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Feixiang Planet’s large-scale implementation of educational digital products covering 2 million students in two years has achieved initial results

Feixiang Planet’s large-scale implementation of educational digital products covering 2 million students in two years has achieved initial results

News on October 20, Feixiang Planet, which has been in the field of education digitalization for two years, once again showed off its new technological trump card.

  under“True AI” peopleArtificial intelligence interactive courses, Socratic AI teaching guidance and other products were unveiled at the 82nd China Education Equipment Exhibition, aiming to promote the wave of education digitalization industry through core technologies and use intelligent data to drive the possibility of large-scale teaching in accordance with aptitude.

It is reported that Feixiang Planet is committed to providing governments and schools with the ultimate intelligent education products. In just two years since its launch, its products have been used by more than 20 provinces, 180 districts and counties, more than 3,000 schools, and more than 2 million students across the country. Normally used, it has become the most widely used product in the current field of education digitalization.

“AI interaction” in dual-teacher classrooms has been fully upgraded, and classroom interaction has increased by 25%

  At the equipment exhibition site, Feixiang Planet“True AI” peopleThe artificial intelligence interactive class “You draw and I guess” is particularly eye-catching. The audience draws on the classroom all-in-one machine according to the prompt words, and the AI ​​can guess the answer corresponding to the painting, and “live PK” with the artificial intelligence.

During the painting process, the keywords in the AI ​​dialog box change in real time with each stroke of the viewer’s pen, identifying the image and presenting the most likely terms, and ultimately the answer can be guessed within seconds.

This AI interaction, which was called “magical” by the audience, is one of the newly upgraded features of Feixiang Planet’s product Dual-Teacher Classroom. It was released for the first time at the Educational Equipment Exhibition.

According to the staff, Feixiang Double-teacher Classroom has fully applied “true artificial intelligence” technology in this upgrade, moving the latest achievements of AI technology to the front desk of the lecture table, and strengthening experiential and situational teaching in a way that is accessible through the screen. Inspire students to explore cutting-edge technology. At present, Feixiang Planet has launched dozens of such interactions, which are used in classrooms with 2 million students in 180 regions across the country, including Beijing Chaoyang.

“Class participation is the basic point to measure classroom efficiency, and the biggest feature of interactive links such as AI interaction is to set up an intelligent, real-time, and interesting teaching situation to fully enhance classroom participation.” The above-mentioned staff member said, Feixiang Backend data shows that after the AI ​​interactive function was launched on a pilot basis in relevant application schools, classroom activity increased significantly, and the amount of interaction increased by an average of 25%.

In addition to AI interaction, Feixiang dual-teacher classroom uses a series of visual and sound interaction methods such as naked-eye 3D and digital modeling to ensure the high quality of classroom content and fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning. “Currently, Feixiang Double Master has invested several million in a single course, which also reflects our determination to do a good job and strengthen our after-school service products.”

Socratic “AI teaching coaching” debuts to reduce teachers and students’ burden and increase efficiency

A survey by the National Social Science Foundation of China showed that the average actual working hours of primary and secondary school teachers per week is 54.5 hours. Reducing the burden on primary and secondary school teachers in homework correction and other aspects has always been an important technical problem faced by the industry.

New functions such as the “AI teaching assistant” of Feixiang Planet Intelligent Homework have proposed new solutions to this “old, big and difficult” problem.

During the on-site demonstration, several Chinese and English compositions were scanned and entered into Feixiang Intelligent Assignment. AI will automatically detect spelling, grammar and collocation errors, circle the scoring highlights, and provide comments and feedback for modifications in the form of digital human-like voice comments. After marking, students can ask questions, and the AI ​​teaching assistant can immediately guide them to think and solve common problems.

The reason why AI teaching assistants can play a greater role in homework scenarios is that the AI ​​engine “Feixiang Star Map” behind Feixiang’s intelligent homework can accurately diagnose students’ academic status by mining the intricate implicit relationships between knowledge points. And use guided dialogue to solve the problem of “what to teach”; in addition, according to the homework completion status of different students, Feixiang Intelligent Homework can tailor a package including re-practicing of wrong questions, video explanations of wrong questions, and intelligent question pushing. The entire set of personalized learning plans takes days, weeks and months as dimensions to track students’ knowledge understanding and provide suggestions for solving weak points, solving the problem of “how to teach”.

In the past two years, Feixiang Dual-Teacher Classroom has pioneered the intelligent dual-teacher model in the industry, adopting the innovative teaching method of “online professional teachers teaching + offline on-campus teachers organizing classes”, and independently developed nearly a hundred high-quality, systematic, and multi-category courses. High-quality courses have greatly lowered the implementation threshold of school after-school services and effectively solved the common problem of “lack of teachers, lack of resources, and lack of systems” in after-school services.

“A more comprehensive, accurate and personalized full-process homework solution can help public school teachers free themselves from tedious daily tasks such as academic information collection and analysis, and devote more energy to teaching innovation and other tasks.” , said the developers of Feixiang Planet.

In addition, Feixiang Planet began to develop its own AI learning assistants last year, and uses Socratic guided dialogues to achieve “AI teaching coaching” in English and Chinese composition correction and math problem solving. Currently, this technology has been applied to all its products.

In recent years, innovation in AI-enabled teaching methods has increasingly become a powerful driving force for the digital transformation of education. In May this year, the Ministry of Education and other 18 departments issued the “Opinions on Strengthening Science Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the New Era”, which particularly emphasized exploring the use of artificial intelligence and other technological means to improve and strengthen experimental teaching and make up for the shortage of high-quality education and teaching resources in some areas. .

Public information shows that Feixiang Planet has independently developed hundreds of high-quality dual-teacher courses, covering various fields such as mental health, science education, humanities and arts, and traditional culture. It has been launched in Chaoyang, Beijing, Pinggu, Beijing, Sanmenxia, ​​Henan, and

It has been carried out in many regions including Mabian, Sichuan. In addition, including dual-teacher classrooms, smart homework, VR virtual classrooms, online classrooms and other smart products, Feixiang Planet has promoted the normal use of high-quality resources and cutting-edge digital technologies in more than 3,000 schools and more than 2 million students across the country.

Artificial intelligence technology helps expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources at a lower cost. The China Educational Equipment Exhibition provides a rare display platform for various new digital education technologies and applications. The Tianjin Education Equipment Exhibition attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors from the industry. This is also the second time Feixiang Planet has appeared at an education equipment industry exhibition this year. Industry insiders said that Feixiang Planet’s cutting-edge technology applications have been widely recognized in the field of education digitalization. It is subverting the products and operating models that have existed for many years and becoming a new benchmark in the field of education digitalization.

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