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Focusing on corporate procurement, recruitment and other multi-scenario management needs,’s corporate business releases the “Work Start Acceleration Package” to create a strong guarantee for corporate resumption of work

Focusing on corporate procurement, recruitment and other multi-scenario management needs,’s corporate business releases the “Work Start Acceleration Package” to create a strong guarantee for corporate resumption of work

At the beginning of 2023, a number of economic data in our country are “flying red”. There are many tourists in the business circle, more orders in enterprises, and the roar of machinery on the construction site… Enterprises are sprinting to seize the opportunity and strive for development. Focusing on the “emergency, difficulty and worry” of enterprises, various localities have also launched a series of high-value, powerful, and targeted enterprise service measures to help enterprises start operations efficiently.

During the “Enterprise Start-up Season”,’s corporate business also collaborated with partners such as, Industrial Products, Health, Yili, Ctrip Business Travel, Lenovo and other partners to launch a “start-up acceleration package” focusing on material procurement, industrial cooperation, employee management, finance, etc. Dimension has launched a number of service measures to cover the entire process and scenarios of enterprise operations, providing acceleration for more than 8 million small and medium-sized enterprises to “start work calmly and get off to a good start”.

  Procurement Management, Leasing,financeWaiting for serviceAll togetherEnsure that the materials for the start-up of the enterprise are in place in time

“Soldiers and horses have not moved, food and grass go first.” The timely availability of various materials is an important guarantee for the smooth start of the enterprise. In the face of a large amount of office materials, marketing materials, and employees’ daily material needs during the start of construction, how to balance the cost and efficiency of procurement has become the primary problem to be solved by enterprises. In order to help enterprises improve the efficiency of procurement of construction materials, Jingdong Enterprise Business provides corporate customers with a digital procurement management platform that can be quickly deployed. Through the digital and visual management of the entire process of procurement demand issuance, approval, execution, and subsequent delivery, contract performance, and distribution, Significantly improve the efficiency of procurement decision-making, reduce the overall cost of procurement, and promote the transformation of procurement management from a “cost center” to an “efficiency center and profit center”.

“The pace of resumption of work after the festival this year is particularly tight, but with the help of the digital procurement management platform, all material support is in place in time, which greatly shortens the response time for resumption of work, and the office and production can resume quickly.” Mr. Zhang, the procurement director of the manufacturing enterprise, gave Highly rated digital procurement tools.

In addition to traditional procurement, the asset-light operation mode of leasing has also become an important way for enterprises to prepare materials for construction. Enterprises can reduce large-scale, one-time capital investment through the method of “renting instead of mining”, and save already tight cash flow through asset-light management. According to data released by, in the first half of 2022, leasing customers will increase by 775% year-on-year, and the number of leased goods will increase by 788% year-on-year.

During this year’s corporate start-up season,’s corporate business teamed up with Xiaoxiong Uzuo to provide companies with solutions for the full life cycle management of office assets, including leasing, technical services, asset management, and recycling. Companies can not only enjoy deposit-free and 1 pair 1 customized service, and also supports a minimum rental of 1 unit and a minimum rental of 1 day, making the rental more flexible.

“Beiyu Technology Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Beiyu”), a small and micro enterprise that provides technical services related to environmental consulting, environmental emergency, and environmental monitoring, often conducts temporary on-site visits across the country for several weeks due to business needs. sex project work. Previously, how to configure office computers for these colleagues on business trips with the lowest capital occupation has always been a problem that plagued Beiyu. Through the business cooperation with Jingdong Enterprises, Beiyu began to try “renting instead of purchasing”, and obtained a full life cycle management solution of IT office assets including leasing, technical services, asset management, etc., reducing the occupation of office equipment for cash flow . The relevant person in charge of Beiyu said that compared with traditional offline leasing service providers,’s leasing service is very flexible. It can be used for long-term or short-term leasing, and can even be returned as it is rented. Moreover, the strong service team also makes it unnecessary for us to hire specialized technicians for equipment operation and maintenance, which greatly reduces the workload of asset management.

Whether it is purchasing or leasing, it will be accompanied by large capital expenditures, which will bring a certain amount of cash flow pressure to the enterprise. In order to better “reduce pressure and reduce burden” for corporate cash flow,’s corporate business also cooperates with to provide financial services including procurement financing, credit loans, etc. Financial pressure, help operation. At present, Jingdong Enterprise Jincai can provide users with “purchase first, pay later” account service, and enterprises can enjoy interest-free for up to 21 days. Enterprises with loan needs can apply for’s enterprise loan, and can obtain a credit line of up to 1 million yuan.

  for business recruitment,staff serviceProvide support and create a collaborative ecology to help enterprises get off to a good start

In addition to services related to material procurement, this year’s “Enterprise Start Season”,’s enterprise business has also joined hands with many ecological partners in recruitment, employee services and other aspects of enterprise operations to create exclusive service rights and interests to help enterprise customers carry out practical work. Real cost reduction and efficiency increase.

For enterprises, the post-holiday start season is also the recruitment season, and whether they can recruit high-quality talents is directly related to the company’s annual development. However, in recent years, the cost of enterprise recruitment has continued to rise, which has brought a lot of burden to the majority of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. According to industry estimates, the average entry channel cost for a single employee has reached 2.5k-5k. To this end,’s corporate business teamed up with Zhaopin’s “Enterprise Smart Winning Plan” to launch 3-day free recruitment, 5 free postings, and 60 free talent chat services during the business start season, further reducing recruitment costs for large, small, medium, and private enterprises .

While recruiting newcomers, serving old employees well is also an important proposition that enterprises pay attention to. From employee health service guarantee to business travel experience improvement and optimization… More solid employee services are of great benefit to improving business efficiency.

In response to the employees’ health protection needs of enterprises,’s enterprise business united with Health, with the supply of medicine and health products as the core and medical services as the starting point, to create a digitally driven enterprise user’s full life cycle health management platform. In, the medical consultation and consultation service of all departments of the tertiary hospitals is online 24 hours a day, with an average of 30 seconds to receive consultations. Corporate users can also enjoy exclusive coupons for online drug purchases. In terms of medical examination services,’s corporate business has also joined forces with many well-known medical examination institutions in the industry, such as Aikang Guobin, to provide fast, efficient, and personalized medical examination services for the needs of different companies.

In addition, as enterprises accelerate the resumption of work and production, business expansion, running projects, and attending meetings…the frequency of business trips for employees of various enterprises has also increased significantly. But at the same time, the general approval and declaration process for employee travel is complicated, the phenomenon of advance funds is common, and the reimbursement review is complicated and takes a long period, which brings more burdens to employees. During the start-of-business season, the one-stop business travel solution provided by and Ctrip Business Travel can not only provide low-cost, zero-threshold, and high-efficiency solutions from multiple dimensions, including pre-trip difference control, convenient booking during the trip, and after-sales service guarantee. Professional services save time and effort for employees. At the same time, it can also avoid employee advances based on corporate settlement and online reconciliation platforms. It can save up to 30% of travel expenses and make travel expenses clearer and more transparent.

2023 is a year to “strive for the economy and seek development”. With the continuous advancement of the enterprise start-up season,’s enterprise business will make better use of’s advantages in the field of digital and intelligent supply chains, and work with more partners to create a more comprehensive and efficient digital service ecology, and win in service enterprises. At the same time of “good start”, it provides strong support for the efficient operation of enterprises.


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