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Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks. Jincheng Bank’s “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity series activities are in full swing – Times Finance – Northern Net

Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks. Jincheng Bank’s “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity series activities are in full swing – Times Finance – Northern Net

The spring breeze brings warmth and vitality. In order to effectively improve consumers’ financial literacy and risk prevention awareness, build a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment, and enhance the convenience, availability and sense of gain of financial services for the people, during the “3·15 Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Week” , with the theme of “Financial consumer protection is around to protect rights and interests and prevent risks”, Jincheng Bank combines the prevention of new telecommunications network fraud, prevention of illegal fund-raising, deposit insurance system, anti-counterfeit currency, credit reporting and other hot topics through diversified online and offline channels A series of consumer rights protection education and publicity activities were launched, covering more than two million people.

  Innovation promotion

Anti-fraud activities are “down-to-earth”

“Pancakes with fruits without vegetables, don’t be used as leeks by scammers”, “Drink a glass of soy milk to warm your stomach, and be devastated by a scam”, “The day’s plan starts in the morning, anti-fraud eggs will refresh you”… On Tianjin Metro Line 2 and 3 At more than 10 subway e-stations next to the subway entrances of Line 4, Line 4, Line 5, Line 9 and Line 10, Jincheng Bank and Tianjin Jinrail Commercial Management Co., Ltd. used innovative and down-to-earth publicity methods to Citizens and consumers are always reminded to improve their anti-fraud awareness in their daily lives and beware of being deceived.

Pancakes are a traditional delicacy in Tianjin. Many office workers will buy a set of pancakes for breakfast before going to work. In front of the sales window of Metro E Station at Exit C of Dawangzhuang Station of Metro Line 9, a batch of anti-fraud pancake boxes, paper cups, and take-out paper bags with anti-fraud slogans attracted the attention of many citizens and consumers. “We have prepared tens of thousands of related themed anti-fraud materials. After purchasing breakfast, everyone can also receive an anti-fraud egg for free. Each egg has an anti-fraud slogan sticker prominently on it, which is part of our anti-fraud propaganda. A ‘micro’ new carrier.” The relevant person in charge of Jincheng Bank’s consumer protection work said that we also sent anti-fraud leaflets to citizens and consumers passing by to remind everyone to face telecom network fraud and not to listen or believe or transfer money. Once you are deceived, you must quickly save evidence and call the police promptly.

“We hope that everyone will eat eggs in their stomachs and keep the anti-fraud knowledge in their minds!” The above-mentioned person in charge said in an interview with reporters that food is the most important thing for people, and eggs are a must-have food for every family and a traditional Tianjin tradition. Gourmet pancakes and fruits are an indispensable ingredient, and everyone likes them very much. We promote anti-fraud in this way, and everyone accepts it very well.

The reporter noticed that Jincheng Bank also conducted an online live broadcast this time to deliver anti-fraud knowledge to the public online. At the same time, this event also attracted Internet experts to shoot videos and publish them on social networks, further expanding the publicity. It is worth mentioning that Jincheng also created an anti-fraud-themed RAP song specifically in conjunction with this event and released it through online channels. The song combines Tianjin dialect, uses easy-to-understand lyrics to detail the tricks of scammers, and teaches everyone how to prevent fraud. It has been well received by citizens and consumers.

  Precisely exert force

Protect residents’ “money bags”

During this event, Jincheng Bank also visited Chailou Longyuan Community in Beichen District to promote financial consumer protection knowledge by hanging anti-counterfeit currency, anti-smuggling, and anti-telecom network fraud promotional banners, distributing promotional leaflets, and answering questions on-site. In view of the characteristics of a large number of middle-aged and elderly residents in the community, Jincheng Bank teamed up with the community to invite police from the local police station, combined with online fraud cases involving the elderly, focusing on fraud methods such as health product promotion, elderly care, cheap travel, and scanning QR codes to receive awards, to face them face-to-face. Explain the common sense of fraud prevention and remind the middle-aged and elderly people to be more vigilant, keep their “money bags” safe, not to click on random links, not to transfer money to strangers, to recognize the new online telecommunications fraud routines, and to call the police in time when encountering suspicious situations. . At the same time, Jincheng Bank also delivered anti-fraud eggs to community residents, spreading anti-fraud knowledge to middle-aged and elderly people in a way that they would be interested in and remember, which enhanced the self-prevention awareness of middle-aged and elderly people and was favored by everyone. generally welcomed.

Jincheng Bank also visited colleges and universities, and based on the characteristics of school students, staff introduced the dangers of illegal financial activities such as “campus loans” and illegal fund-raising face-to-face to teachers and students in easy-to-understand language, and also explained the importance of compliant card use. The students gave tips to teach everyone how to protect personal information, see through the “routines” of telecommunications fraud, and avoid being deceived.

In order to further expand the coverage of activities, Jincheng Bank has also carried out in-depth online publicity around the diversified financial dispute resolution mechanism, integrity culture, deposit insurance, etc., through various forms such as graphic comics, videos, and case-based insurance, combined with citizen consumers Popularize financial knowledge in daily life scenes, establish healthy financial values ​​such as rational consumption, rational lending, rational investment, and protection of personal credit, and advocate financial consumers and financial institutions to jointly create a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment. In addition, special activities for senior executives to talk about consumer protection were carried out for all employees of the bank through pictures and texts, and financial knowledge was popularized based on daily life scenes to promote employees to build a strong awareness of consumer protection.

The relevant person in charge of Jincheng Bank’s consumer protection work said that next, Jincheng Bank will further increase the emphasis on financial publicity, enrich financial publicity forms, fully tap the financial knowledge needs of the elderly, disabled people, teenagers, and new citizen groups, and target them Conduct educational and publicity activities locally. At the same time, we will make full use of various online and offline platforms to establish and improve a long-term mechanism for financial knowledge education and publicity, continuously enhance everyone’s awareness of prevention, and further protect residents’ “money bags.”

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