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Five more Dato-level entrepreneurs join Dato’s Foundation Malaysia

Five more Dato-level entrepreneurs join Dato’s Foundation Malaysia

(Penang News) Five more Dato’s have joined the Malaysian Dato’s Foundation in order to join the institute’s purpose of bringing together corporate strengths, sharing corporate models, conducting business exchanges and promoting charity and public welfare undertakings.

Tan Sri Dato Seri Syed Mohd Yusof, President of Dato’s Foundation Malaysia, personally came to the Rasa Sayang Hotel in Penang to preside over the issuance of membership certificates to five new members, namely Dato Zhang Hanchuan and Dato Chen Wenye Doctors, Dato Wang Meimei, Dato Huang Shengfu, Dato Zhong Yanfa.

Dato Ong Meimei joined the Dato Foundation and was welcomed by founder Mohd Yusoff and Vice President Dato Seri Goh Sik Heng (first from left). Second from left is Qiu Wenxiang.

Three other businessmen, Liao Wu Lai, Qiu Wenxiang and Luo Weihong, also joined as affiliated elite members of this foundation. The vice president of the association, Datuk Seri Wu Xiheng, and the president of the Penang branch, Lieutenant Colonel Datuk Huang Zhaoxuan, were present to welcome the new Datuk members. Joined by the rest of the Penang members of the Malaysian Dato Foundation, Dato Dr. Tan Ka Keong, Dato Yu Tianshan, Dato Xie Heping, quasi-Dato President Luo Yueming, quasi-Dato Fang Xixi, quasi-Dato Captain Tan Tei-quan, the Central Committee of the Association Central committee member Fu Ou Lixin, Penang branch secretary Qiu Weizhe, and Elite members Captain He Jinyi and Tu Yanhao Yen Toh also attended this event to witness the joining of new members.

Tu Yanhao collects the YDM license plate logo.

The induction ceremony was presided over by President Tan Sri Datuk Seri Syed Mohd Yusof, and Dr. Lee Tat Wah, consultant of World Green Action, led the new members to take the oath of office.

Tan Sri Dato Seri Syed Mohd Yusof expressed his happiness to see more and more Datos joining as members of this foundation. He hoped that all Datos, senior Datos and Datos in Penang would Everyone in the country can join this foundation, pooling the power of enterprises to achieve greater things.

Datuk-to-be Captain Tan Tei Chuan (second from right) pays New Year greetings to the leaders of the Malaysian Datuk Foundation. From right are Fu Oulisim, Mohd Yusof, Goh Sik Heng and Qiu Wei Zhe.

He hopes that in this Year of the Dragon, the foundation can grow even more and contribute to society and the country. The members of the foundation are all elite talents from various business circles and are powerful. The vice president Datuk Seri Wu Xiheng is a main driving figure. .

Mohd Yusof revealed that the foundation’s first corporate project in Penang is the construction of Planet Hollywood next to the Penang Port Authority. This enterprise will promote tourism and economic activities in Penang.

A group photo of the guests present.

In order to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, a “Yao Sheng” celebration program was also held that night. President Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Syed Mohd Yusof, Vice President Datuk Seri Goh Sik Heng and Penang President Datuk Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Huang Zhaoxuan, all the guests enjoyed themselves.

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