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Fans will invite you to watch the hilarious comedy movie “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” for free! 》

Fans will invite you to watch the hilarious comedy movie “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” for free!  》

The hilarious New Year’s Eve comedy movie “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” ” was officially released today, and a special episode and poster of “Do I Have to Go to This Class” were released. Many migrant workers appeared on the scene to complain wildly about their leaders and vent their frustrations at work. This corroborated the plot and lines of the film, and aroused the resonance of the audience. It demonstrates the film’s “best substitute for a working man” attribute and its accurate capture of the emotions of the times. In the posters released at the same time, Hu Jianlin’s unnatural landing affected everyone’s fate. He pretended to cut off his work badge and “get off work”, which was both heartbreaking and funny.

The film happily satirizes the weird phenomena in the workplace and also provides an emotional outlet for the audience. All the jokes in the film come from teasing and ridiculing the absurd reality. There are endless scenes of blaming leaders and lip-syncing lines. Some seemingly bizarre plots actually have real cases in reality, and even It is much more outrageous than imagined. For example, Hu Jianlin, Ma Jie, and Pan Yiran went “crazy” at the annual meeting, and Zhuang Zhengzheng sneaked into the company’s tea room to eat and drink. These designs can all be echoed in real social news. The real sense of “immersion” and the ridicule and irony that hit the audience not only deeply resonated with the audience and made them laugh out loud, but also relieved their stress and anger.

Jinyun Northern Online Movie Fan Club invites netizens to gather in the theater to watch the movie “The Annual Party Can’t Stop!” 》.

Number of people participating in the event: 10 people for “Jinyun Northern Online Movie Fan Club” (2 photos per person)

Activity content: Please tell us your expectations for this movie and you will have a chance to win the “Annual Party Can’t Stop!” 》2 movie redemption codes.

Step 1: Scan the QR code to follow “Jinyun Preferred Partners”

Step 2: Reply with your expectations for the movie, name and phone number

Step 3: Before 18:00 on December 29, the staff will privately message the winning partner 2 ticketsMovie redemption code.

We will randomly select 10 netizens to participate in this event. The staff will notify the winning netizens by private message. Please fill in your contact information carefully.

Scan the QR code to follow “Jinyun Preferred Partners”

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