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Fire trees, silver flowers, auspicious dragons and auspicious phoenixes? Thousand-year-old intangible cultural heritage iron flowers bloom in SM Plaza

Fire trees, silver flowers, auspicious dragons and auspicious phoenixes? Thousand-year-old intangible cultural heritage iron flowers bloom in SM Plaza

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On the occasion of the New Year in the Year of the Dragon, the cultural and intangible cultural heritage atmosphere and activities across the country have reached a climax. SM Tianjin Binhai City Plaza (hereinafter referred to as “SM Plaza”), which has sensed the importance of this cultural inheritance in advance, has launched a series of activities with the theme of “Boyun All Things – 2024 New Year Oriental Culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Season” since January. We will implement this year’s government’s cultural tourism promotion policy and cross-border cooperation with national endorsement resources such as Tianjin Museum, Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Daoming Bamboo Weaving, Henan South African Cultural Heritage Ironwork, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and other national endorsement resources to focus on Chinese traditional culture and help the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. During the Lantern Festival, SM Plaza, one of the four national resources of the SM Plaza Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Season, will once again innovate and upgrade the Intangible Cultural Heritage Blacksmith Fireworks Show, bringing the first auspicious dragon and phoenix high-altitude performance in the airport area! The dazzling visual feast allowed the citizens and friends present to experience the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage immersively.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, celebrate the Lantern Festival and watch fish lanterns. As the “appetizer” of this Lantern Festival event, more than a dozen Hanfu enthusiasts dressed in beautiful Hanfu with exquisite shapes and held colorful fish lanterns shuttled through the shopping mall loop. The eye-catching national fashion costumes and national style performances attracted a large number of customers to stop and take interactive photos, painting a splendid picture of national fashion and ancient aesthetics.

On the evening of February 23, as night fell, there was a huge crowd outside Gate B of SM Plaza Golden Circle. Many citizens arrived early to look forward to the start of the “Tiehua” and “Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix” performances. At 19:00 in the evening, under the spotlight, the ironwork performance outside SM Plaza Golden Circle Gate B officially started! The intangible cultural heritage craftsmen with unique skills from Henan, who were awarded the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage, sprinkled ladles of hot red molten iron into the sky. Under the blow of the flower stick, the 1600° molten iron instantly melted in the air. For the gorgeous iron flowers. “The east wind blows thousands of flowers into the trees at night, and even blows them down, like stars like rain.” The iron flowers fall all over the sky, like fireworks blooming, and like shooting stars falling down, it’s breathtaking!

As the red iron flowers bloom in the sky, the 11-meter-long auspicious dragon and the 8-meter-long auspicious phoenix fly into the sky. ! Flying dragons and phoenixes sometimes hover at low altitude, overlooking the bustling world; sometimes they dance in the air, sketching a magnificent picture of the night sky, and pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax. SM Plaza has also carefully designed immersive and experiential light and shadow special effects this year. It uses the ultimate visual effects to convey the romance and enthusiasm that is unique to Chinese civilization and express the Chinese romance that has been passed down for thousands of years.

Pictures of flying dragons and phoenixes & iron flowers

The dazzling art feast feasted the eyes of the citizens at the scene. They took out their mobile phones to record this wonderful moment and share the joy of the Lantern Festival with their families. Many audience members have come to SM Plaza for two consecutive years during the Lantern Festival to enjoy the iron flower performance. Many of them said, “It’s really shocking, especially the iron flowers that are made are like a goddess scattering flowers. It’s so beautiful!” “We were in SM last year. I have seen the iron flower performance at the square during the Lantern Festival. I heard that it will be upgraded this year, so I brought my family to play again. The flying dragons and phoenixes are really beautiful! In addition, the sparks of the iron flower are flying, which is extremely shocking! The children also experienced the Chinese tradition The charm of intangible cultural heritage and the real flavor of the New Year!” Customers at the scene exclaimed that it was extremely shocking to see the iron flowers scattered all over the sky at their doorstep! In SM Plaza, not only did I enjoy the performance of “Iron Flowers and Auspicious Dragons and Phoenixes”, but I also deeply experienced the charm and value of our country’s traditional culture. Coming to SM Plaza to celebrate the festival has become a “traditional custom” for residents near the airport. I felt a strong sense of national pride and cultural self-confidence! .

Live audience group photo

It is reported that SM Plaza’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage Blacksmith Fireworks Show and Lucky Dragon and Ruifeng” performances will last from February 23 to 25, and will be performed every night at 19:00 in the Golden Circle Gate B parking lot area. At the same time as the festival, a series of colorful promotional activities to benefit the people are also grandly launched. If you spend more than 128 yuan, you can participate in the lottery for free and win five reunion gifts such as big-name electrical appliances, catering coupons, nut gift boxes, and good things for life. Happy Happy Lantern Festival!

Lantern Festival SP event pictures

In 2024, SM Plaza will continue to adhere to the label of youthful vitality, maintain an open and forward-looking attitude, innovate operations, promote traditional culture, and gather trendy colors. After the Spring Festival, the rainy season begins. As everything recovers, SM Plaza Boyun Future-Digital Plant Exhibition, Earth Hour and other green and environmental activities will also be carried out one after another! We focus on the ecological environment in the form of art, share a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle with customers, and work together to make a unique contribution to a green earth home! At the same time, in 2024, SM Plaza will continue to adhere to the label of youthful vitality, maintain an open and forward-looking attitude, innovate operations, gather trendy colors, promote traditional culture, and skillfully combine modern business with traditional intangible cultural heritage to create a more eye-catching The gesture shows the unique connotation and charm of traditional culture. SM Plaza will also deepen its efforts in regional commercial development, continuously explore the connotation of national culture, combine consumer trends, innovate marketing scenarios, upgrade consumer experience, and gradually become a new trend force in urban life.


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