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Food, travel, outdoor! Leader small appliances: multiple scenarios suitable for young life

The 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as AWE2024) officially opened on March 14 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of “Smart Technology, Creating and Enjoying Life”, AWE2024 will bring consumers eye-catching cutting-edge innovations and display a panoramic picture of future smart life.

Among them, Leader, a young home appliance brand under Haier Smart Home, created an inspiration Rubik’s Cube “brainstorm” on site. Its first full-category exhibition of small home appliances brought many surprises to young people around multiple scenarios such as food, travel, outdoor and healing. The small home appliances exhibited by Leader this time adapt to the diverse lifestyles of Generation Z young people, inspire young people’s creativity with original product inspiration, and become personalized “development partners” in their lives.

The young people of Generation Z are pursuing a fashionable, diverse, and technological home lifestyle, and they need more customized and personalized solutions to satisfy their arbitrary life imagination.

In the food scene, Leader Small Home Appliances focused on exhibiting three products at AWE2024, namely the Brick Mocha Coffee Machine, the Brick Egg Boiler and the Brick Transparent Oven. The Block Mocha coffee machine is like the “Lepin” version of the coffee machine, making coffee making as fun as stacking blocks. It comes with Mocha micro-pressure for ultimate extraction, restoring the natural flavor of coffee; the Block Egg Boiler can achieve soft-boiled eggs and hard-boiled eggs. You can make a variety of egg products, including hot spring eggs and egg custards. You only need one function button to cook 6 eggs at a time. The world’s first fully disassembled oven uses double-layer transparent glass for easy operation and observation. The oven plus air frying function realizes a two-in-one. .

In the travel scene, the products exhibited by Leader small home appliances also frequently attracted attention. The capsule massage U-shaped pillow perfectly fits the curves of the human body, has intelligent constant temperature hot compress, and moisture absorption and perspiration functions, making it not boring to use; the fully-storage, travel, and portable inflatable pillow can achieve a storage effect the size of only an Apple mobile phone, with a curved structure shape It fits the neck and waist and can be used as a sleeping pillow or lumbar support. Accordion electric kettles, woodpecker electric kettles and electric cooking pots can realize functions such as stewing, boiling water and keeping warm, making tea, etc., and can be stored in a small size, making it convenient for young people to travel.

With the popularity of urban outdoor style, young people like to take “on-the-go trips”, and outdoor products have become the focus of Generation Z’s consumption. In the outdoor scene, Leader small appliances exhibited two products: a bag dual-power oven and a bag espresso machine. The Bag Dual Power Grill is the world’s first and only all-in-one gas + electric dual power outdoor multi-functional hybrid barbecue grill with a unique shoulder-resistant shape that can be carried away. The bag espresso machine can achieve stable golden cup extraction, and has dual plug-in + portable battery modes, allowing you to truly realize the freedom of coffee anytime and anywhere.

Generation Z is wild at heart, but they pay attention to rituals in every detail of life. Leader provides small blessings from life for young people seeking relaxation after work and study. The Aurora Flame Aroma Humidifier realizes four-in-one aromatherapy + humidification + flame + aurora projection, allowing you to enjoy the flashing aurora from the polar regions at home, filling the atmosphere.

It is not difficult to see that around the diverse needs and changing lifestyles of the young Generation Z, as well as life scenarios in different time stages and spaces, Leader small appliances provide products and solutions that meet their needs. This is in line with the concept of “your life is really yours” advocated by Leader in this AWE2024, and the product vision of becoming “your life development partner” for young people.


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