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Focusing on “Her Theme” “News Queen” refreshes Youku Hong Kong drama category

Focusing on “Her Theme” “News Queen” refreshes Youku Hong Kong drama category

Produced by Youku and TVB, produced and directed by Xie Ying and Zhong Shujia, supervised by Guan Wenshen, directed by Chen Haibin and Jiang Zhenjie, Charmaine Sheh, Ma Guoming, Li Shi?, Gao Haining, Wang Minyi, He Yiting, Tang Zhijian, Tan Junyan, Chen Shancong, Gong Ci’en, Wu Yekun “News Queen”, a topical drama based on live news broadcasts that she starred in, ended on Youku members on December 14. The fate of Wen Huixin (Charmaine Sheh) and other SNK anchors was revealed one by one. Wen Huixin, Xu Shiqing (played by Gao Haining), Liu Yan (played by Wang Minyi), Xu Xiaowei (played by He Yiting), etc. all left SNK and started a new life; Liang Jingren (played by Ma Guoming) and Zhang Jiayan (played by Li Shi?) will continue to stay at SNK as deputy directors. At the end, director Gu Zhaohua, played by Bosco Bosco, unexpectedly “airborne” into the news department, paving the way for the sequel.

  “Sister Man” dominates the list of pure Hong Kong flavors in all fields and covers various social platforms

“News Queen” mainly tells the story of SNK’s senior prime-time news anchors Wen Huixin and Liang Jingren, who have their own factions and are on the same page. After fighting openly and secretly, Wen Huixin became a manager with her decisiveness and professionalism, vacating the female anchor’s seat, and just wanted to Zhang Jiayan, who does good news and stays away from power struggles, Xu Shiqing, who uses her body and beauty to fight for power, and Xu Xiaowei, who is Huixin’s right-hand man, have all become candidates for female anchors during prime news time. The play has created a rich and three-dimensional portrait of women in the workplace. At the same time, because it shows the emotional value of modern women at work, with the plot of “fast pace”, “frequent golden sentences” and “all employees are career-minded”, it has become a popular drama. “Find a man and get married.” Since then, “News Queen” has grown in popularity and reputation on all social platforms, achieving excellent performance.

Since its launch, “News Queen” related topics have been listed on Weibo for a total of 735 times, occupying the top spot on Douyin drama list and receiving 288 hits with 100,000+ likes; Douban’s opening score rose from 7.9 to 8.2 in four days; Xiaohong The total topic views of the book exceed 3 billion, and 21 B stations are on the list. It is highly recommended by Yunhe, Maoyan, Dengta, Detawen and other industries. It covers the entire network and has no platform shortcomings. Even Hu, which has more male users, There are also positive reviews on Pu and Zhihu.

  Youku’s ten years of hard work has yielded results, and both sides are heading towards win-win cooperation.

Youku Hong Kong Theater has ushered in a harvest period after ten years of hard work. In 2013, Youku reached a strategic cooperation with TVB and exclusively obtained all genuine TVB copyrights. In 2018, Youku, TVB and TVBC jointly launched the “Global Simultaneous Drama Series”, which for the first time enabled Hong Kong dramas to be broadcast simultaneously in mainland China and Hong Kong. In the same year, the “Hong Kong Theater” label was established. In 2020, Youku cooperated with TVB, Media Asia and other film studios to produce a number of customized Hong Kong dramas, starting a new exploration of Hong Kong dramas. In 2022, Youku proposed the concept of “New Hong Kong Drama”. “News Queen”, as a benchmark for “new Hong Kong dramas”, has gone from “the most booked Hong Kong drama in the history of Youku” to “the most popular Hong Kong drama on the entire network”. It is a new sample of Hong Kong dramas co-created by Youku and TVB, and once again Proof that “Xingang Drama” is revitalized through self-iteration.

Xie Ying, vice president of Youku, said that Youku has continued to cultivate the minds of Hong Kong drama users over the years, leveraging the content advantages and market awareness of long videos, integrating new mainland technologies and new ideas with the mature experience of the Hong Kong drama production team, deeply participating in topic selection, and creating Differentiated content has made classic Hong Kong drama genres such as “Family Glory” and “News Queen” popular again, and has successively launched a series of innovative works such as “Super Messenger” and “The Hidden Door”.

It is reported that Youku Hong Kong Theater has rich reserves for the follow-up. In addition to the popular “News Queen”, it will also launch a number of customized series with TVB. For example, it will cooperate with Zhong Shujia for the second time to create “Black Moonlight” telling the story of women in the workplace; “Forensic Pioneer 6” will be a classic IP, Bosco Bosco, Yuan Weihao, Cai Jie and other original cast members return. “The Successor of Family Glory” is a collaboration with Media Asia, “Anti-Corruption” is a collaboration with Tianyi, and an innovative drama series with Letao Interactive Entertainment is in preparation.

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