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Focus on watching movies to sharpen your eye for fraud, and Jincheng Bank builds a strong anti-fraud defense line

Focus on watching movies to sharpen your eye for fraud, and Jincheng Bank builds a strong anti-fraud defense line

Currently, the anti-fraud themed movie “All or Nothing” based on real fraud cases is currently showing in theaters. On September 20, the “National Anti-Fraud You and Me Together” movie viewing event, sponsored by Jincheng Bank and co-organized by the Binhai New Area Science and Technology Association, was held at the Binhai Cultural Center. The public was invited to watch movies for free and enter the theater to promote anti-fraud knowledge. methods, innovate financial knowledge publicity models, and further enhance citizens’ awareness of fraud, recognition of fraud, and anti-fraud. This event is also a key activity of Jincheng Bank’s “2023 Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month”. This publicity month has the theme of “Gathering Financial Power to Create a Better Life”. Jincheng Bank will use a variety of activities to Continue to promote financial consumer education and popularization of financial knowledge, and fulfill social responsibilities.

“What are the common telecommunications network fraud methods?” “What are the 7 major anti-fraud weapons?”… Before the movie viewing event began, Jincheng Bank staff set up an information desk at the ticket gate to conduct “face-to-face” interviews with moviegoers. Publicity, “one-on-one” doubts, and financial knowledge “tips” including anti-fraud brochures were distributed to the audience to help citizens improve their awareness of staying away from cross-border gambling and preventing fraud. At the same time, the “pre-screening time” is used to scroll to everyone’s anti-smuggling propaganda, deposit insurance, prevention of illegal financial activities and other short videos to explain the common sense of safe use of bank cards, and jointly call on everyone to remember the anti-fraud knowledge and resolutely guard the “money bag” “.

Before watching the movie, the anti-fraud policemen from the Central Commerce Police Station explained in detail the techniques of identifying and preventing fraud based on the recent high-frequency fraud types and real cases. Through on-site explanations, they taught the attending citizens how to detect electronic fraud crimes. common “routines” and “traps” in movies, and conducted on-site interactive Q&A with moviegoers, setting off a nationwide anti-fraud craze.

“This event is an innovative attempt for us to promote financial knowledge. Through various forms such as distributing materials, broadcasting videos, giving lectures, and watching movies, the movie-watching citizens can learn anti-fraud and anti-fraud knowledge in an immersive and three-dimensional way. Everyone becomes a ‘propaganda’ for financial knowledge.” said the relevant person in charge of Jincheng Bank.

Jincheng Bank combines its own digital banking characteristics and focuses on the field of digital finance. Through a combination of “online + offline” promotion methods, it makes full use of videos, posters, long pictures, cartoons and other popular forms to continue to promote to the public. Prevent telecommunications fraud, anti-money laundering, prevent illegal fund-raising and other financial knowledge. Since September, Jincheng Bank has successively visited Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Santan Dongli Community to carry out financial knowledge promotion. At the same time, Jincheng Bank also held two online live broadcasts of visits to Tianjin University of Technology and Tianjin University of Technology, vividly explaining many financial knowledge to college students, including preventing campus loans, anti-fraud, and compliant card use. This event has expanded the cinema into a new front for the popularization of financial knowledge, making financial knowledge visible and audible. Next, Jincheng Bank will continue to expand new fronts for the popularization of financial knowledge, innovate financial knowledge publicity forms, increase publicity coverage and accuracy, continue to spread positive financial energy, and build a strong safety protection wall.

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