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Focusing on the government work report, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance takes practical actions to improve the quality and effectiveness of consumer finance support

Focusing on the government work report, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance takes practical actions to improve the quality and effectiveness of consumer finance support

With the grand convening of the second session of the 14th National People’s Congress, the country’s strategic deployment of promoting consumption and expanding domestic demand has once again become the focus of heated discussion. Against this background, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance, as a member of the industry, feels a heavy responsibility. In response to the government’s call, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance not only actively adjusted its strategic deployment, but also took practical actions to improve the quality and effectiveness of consumer finance support, striving to inject new vitality into economic development.

The government work report mentioned “consumption” 21 times and made it clear that in 2024, we will promote stable growth of consumption, carry out the “Consumption Promotion Year” activities, and implement the “Safe Consumption Action”. As the head of the only licensed consumer finance institution in Henan Province, Ma Jingpeng, chairman of Henan Zhongyuan Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyuan Consumer Finance), is very excited about this and is full of confidence in its development in 2024.

Ma Jingpeng said that the original intention of establishing consumer finance companies is to supplement the financial needs of long-tail customer groups that traditional banks cannot cover, and to improve the availability and convenience of inclusive finance through product and service model innovation. Zhongyuan Consumer Finance resolutely responded to the call of regulatory agencies and the provincial party committee and government to build a consumer financial service network covering various scenarios. By continuously improving the service process, we have an in-depth understanding of customers’ daily habits and financial needs, and through innovative product and service design, we optimize the overall customer experience. These measures not only improve the customer group conversion retention rate and life cycle value, but also allow more people to enjoy high-quality and convenient consumer financial services.

During the just-concluded Spring Festival holiday, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance actively implemented the provincial government’s requirements on “promoting consumption expansion, improving quality and transformation, and innovating consumer financial products”, and closely focused on the surge in consumer demand for funds in the short term, carefully planned and launched A consumer promotion called “Open a Lucky Bag and Win Millions”. The activities are carried out on its self-operated App platform, including issuing free interest-free coupons to users, collecting blessings and redeeming cash red envelopes, and other forms. According to statistics, as of the end of February, the event had attracted 242,000 people’s attention, with a total of 46,000 users participating, and the cumulative number of draws reached more than 94,000. Through various coupons such as 888 yuan interest-free coupons and 30-day interest-free coupons, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance has reduced interest and fees for consumers by more than one million yuan, allowing consumers to truly feel the real benefits.

Ma Jingpeng introduced that in the context of comprehensively promoting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the consumption potential of my country’s rural market is increasingly being tapped. Adhering to the concept of “consumer financial services are extended to where the customers are”, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance Company firmly regards technological innovation as the engine of development, uses the powerful capabilities of digital technology to continuously extend services to towns and rural areas, and provides services to rural areas. Consumption activities provide solid financial backing.

In terms of serving local rural users in Henan, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance has received all-round support from Zhongyuan Bank. The two parties have carried out differentiated competition and achieved complementary advantages. Relying on Zhongyuan Bank’s extensive network layout and localized personnel advantages, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance has actively expanded its offline loan business and established professional offline service teams in Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Luoyang, Xinxiang and other places. They have successfully integrated consumer financial services into the daily lives of county residents, including shopping, dining, living and travel, and deeply nourished rural people in Henan with “financial living water”.

“The domestic consumer market is continuing to recover. Under this new situation, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance will focus on serving consumption and improving the quality of financial supply based on the new requirements put forward by the government work report, and make good use of inclusive finance as a bridge between supply and demand. It serves as a link, deeply cultivates the ‘customer-centric’ development concept, takes practical actions to improve the quality and efficiency of financial support for consumption, reduces the cost of personal consumption credit, and promotes and assists Chinese modernization with new results of high-quality development.” Ma Jingpeng said.

Looking forward to the future, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance will continue to adhere to the innovative and pragmatic development philosophy, continuously optimize service processes, expand service areas, provide consumers with a more comprehensive and efficient financial service experience, and contribute actively to promote the sustained and healthy development of the national economy.

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