Focus on the 2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, gather resources to anchor the future

Focus on the 2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, gather resources to anchor the future

 In 2023, the exhibition industry will serve as an important platform to promote economic growth and industry recovery, as well as bring together industry communities to rebuild and connect. Many trading opportunities.

Zhang Feimeng, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said at the meeting recently that Shenzhen will sprint to develop into a convention and exhibition capital in 2023, and will make every effort to promote production through exhibitions and promotions, and increase the international influence of the exhibition. It is expected that the MICE industry will experience a comprehensive and positive recovery and return this year.Exhibition resumesindustry exchanges have returned to normal, andWillInject a strong impetus into the development of the film and tape industry in the new era.

Shenzhen International Film and Tape ExhibitionStrong return, open up global business opportunities

The “Three Products” Implementation Plan of the Raw Material Industry jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and the State Administration for Market Regulation requires the implementation of key basic materials promotion actions and forward-looking layout actions for cutting-edge materials, improving the production and application platform of new materials, and optimizing the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism , Improve the effective supply capacity of high-end products. As the core segment of the new material industry, high-function film tapes maintain a strong upward momentum. The data shows that the high-performance film industry has high technical difficulty and high investment. Under the new situation, high-function films will achieve a total growth of 20% from 2020 to 2022. Driven by the confidence sector, the field of ordinary thin films will grow at an annual rate of more than 15% in 2023 and thereafter.

In recent years, the production and consumption centers of global tape and film companies have gradually shifted to my country, and the application fields of various tape and film products have continued to expand, and are developing in the direction of high added value, high-tech content, core competitiveness and branding. Throughout 2022, a large number of domestic emerging film companies will grow rapidly, and industry companies will increase new product research and development and market expansion, and gradually develop in the direction of structural and functional compounding, as well as intelligent and green functional materials, forming a specialized and high-end supply chain , The development trend of the overall industrial chain is improving. In order to further expand the layout in the global market, companies related to the industrial chain need to grasp the market situation and find new business opportunities in exchanges and cooperation.

Previous well-known exhibitors

The 2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, which has attracted much attention, willat 10moon11-13dayIn Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)Kicked off. Together with the concurrent exhibition, the exhibition area is expected to reach 160,000 square meters, which will attract customers from coating die-cutting, touch display, digital electronics, plastic packaging, printing labels, household appliances, automobiles, lithium batteries, photovoltaics, PCB/FPC circuits More than 120,000 buyers from industries such as boards, semiconductors, and architectural decorations visited.

More than 3,000 well-known brands will appear together, focusing on marketing, new product display, new technology exchange, new information release and new business opportunity development. Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition provides a platform for companies to exchange technology, display products and negotiate trade. At the same time, the organizer of the exhibition will launch more than 50 concurrent events, which will be linked with the eight concurrent exhibitions, further integrate the resources of the global tape and film industry, promote efficient links between upstream and downstream enterprises, seize potential business opportunities, and promote sustainable development of the industry.

2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition Pavilion Distribution Map

The new energy materials zone is hotly launched, bringing new momentum to the development of the industry

New energy photovoltaics and new energy lithium batteries have become hot topics in the market in recent years. With the implementation of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction policies, in the peak of carbon neutrality"double carbon"The goal continues to advance, and the global lithium battery, photovoltaic solar energy and other new energy structures are accelerating the transformation. New energy and energy storage will become mainstream energy. According to relevant data analysis reports, it is estimated that new energy and energy storage will exceed the trillion market size in 2025. According to relevant statistics, tapes and films account for 15% to 30% of the manufacturing costs of lithium batteries and photovoltaics. New energy technology and its related industries continue to be hot, which will inevitably drive the rapid development of functional films and tapes and other related industries in the direction of photovoltaics, lithium batteries, and new energy vehicles. In order to keep abreast of the new technologies, new developments and new markets of the two core sectors in a timely manner. The exhibition site will specially set up a new energy photovoltaic film exhibition area and a new energy lithium battery film exhibition area to further link the huge new energy market demand and jointly develop new applications in the film and tape market.

HeavyQi overseasmarket, welcometradeOrder

2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition will restart cooperation with industry associations in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, and cooperate to invite overseas buyers to participate in online and offline matching events, providing exhibitors with a real-time communication platform that transcends geographical boundaries and helping exhibitors Lock in overseas markets, and continuously enhance the specialization, branding and internationalization of the exhibition. The exhibition will also focus on the Japanese and Korean pavilions jointly created by relevant Japanese and Korean industry associations. Exhibitors will return in an all-round way. Many Japanese and Korean material and equipment manufacturers will gather at the scene to present cutting-edge products and technical solutions from Japan and South Korea, and promote the development of China, Japan and South Korea. Coordinated development of the market to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing. An international exhibition area is set up at the exhibition site to help enterprises obtain international orders and expand overseas business.

At the same time, ICE CHINA, the concurrent exhibition of Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, will join hands with ICE Europe to create a special area for flexible coil processing. As a world-class exhibition of flexible materials and meshed materials processing, ICE series exhibitions will cooperate with Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition to help brands solve the current challenges faced by the industry and find common solutions. Through the combination of on-site demonstrations and exchange meetings, global resources are integrated, and efforts are made to build a multinational business buyer group composed of industrial chain agents and end customers.

The 365 marketing plan is comprehensively followed up to help enterprises accelerate the expansion of business opportunities,Enhance brand influence

2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, through 1-on-1 in-depth interviews and demand insights with R&D, technology, and engineers in the field of functional film and adhesive tape application terminals, summarizes industry pain points and procurement needs, and tailors 365 exhibitions for exhibitors Marketing Plan.and passButler Mix Marketingservices such asOnline and offline new product technology conferences, media interviews and live broadcast interviews, brand announcements, conversations with core social circles of die-cutting engineers, forward-looking industry summits focusing on popular applications,365 marketing butler plan one-stop customer acquisition, TAP specially invited VIP buyers business matchingbusiness exchange dinner face to face,FILM&TAPE Yellow Pages Business Platform Accelerates Business OpportunitiesA series of marketing methods, such as providing exhibitors with round-the-clock product exposure, business opportunity creation, transaction facilitation, insight sharing and knowledge learning services, further accurately lock business opportunities and build dreams for the future.

Since the 2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition started, the preparatory work of the exhibition, including the progress of the exhibition, has been “hurricane”, and has received positive responses from global functional film and adhesive tape companies. Sign up to participate in FILM & TAPE EXPO 2023, new exhibitors The number of booth application forms submitted has increased sharply. Up to now, the booth area reservation has reached a higher level in the same period in the past, and the “battle” for booths has started. Integrate global film and tape industry resources, display cutting-edge products and technologies of the industry’s entire industry chain in one stop, promote efficient links between upstream and downstream enterprises, grasp potential business opportunities, and promote sustainable development of the industry. At 2023 Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, October 11 – On the 13th, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is looking forward to your visit!

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