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Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month AIA Tianjin “You+Future Star Financial Intelligence Youth Training Camp” opens

Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month AIA Tianjin “You+Future Star Financial Intelligence Youth Training Camp” opens

On September 23, 2023, AIA Tianjin’s “AIA + Future Star Financial Intelligence Youth Training Camp” opened again. More than a hundred teenagers and parents participated in the immersive financial literacy workshop. The children were assigned different roles in the family. With the help of professional financial education teaching aids, the children initially experienced planning and application in different scenarios such as wealth earning, distribution, emergency response and donation, so as to feel the necessity and importance of wealth planning.

The response to this activity was enthusiastic. Some parents said: “Many aspects of the activity involve financial planning, investment, donations, etc. These will plant a seed in the children’s hearts, which will spread in their future lives and let them have a good understanding of money.” Initial sprouts.” “Participating in financial and business activities allows children to improve their understanding of income, expenditure, how to allocate their money when buying things, and interaction with other children.” “This activity can guide children very well Financial and business thinking is something you can’t learn outside with any amount of money. The children are also very involved in playing, educating and entertaining. I hope to participate in more such activities in the future.” Many parents also reported that “Today’s activities were very interesting. meaning” and “I hope to participate in more similar activities.”

In the future, the company will also continue to carry out a series of youth financial and business activities to help young people establish a correct concept of consumption and money from an early age, so as to achieve the good effect of nurturing the entire family and benefiting the economy and society.

AIA Tianjin has always attached great importance to the pertinence and effectiveness of educational publicity activities, and focused on the “tailor-made” financial education publicity. For the new citizen group, the company specially customized sticky notes with the theme of “Consumer Protection Analysis in Tianjin Dialect”, which analyzes Tianjin Dialect from the perspective of consumer rights protection. On the one hand, it helps new citizens understand and integrate into local life in Tianjin, and on the other hand, it popularizes it to consumers. “Right to know”, “right to claim compensation according to law”, “right to information security” and other legitimate rights and interests of consumers remind consumers to be wary of “money laundering traps”, “low risk, high returns” and other traps. For the elderly, the company has carefully created an “Age-friendly Service Rights Package” and placed customized magnifying glasses, chargers and other elderly-friendly service items in the customer service center. Establish exclusive green channels and love counters for elderly customers to provide exclusive financial services and guidance for “silver-haired people”. Focusing on the social responsibility of loving, respecting and respecting the elderly, it is convenient for elderly customers to experience warm services when they visit the outlets in person. In addition, the company also innovated new forms, with the theme of exposing the illegal content of “agent surrender”, and created the sitcom “Real and Fake Agents”, which was performed in communities and business districts to remind risks and popularize financial knowledge in a relaxed and humorous way. , striving to make the masses “understand, remember and use it”.

During the financial consumer rights protection education and publicity month, the second phase of the “AIA Friendly Elderly Plan” home aging-friendly renovation project will also be launched this month. Since its launch in October 2022, the project has successfully provided comprehensive services such as home environment modification, addition of barrier-free facilities, and home risk screening to 28 households in need of “Old Lei Feng” volunteers in Heping District, reducing home risks for the elderly and improving their health. Lei Feng’s living comfort and happiness.

The company will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibilities, adhere to the consumer protection concept of “being inclusive and enterprising, and go hand in hand with consumer protection”, regard the popularization of financial knowledge as a long-term, systematic work, and increase resource investment in “one old, one young and one new” groups. , continue to increase the production of original materials, innovate activity forms, expand publicity and education channels, and improve the long-term mechanism of public education. Improve consumers’ financial literacy, convey the “temperature” of AIA’s consumer protection culture in every detail, and protect consumers’ financial rights and interests.

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