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Focus on the elderly group and do a good job in financial “elderly” services

In order to effectively improve the elderly’s sense of access to financial services and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the elderly in using bank smart devices and services, Minsheng Credit Card focuses on the needs of the elderly group and launches a series of “elderly-friendly” special services to help elderly consumers break through “Digital divide”, enjoying intelligent and convenient services.

★One-click access

Exclusive line, providing exclusive “one-click direct” manual service for elderly consumers aged 60 and above, allowing elderly consumers to obtain the ultimate VVIP-level service experience, which greatly meets the service needs of elderly consumers, “Exclusive line “Behind, there are more than a thousand professional service personnel who are waiting for the whole process 7*24 hours, professionally answering questions, patient and thoughtful service attitude, using “warm power” to help elderly consumers enjoy more priority, more convenience and more warmth Provide high-quality financial services, respect the elderly, and protect the heart of trust.

★Intimate characteristic service

In order to solve the problem that the elderly are “willing to use but not very proficient” in using smart technology, Minsheng Credit Card has carried out an aging-friendly transformation of the National Life APP: First, it has launched a simplified version of the National Life APP, which has a larger icon , larger fonts, simpler function menus and an operation interface more suitable for the elderly; the second is to develop intelligent voice services, and elderly consumers can quickly reach the service page through voice commands; the third is to develop online video customer service, elderly consumers can Conduct manual business consultation through online video, realize “online counter service”, and improve the satisfaction and sense of acquisition of financial services for elderly consumers.

Minsheng Credit Card has always focused on the “customer-centric” development concept, insisted on promoting the integration and innovation of technology and business, insisted on combining intelligent services with traditional services, focused on the needs of the elderly group, and infiltrated flexible care into every detail of the service to help the elderly Cross the “digital divide” and get better financial services.

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