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Flexible retirement care is the best choice for Fude Life’s “Xin Xi Nian Nian” to protect the golden old age in multiple dimensions

Flexible retirement care is the best choice for Fude Life’s “Xin Xi Nian Nian” to protect the golden old age in multiple dimensions

The “2022 Health and Pension Insurance Security Index Calculation Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by the School of Finance of Nankai University in September this year pointed out that according to World Bank calculations, in order to maintain pre-retirement living standards, the pension replacement rate must Not less than 70%; the current average replacement rate of urban employee pensions in my country is approximately 46% of the average social wage level.

As soon as the “Report” came out, the public once again aroused heated discussion on the issue of elderly care. According to data from the seventh national census, my country’s population aged 60 and above has reached 264 million, and is expected to reach 300 million by 2025. This means that in the next two years, one out of every four Chinese will be a retiree. How to ensure a quality retirement life and achieve graceful aging will become a topic that everyone cannot avoid.

Anxiety about elderly care with nowhere to go

With the emergence of trends such as population aging and declining birthrate, as well as the fact that basic pension insurance is under great pressure, everyone can’t help but fall into “pension anxiety.”

In December 2021, the “”FIRE, Ready?” Retirement Concept Survey Report” released by Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund and China Fund News showed that nearly 70% of the respondents expressed varying degrees of concerns about retirement issues. Among them, those born in the 1990s are more anxious about old-age care than those born in the 1970s and 1980s.

In the future, the size of my country’s aging population will continue to grow. According to the forecast results of the United Nations’ “World Population Prospects 2022”, China’s population aged 60 and above will exceed 400 million around 2033, reaching a peak of approximately 520 million around 2054; the population aged 65 and above will reach around 2034. More than 300 million, reaching about 430 million around 2057.

In 2022, the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized the implementation of a national strategy to actively respond to population aging. The 2023 government work report mentioned many times that we should actively respond to the aging of the population and promote the development of aging services and the elderly care industry. It can be seen that “old age care” has become an issue of widespread concern to the whole society.

Commercial pension insurance that takes into account flexible pension and wealth inheritance will become the first choice

How to deal with old age calmly and gracefully? Commercial pension insurance will become an indispensable support. “Fude Life Xinxi Niannian Exclusive Edition Pension Annuity Insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “Xinxi Niannian”) meets the flexible and diverse pension needs of the insured from multiple dimensions, in order to alleviate “old age anxiety” and ensure quality pension. Several options are provided.

First of all, the plan is flexible. “Xinxi Niannian” can provide two protection plans to choose from. The first plan is Xinxi’s “Wonderful Pension Plan”, which means that when the insured dies, the death insurance will be paid according to the cash value of the main insurance contract. The advantage of the pension plan is that the amount of pension annuity and birthday pension that the insured can receive during the life of the insured is relatively large during the validity period of the contract. It focuses on advance planning and quality pension. It is characterized by high benefits and focuses on ensuring the quality of one’s own pension; Plan 2 Xinxi’s “Legendary Pension Plan” is a plan that chooses to pay the death insurance benefit, whichever is the larger of the insurance premium actually paid under the main insurance contract and the cash value of the main insurance contract when the insured dies. Features It is a higher current price compared to option 1. It focuses on exquisite pension and wealth inheritance. While receiving pension annuity and birthday payment to obtain financial support for old age life, more funds can be left to future generations after death, focusing on wealth inheritance.

In terms of receiving pension annuity, “Xinxi Nian Nian” is also very flexible, divided into two methods: monthly pension and annual pension. There are also many choices for the starting age of pension, including 60 years old, 65 years old and 70 years old for men, and 60 years old for women. There are four types: 55 years old, 60 years old, 65 years old and 70 years old. However, it should be noted that the method of receiving pension and the starting age for receiving pension cannot be changed from the date of receiving the first pension pension (including that day). During the protection period, you can also flexibly cope with temporary capital turnover by reducing the insurance amount and policy loans.

Taking a 40-year-old woman as an example, 40-year-old Ms. Xin hopes to obtain a better quality of retirement life in the future, so she chooses to insure herself with the “Xin Xi Nian Nian” protection plan 1, paying an annual premium of 100,000 yuan, and the payment period is 10 years , the insurance period is lifetime. See the specific demonstration below:

If Ms. Xin starts receiving pension annuity from the age of 60, she can receive 7,794 yuan per month in the monthly payment method, and 91,700 yuan per year in the annual payment method. Assuming that he survives to the age of 80 in the future, the accumulated pension annuity will reach 1.9257 million yuan, which is enough to make his later life peaceful and prosperous.

Another example is Ms. Chen, who is 50 years old. She hopes to receive financial support for her elderly life while also inheriting wealth. She chooses to insure herself with the “Xinxi Nian Nian” protection plan 2, with an annual premium of 2 million yuan and a payment period of 3 years. , the insurance period is also lifelong. See the specific demonstration below:

If Ms. Chen chooses to start receiving the pension annuity from the age of 60, she will receive 21,080 yuan per month in the monthly payment method and 248,000 yuan in the annual payment method. Assuming that she survives to the age of 80, Ms. Chen can receive a total of 5.208 million yuan in the pension annuity. The cash value of the policy has reached 6.4988 million yuan. Ms. Chen can also designate one or more people as the beneficiary of the death insurance benefit. It can be said that an insurance policy can not only protect her own retirement, but also ensure the inheritance of wealth.

According to the main insurance contract, starting from the first pension annuity receiving date, if the insured is still alive at zero o’clock on each pension annuity receiving date, the pension annuity will be paid according to the pension annuity receiving method and amount stipulated in the main insurance contract. If the insured is still alive at zero o’clock on the first insurance contract anniversary after turning 88, the insurance company will pay a considerable birthday benefit based on the basic insurance amount of the main insurance contract to improve the quality of retirement life. With high benefits, flexible benefits, and lifelong benefits, “Xinxi Nian Nian” allows customers to have continuous guaranteed cash flow.

The wave of aging is approaching. Elderly care is a reality that those born in the 1960s and even the 1970s will face now. In addition to considering their parents’ elderly care, they also have to worry about their own elderly care. At the same time, more and more young people are also anxious about pension issues. How to realize “retirement freedom” is related to whether each of us can live out the rest of our lives with dignity, and it may be a better choice to plan ahead and plan ahead to add more security to our later life.

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