“Five” is unparalleled? The future can be expected?? The 5th Anniversary Ceremony of Tianjin Yujiabao InterContinental Hotel and Executive Apartments

“Five” is unparalleled? The future can be expected?? The 5th Anniversary Ceremony of Tianjin Yujiabao InterContinental Hotel and Executive Apartments

At 18:30 on March 31, 2023, Tianjin Yujiapu InterContinental Hotel and Executive Apartments ushered in the fifth anniversary ceremony. Colleagues from all walks of life, share the excitement and joy of the five years since the hotel opened on March 28, 2018; at the same time, thank the guests, partners, social communities, and InterContinental ambassadors for their choice and support along the way, and jointly witness the milestone of the fifth anniversary ceremony time.

The main tone of the dinner was black and gold, with red dots, which perfectly demonstrated the elegance and style of the InterContinental Hotels Group. All the guests came here in costumes and left beautiful figures in front of the theme signature wall that marked the glorious history of the fifth anniversary. With the elegant music, slowly enter the main venue of the dinner. The host expressed his gratitude to the guests for their kind attendance. Behind the dazzling light show and light and shadow curtain, the hotel presented exquisite gifts to all the guests.

Ms. Xie Hong, general manager of Tianjin Yujiapu InterContinental Hotel and Executive Apartment, expressed her sincere thanks to all the guests in her opening speech: “On the fifth anniversary of the hotel’s opening, I would like to express my thousands of thanks to all guests. The hotel has always supported and loved us. We will continue to devote ourselves to creating an InterContinental life full of surprises and joys for our guests on every journey.” Afterwards, the hotel extended its most sincere thanks and happiness to the guests with warm cakes and champagne blessing of. I believe that in the future operation, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the hotel will consistently bring guests the unique luxury experience of InterContinental, and will surely create a more exciting future! At that night, the hotel brought multiple visual, auditory and taste enjoyments to the guests. The colorful lottery on the spot shared and passed on the good luck of the ceremony. The fifth anniversary ceremony ended successfully with everyone’s laughter!

The 5th Anniversary Ceremony that night was a highlight of the 5th Anniversary Series of InterContinental Tianjin Yujiapu Hotel and Executive Apartments. Beginning on March 24, the hotel has launched a series of activities for the fifth anniversary with the theme of “gratitude”. Sincerely invite guests to check in to thank the guests for their favor; take the fifth anniversary as an opportunity to open the membership day of the fitness center, and thank the fitness members for their continuous choice; Be with autistic children, care for their growth, and be grateful to the society; next, the hotel will also invite enthusiastic fans to experience the InterContinental culture and be grateful for the companionship; on April 12, the hotel will temporarily bid farewell to the 20-year-old Day’s “Thanksgiving Journey”.

To be grateful for the time, to commemorate the encounter and acquaintance. The hotel takes this 20-day “Thanksgiving Journey” to express its gratitude to all walks of life for its support and companionship to the hotel, and also looks forward to continuing to write new and wonderful chapters at InterContinental Tianjin Yujiabao Hotel and Executive Apartments. Expect!

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