“First Store Economy” Stimulates Commercial Vitality Binhai Wuyue Plaza Many new stores have joined hands

“First Store Economy” Stimulates Commercial Vitality Binhai Wuyue Plaza Many new stores have joined hands

As an important symbol of business prosperity, the “first store economy” has become an important choice to stimulate business vitality. Using the label of “new first store” can not only make the shopping center more distinctive, demonstrate its strong investment attraction ability, but also become an effective means for it to attract money and customers.

20+ new stores join hands to serve all customers in the focus area

Binhai Wuyue Plaza, with a keen sense of smell, has keenly captured this trend since its birth. In Q1 of 2023, Seazen Holdings Group Tianjin Binhai Wuyue Plaza will start with user insight, aim to meet user needs and solve user pain points, and will introduce more than 20 high-quality brand merchants, of which 70%+ brands will enter the Binhai market for the first time. Binhai Wuyue creates a business atmosphere rich in business socialization and upscale life for consumers, opens the era of “first-store economy” for Binhai commerce, and brings a qualitative leap for regional commerce in Tianjin.

Focusing on different target customer groups and life scenarios, Tianjin Binhai Wuyue Plaza of Seazen Holdings Group will create a brand-new five-story multi-dimensional business with innovative combinations of gourmet catering, parent-child entertainment, clothing boutiques, sports and leisure, entertainment experience, and home life. space, leading the trend of new consumption fashion. This time, according to the continuous exploration, insight and analysis of user needs in the early stage, in order to allow customers to match the required functional places more quickly, Seazen Holdings Group Tianjin Binhai Wuyue Plaza divides the new stores currently introduced according to different functional areas:

The F4 floor introduces unique restaurants such as Yunshan Hi Persimmon, La Ge Lai Girl, Chahua Nong, Hanlu Village, Heyang Mansion, Yuyuan Wangpo Prawn, Riverside Hut, Xiongmeow, Zhensanli Wailu Malatang, etc. Internet celebrity restaurant brand stores, as well as escape room entertainment venues such as Ordinary World, form the largest one-stop relaxation field in Binhai New Area, providing people with a quality life gathering place for leisure and entertainment.

The F5 floor introduces high-quality merchants such as drink partners, which can meet the diverse new needs of customers, and create a multi-dimensional, multi-scenario, and multi-customer good time place for consumers.

Integrating various types of business, the first store brand, and focusing on regional services for all customers, Binhai Wuyue Plaza is constantly improving the shopping experience of consumers, digging deep into its internal needs, inspiring and cultivating personalized taste, and creating a quality living space for consumers , bringing a new way of life.

Super-large and rejuvenated business district pattern Binhai Wuyue sets a new benchmark for business

The layout of the new city’s commercial area in Binhai, Tianjin, develops together with the city, injecting a steady stream of inspiration and vitality into the city. In the future, while accelerating the pace of urban development, Seazen Holdings Group Tianjin Binhai Wuyue Plaza will continue to promote the in-depth operation strategy of transformation from satisfying the advancement of regional life to empowering urban development with high quality and large-scale cooperation Customize services that match user needs, explore in-depth operations to lead business to new, continue to help the city’s future better life, lead the new wave of cities, and position new landmarks in the city!

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