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Feel the romance of spring, Fuji instax mini 12 will take you to “take some new tricks”-Fashion Breath-Northern Network

Feel the romance of spring, Fuji instax mini 12 will take you to “take some new tricks”-Fashion Breath-Northern Network

March is spring, and everything is new. On March 10, 2023, Fuji instax took the language of natural flowers as inspiration to build a multi-image flower room. In the picturesque Dali, Yunnan, it held a new product launch conference with the theme of “shooting new tricks”, bringing the mini family’s New member – instax mini 12 instant imaging camera. The press conference was like being in a fairyland on earth. In the sea of ​​flowers and the refreshing fragrance, you can enjoy the surprises brought by the new products together.

Mr. Kenichi Tanaka, President of Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said in his speech that Fujifilm adheres to the brand spirit of “Never Stop” and creates new value products and services in all business fields, especially in the imaging business field. In the future, Fujifilm will continue to contribute to the promotion of image culture, allowing consumers to freeze more “ceremonial” photos.

Along with the unveiling of the new product, Mr. Zhou Masada, director of the Imaging Product Division of Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd., introduced the upgrade highlights of mini 12 in detail. The mini 12 has five colors named after flowers, namely jasmine white, mint green, iris purple, hydrangea blue, and light cherry pink. The concave design of the fuselage is more ergonomic. In addition, the mini 12 optimizes the auto-exposure function, and you can take photos with moderate exposure without cumbersome operations; turn the lens to turn on/off, and turn to “close-up” to switch to self-timer/macro mode; here In the mode, the parallax of the viewfinder frame is optimized, and the shooting effect of “what you see is what you get” is realized.

Released together with the mini 12 stand-alone, there is also a flower and her themed gift box in collaboration with graphic designer & painter Fukuda Sakae. “Moonlight Jasmine” reveals elegance and purity; “Peppermint Fairy” is full of freshness and sincerity; “Iris Knight” advocates courage and freedom; “Sea Island Hydrangea” exudes intelligence and literature; Each gift box contains a camera storage bag with a corresponding theme, peripherals for displaying photo paper (album or photo frame or photo paper holder), flower decoration, and photo paper limited to the Chinese region, so that girls with different personalities and tastes can enjoy Find your style.

The Fuji instax mini 12 single-shot camera was officially launched on March 10. Buying a stand-alone machine will give you a general accessory box of “Video Flower Room”, and the suggested retail price is 659 yuan per unit. Mini 12 flower and her themed gift box, the suggested retail price is 729 yuan/set. In addition, an app called “INSTAX UP” was simultaneously launched this time. After installing it on the mobile phone, it can scan INSTAX photos of any size and instantly generate personalized electronic scans, so that users can share them on social media in real time. .

ASEN, an independent and original illustrator born in the 1990s, brought the painting “Girl in Spring” created for mini 12 at the press conference. Inspired by the flower element that symbolizes mini 12, the design concept of the product is integrated into the creativity of the work. ASEN expressed the hope that through this work, girls will learn to pay attention to themselves, love themselves, not be restrained, and find their own beauty. And this is exactly the life attitude that Fuji instax wants to convey to all users.

Dali’s unique style was highlighted everywhere at the press conference, including the cultural experience of armored horses, peacock dance performances, and Yunnan costume catwalks… The fusion of national tradition and modern modernity has demonstrated the new style of Fuji instax.

Flowers endow spring with brilliant colors and also give new products a new vitality. Fuji instax injects romantic factors into mini 12, with a personalized themed gift box, which perfectly interprets the brand concept of “surprises are waiting for you”. It is hoped that every time users press the shutter, they will be able to bloom creative inspiration and shoot new tricks.

Right 1: Zheng Tianzhou, Business Director of Fujifilm (China) Imaging Products Division; Right 2: Kenichi Tanaka, President of Fujifilm (China) Investment Co., Ltd.; Left 1: Graphic Designer & Painter Fukuda Sakae; Left 2: Fujifilm (China) Chen Yin, Director of Primary Imaging Products Sales, Imaging Products Division

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