Focusing on new productivity, Bank of Shanghai releases special financial support plan for future industries


Manned electric composite wing vertical take-off and landing aircraft, the world’s first polymer nanocomposite material used in the cardiovascular field… On March 22, the winners of the 2023 Global “Future Industry Star” competition were announced, with many futuristic projects ” It’s on the list.” As the only cooperative bank, Bank of Shanghai has served nearly a hundred participating companies since it strategically supported this competition last year.

Developing future industries is a strategic choice for developing new productive forces, and Shanghai is building an innovation highland for future industries. As a local financial institution in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai continues to export financial “horsepower” around future industries. On the same day, the Bank of Shanghai officially released the “Special Financial Support Plan for Future Industries”.

  Strategic support for future industries

At the Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Conference held on March 22, Jin Yu, Chairman of the Bank of Shanghai, presented the “Future Industry Star Competition Super Award (Talent Group)”.

This award is an important part of the fruitful results of the 2023 Global “Future Industry Star” Competition. This competition is jointly organized by the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and other units. The competition is based on an international perspective, focuses on cutting-edge technology and application innovation globally, and uses a “project + talent” two-wheel drive model to promote technological innovation and industrialization of results in future industries.

As the only designated partner bank of the competition, Bank of Shanghai has provided all-round and three-dimensional science and technology financial services to participating companies and individuals since the preliminary and semi-finals last year to help the participating projects develop and grow.

On the same day, the Bank of Shanghai was awarded the title of “Excellent Partner of Future Industries”. Yu Minhua, Vice President (designate) of the Bank of Shanghai, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the Bank of Shanghai.

  Major release of special plan

The “Shanghai Action Plan to Create a Future Industrial Innovation Highland and Develop and Strengthen Future Industrial Clusters” proposes that by 2030, Shanghai will emerge a number of world-influential hardware companies in the five major fields of future health, future intelligence, future energy, future space, and future materials. With core achievements, innovative enterprises and leading talents, the future industrial output value will reach 500 billion yuan.

Industrial development is inseparable from the watering of “financial water”. The Bank of Shanghai is supporting “future industries” through a clear “roadmap” to help accelerate the development of new productive forces.

At the Future Industry Summit Forum held in the afternoon of March 22, the “Shanghai Bank Special Financial Support Plan for Future Industries” was officially released. The special plan focuses on three aspects: financial product empowerment, corporate service empowerment, and partnership empowerment to create a three-dimensional service system for the future industrial chain; specifically, it focuses on two focuses and three upgrades to help accelerate the development of new productivity.

Bank of Shanghai provides suitable products for scientific and technological innovation enterprises with different life cycles and becomes a partner bank on the road of enterprise growth.

In this special plan, Bank of Shanghai will focus on parks and industries, combine key industries and key technologies with new productivity, focus on professional development, and focus on innovation sources.

The three upgrades cover more advanced services, more comprehensive products, and a deeper ecosystem. Create a gradient service system of “technology specialized branches + technology specialty branches + specialized teams”; at the same time, enrich the connotation of the service system to meet the diversified financial service needs of technology enterprises, optimize multiple scenarios such as intellectual property pledge financing products and data asset financing; and integrate channels, build an ecosystem, and provide a package of comprehensive financial services.

  Continue to support “new quality” enterprises

Bank of Shanghai insists on “being early”, “being small” and “being hard in technology”, relying on digital empowerment and building an exclusive credit system for technology enterprises from the perspective of technology, investment and big data to improve the availability of financing for relevant enterprises. .

At present, Bank of Shanghai has served nearly 100 participating companies in the 2023 Global “Future Industry Star” competition, providing nearly 1 billion in financial support.

As an innovative means of transportation, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) are regarded as a future solution to solve urban traffic congestion and improve regional connectivity, and have become a hot spot in the low-altitude economy. As a pioneer representative of the eVTOL track, a certain drone company is developing commercial passenger aircraft with the goal of value creation, and has just completed Series A financing. The Bank of Shanghai has reached out to enterprises through this competition and is optimistic about the leading role of enterprises in the future industries of the low-altitude economy. During the competition, it has provided credit support worth tens of millions and will also provide it with investment and financing FA business and field base construction in the future. Series of financial services.

Among the award-winning projects in the competition, a number of companies such as Volante Airlines, Qiong Technology, Yixin Medical, Xingjit Biotechnology, and Likrypton Technology all became associated with the Bank of Shanghai during the competition. Bank of Shanghai’s professional technology financial services help future projects thrive.

In addition, in the 2024 Shanghai hard-core technology enterprise TOP100 list released at the conference on March 22, Shanghai Bank services cover nearly 60%.

Bank of Shanghai focuses on high-quality productivity and insists on being early, small and hard-core technology. Through the group-wide collaboration and regional special coverage model, it has made multi-dimensional efforts in organizational promotion, product system, innovation evaluation, resource integration, etc. to increase its focus on hard-core technology. The support of science and technology has formed a virtuous cycle of “technology-finance-industry”, continuously injecting new financial vitality into the vigorous development of Shanghai’s future industries.


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