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Focusing on production and standing at the forefront of the trend, Jinsha Liquor Group 004 sets a new example for employees

Focusing on production and standing at the forefront of the trend, Jinsha Liquor Group 004 sets a new example for employees

The 004 class of wine making in the Yuancun branch of Jinsha Wine Industry has set a new production record in 2022, achieving “double excellence in production and quality”, ranking among the best in the company in terms of production, quality and output. They are based on their positions, operate attentively, be pragmatic and innovative, and have won everyone’s recognition with excellent grades and good class style.

Strengthen team building and unify employees’ thinking

If the team wants to achieve excellent results, the team members must first be twisted into one rope. Every morning, class 004 will seriously carry out work discussions, share experience or demonstrate practically well-done process operations, and propose rectification measures in a timely manner for those that do not do well, hold regular team meetings, establish common goals, and use unity, recognition, responsibility, The values ​​of details and high efficiency lead the team to complete daily production tasks with high quality. In 2022, the output of high-quality wine and base wine of the team will exceed the standard and complete the target.

Strengthen process control and achieve fine management

Process control is the key link to achieve safe and stable production. In the process of wine making, class 004 not only allows the team members to master the process, but also strives for more precise operation. Strict reward and punishment system, clear rewards and punishments, relying on comparative management to strengthen the motivation of all team members, and realize the whole process control of each process detail. Good every cellar” is strict with itself, so that all team members can continue to grow under refined management.

Strengthen learning and training, continuous optimization and improvement

In daily production, class 004 continuously communicated experiences, on-site teaching explanations, etc., and focused on cultivating the good habits of class members to see more, think more, ask more, record more, report more, and summarize more. Adopt a new way, sign a master-apprentice agreement, and improve the professional ethics and professional skills of class members through concentrated teaching, on-site practical exercises, and promoting learning by asking questions.

During the rapid development of Jinsha Liquor Industry, Class 004 will continue to maintain a good mental outlook and positive working attitude, continue to improve the skill level of employees, improve the quality of team work, and successfully complete all tasks with the spirit of hard work, drive, and passion. production tasks, contributing to the company’s high-quality development.

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