Ferragamo Ferragamo designer co-branded furniture will be released soon! Is your wallet ready?

Ferragamo Ferragamo designer co-branded furniture will be released soon! Is your wallet ready?

It is the design concept of “Ferragamo” that not only has design tension, but also is full of elegant and confident charm, and fully integrates classical and modern art. This design style balances classic inheritance and modern humanities, and has achieved Ferragamo’s first-class status in the high-end luxury industry. big name status.

As a high-end custom home furnishing brand that is the vane of new product development in the industry, Wole Home Furnishing has a unique insight. It introduces the design concept of Ferragamo into the design of custom home furnishing products, fully integrates classical and modern artistic features, and held on March 11 ” Come: Advanced Perception——ODC Spring New Product Launch Conference” will launch a new classic-style whole house custom-made “Huahuo” series, which will “bloom” the high-luxury aesthetics in the home space and enhance the beauty and sentiment of “Huahuo” quality of life and happiness.

Co-branding with Ferragamo designers: filling the home space with a high-end atmosphere

As the name suggests, the new custom-made “Hua Huo” series launched by Wo Le Home Furnishing this time is characterized by “Hua Huo”. The inspiration comes from the moment when fireworks bloom, and the patterns produced are like flowers and fire, and each cluster of patterns is full of nature. Freedom and unconstrained agility. Such a smart and gradual “firework” printing is applied to customized home products, which also means that life is blooming like a flower.

The gradient “fireworks” pattern comes from the handwriting of Ferragamo designer Roberto Zimmile. Roberto Zimmile is not only the director of Ferragamo’s printing and fabric design, but also responsible for Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli’s printing and fabric design. Therefore, Roberto Zimmile is well versed in high-end luxury design The source of inspiration is to let the design meet people’s expectations for high-end beauty. The moment when the fireworks bloom not only satisfies people’s expectations for beauty, but also leaves people in awe of beauty, and the beauty that freezes at that moment will also forever record people’s gorgeous longing for life.

So we can see that in the “Huabo” series, “Huabo” printing will be specifically applied in places that are “inadvertently glimpsed”, such as wall panels, door handles, etc., so that every encounter between eyes and Huabo is complete. A casual beauty. This is consistent with the taste of “low-key luxury” in the high-end luxury industry, showing a beautiful and self-aware, but unassuming attitude towards life, filling the high-end atmosphere of the home space, and also in line with the current consumer upstarts who are confident but not ostentatious. Arrogant, capable of creating good and enjoying good life pursuits to the fullest.

New Classic: Endorsing upstart aesthetics with friendly, luxurious and exquisite shapes

The “Huahuo” print with intriguing meaning must be matched with shapes of the same artistic level, so that the new classical style of customized home products can be presented as a whole.

In terms of product styling, Roberto Zimmile continues to continue the design concept consistent with the “Huahuo” printing. Starting from the light classic style, it not only integrates the charm of a luxury family that has accumulated for a century, but also does not lose the sprightliness of modern life, making the product Although the shape is full of design sense, it does not overwhelm the guests visually, and it also complements the printed pattern. From door shapes, wardrobe display racks, open cabinets to micro-shaped wall partitions, every home detail reflects a very friendly and exquisite upstart aesthetics.

For example, in the bedroom space, the “Huahuo” series has abandoned the previous design idea of ​​pursuing a unified style, but led to a single shape. Incorporating a variety of modeling crafts into it, although the design elements are rich, the overall space has both detailed changes and a sense of visual unity due to the design ideas that run through it with great charm and no loss.

Another example is in the cloakroom space, Wole Home Furnishing builds a large frame through the overall unified shape, and at the same time designs a display cabinet dedicated to displaying collections and luxury products, using modern elements such as glass, lighting, and color, combined with classic decorative frames such as zigzag The decorative objects create a sense of spatial atmosphere that is full of heritage, light luxury and high-end. The application of Ferragamo designer Roberto Zimmile’s gradient color “fireworks” pattern filled the whole space with explosive tension like fireworks. With such a design, even the cloakroom is enough for upstart consumers to immerse themselves in it and feel the delicacy of life.

Electrostatic dusting: perfect presentation of new classical furniture with extreme craftsmanship

Although the fireworks are gorgeous, the beauty of their blooming moment can only be preserved by means of video. So how to leave the “fireworks” pattern on the cabinet? Ordinary spraying process will undoubtedly make the “firework” pattern too straightforward and abrupt, reducing the exquisiteness of the product. Only by trying to upgrade the spraying process can the blooming moment of the firework be retained.

Wole Home Furnishing has developed electrostatic powder spraying technology through innovative powder spraying technology, and realized the “fireworks” on customized household products. The electrostatic powder spraying technology uses the electrostatic adsorption coloring process to realize the powder spraying operation of color gradients, and perfectly presents the stunning effect of fireworks blooming instantly and color gradients on the product; the infrared high-temperature curing process avoids air pollution and ensures the greenness of the home space. , and finally leave the gorgeous moment of “fireworks” blooming in the product. Watching it, you can see the gradient color of fireworks from blooming to disappearing as if you were on the scene; touching it, you can really feel the material texture of fireworks explosion powder; smelling it , the air is as fresh and tasteless as being in nature. It can be said that the new style of classical furniture is perfectly presented with the ultimate craftsmanship, and the joy of living in it is multi-dimensionally enhanced with real strength.

Through the launch of the new custom-made “Huahuo” series of the whole house, it can be seen that Wole Home Furnishing not only crosses the boundary of high-end luxury, but the co-designer Roberto Zimmile has brought innovative design ideas, as well as the overall shape and production technology. Innovation and upgrades have been carried out, bringing a new product development direction to the custom home furnishing industry, and also bringing consumers more tasteful, artistic, and more distinctive whole-house customization solutions, all of which are inseparable from Wole Home Furnishings ODC International Home Design Center.

With the development concept of “beautiful design, high-end customization”, Wole Home Furnishing is a rare high-end brand with original design in the custom home furnishing industry. The ODC International Home Design Center founded by it not only gathers 100+ excellent domestic designers, It also introduced 10+ international designers, and they are also big-name designers from different fields such as architecture, industry, plane, space, and interior. They fully combine their mature design experience with the design of customized home products, and collide with each other Multiple sets of customized home furnishing product series with aesthetic value, comfortable experience and perfect functionality. Therefore, Wole Home Furnishing will launch a personalized and diversified product series every year to meet the home decoration needs of consumers to express life attitudes, pursue a comfortable lifestyle, and show artistic taste, and has also gained the favor of 1.2 million+ elite users.

At the “Come: Perceive Advanced – ODC Spring New Product Launch Conference”, Wole Home not only released the “Huahuo” series of new products, but also simultaneously released the “Palameno” series that pays tribute to Porsche’s aesthetics, and the ” “Interstellar” series, and many new products such as Palameno SEVEN ELEVEN kitchen cabinets that include seven core cabinet technologies. For details, please pay attention to the official latest product information.

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