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Flying Life 2″ IMAX exclusive poster released on New Year’s Day IMAX big screen excitement “flying

Flying Life 2″ IMAX exclusive poster released on New Year’s Day IMAX big screen excitement “flying

The movie “Flying Life 2” written and directed by Han Han will be launched in IMAX theaters on the first day of the Lunar New Year (February 10). The exclusive IMAX poster for the film was released today. Shen Teng once again transformed into the “King of Bayinbrook”, and returned to the IMAX big screen with a group of new and old friends to speed up and race, interpreting a passionate legend of fighting for dreams and a mortal story intertwined with laughter and tears, and spent a passionate “flying” with the audience Soaring Dragon Year Spring Festival.

The IMAX exclusive poster for “Flying Life 2” was also officially released today. Both posters feature the scene of driver Zhang Chi (played by Shen Teng) driving at the Bayinbulak Rally. The desert track is filled with dust, and the sky is clear and colorful. Zhang Chi, riding an unparalleled speed, is flying between heaven and earth, heading towards An ideal sprint, with a soul-stirring and heroic texture. The impactful visual effects and the flash of idealism are vividly displayed on the paper, making people look forward to the thrilling and intense extreme racing and the deeply immersive dream-chasing journey on the IMAX big screen.

The legend continues and the emotions are filled. During the Spring Festival five years ago, the story of a driver chasing his dream, led by Shen Teng, debuted on the IMAX big screen and impressed countless audiences. In “Flying Life 2”, the former champion driver Zhang Chi has become a down-and-out driving school instructor. When the dormant dream fire in his heart is rekindled, the journey to achieve his goal of returning to the competition is destined to be bumpy, but behind the laughter all the way, Zhang Chi’s story will continue to be based on passion and hard work. Five years later, all the original cast members have returned, and even more charming characters have joined the new cast. “Flying Life 2” has been completely upgraded from the plot to the racing scenes, striving to bring stunning audio-visual viewing enjoyment and direct touching to the soul. At the beginning of the new year To encourage the audience, as director Han Han said, “This will be a brand new and substantial upgrade.”

As a high-quality blockbuster, many of the highlights of “Flying Life 2” can be fully released in the IMAX theater with the function of “amplifier”, especially the highlight of the film, the racing scene, which is expected to bring audiences A brand new surprise. It is reported that Shen Teng trained in isolation for 2 months five years ago to learn professional racing, and also completed the first drift in his life. After returning five years later, he has stricter requirements on himself and “races against time” to improve his driving skills. Early feedback from the first media viewing event also generally agreed that the audio-visual effects of the film have been greatly improved compared to the previous film, and there are many cool scenes. The fierce competition of the last Bayinbrook Rally was amazing. Through IMAX’s super large screen, stunning picture quality and powerful sound, wonderful scenes such as this will make IMAX viewers feel as if they are personally there, following the drivers as they gallop across the magnificent nature and thrilling tracks, with the roar of the engine and the sharp wind in their ears. Xiaozhong enjoys the shock of the exclusive big screen. The wonderful performances of Shen Teng and other powerful actors will also be restored in detail under the audio-visual conditions of IMAX. The audience can have a deeper understanding of the characters in the film from every subtle look and movement. Achieve emotional resonance with a smile and gain more touch and inspiration.

“Flying Life 2” is written and directed by Han Han, starring Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Yin Zheng, Zhang Benyu, and Sun Yizhou, with special appearances by Wei Xiang and Jia Bing, and a friendly appearance by Zheng Kai. The film tells the story of the former champion driver Zhang Chi (played by Shen Teng) who was reduced to a poor driving school instructor to make ends meet. The director of the old Le Automobile Factory (played by Jia Bing), who was on the verge of suspending production, suddenly offered to sponsor Zhang Chi to form a team. As a result, the driving school was “exploded” into a new one. In the team, a group of people rushed to the stadium with a lot of laughter to compete in the last Bayinbrook Rally. The film will be released in IMAX theaters across the country on the first day of the Lunar New Year, inviting audiences across the country to embark on a “flying life” that is intertwined with joy and emotion.

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