for a while.

Through this in-depth experience of entertaining and teaching, the children not only gained novel and interesting sports and health knowledge, but also stimulated their enthusiasm and initiative to participate in sports. For the Youth Health Promotion Center, taking this opportunity to communicate face-to-face with parents and children and obtain the most direct user feedback will help to further improve the service experience and prepare for the formal operation of the venue.

Since its establishment in 1991, China Pacific Insurance has always been committed to escorting and guaranteeing major domestic sports events; in 2020, China Pacific Insurance will become the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games. At the unveiling ceremony of the Shanghai Experience Hall of the Youth Health Promotion Center, three athletes Xie Zhenye, Zhang Yufei, and Qin Haiyang from the “Blue Team” of China Pacific Insurance who are preparing for the Asian Games also sent blessings through VCR.

Explore a new model of “production, teaching and research” integration to help solve common problems of teenagers

As the first modern industry college of national sports colleges, Shanghai Sports and Health Promotion Modern Industry College is an important measure to build a collaborative education mechanism for the integration of production and education and to carry out collaborative innovation in the sports and health industry. The Youth Health Promotion Center and the Sports and Health Promotion Modern Industry College complement each other. They are an important experimental training base for the society, and also have the functions of teaching research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship, resource sharing, and industry-university-research integration.

Mao Lijuan expressed that she hopes to build the Modern Industry College and the Youth Health Promotion Center into a demonstration and model of Shanghai youth health promotion, further deepen the new model of school-enterprise collaborative education, create a scientific research model suitable for industry-university-research cooperation, break down obstacles to development, and stimulate innovation vitality.

In recent years, scoliosis, growth retardation, obesity, myopia, dental, ADHD, autism, etc. have become “growing pains” for more and more teenagers and children. As a professional health insurance company under China Pacific Insurance, Pacific Health Insurance solves various physical and mental health problems such as children’s growth and development, psychological disorders, etc. Form a package solution of evaluation, intervention and guarantee and a closed loop of health promotion to provide strong support for the construction of a modern health promotion industrial system.

Talking about future development, Kong Qingwei said that starting from the Shanghai Experience Hall, relying on the Shanghai Sports and Health Promotion Modern Industry Institute, on the practice platform of the Youth Health Promotion Center, we will continue to improve scientific research innovation and industry incubation capabilities, and continue to expand the youth health promotion service. The depth and breadth have enabled the domestically pioneered modern sports finance industry model of “sports + health + insurance” not only to take root in Shanghai, but also to blossom and bear fruit across the country.

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