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Fang Wanchun, primary and secondary school journalism experience workshop: TVPSS learning digitalization

Fang Wanchun, primary and secondary school journalism experience workshop: TVPSS learning digitalization

(Penang News on the 4th) Two “Journalism Experience Workshops” for primary and secondary schools, hosted by the Northeastern District Education Bureau of Penang and sponsored by Shin Kongda Lot33 KidLand Children’s Amusement Park, were successfully held at the end of last year and were held in Penang on Tuesday. The Education Bureau held an award ceremony, which was presided over by Penang State Education Department Director Mohd Zawawi and KidLand CEO Datuk Fang Wanchun.

Fang Wanchun expressed his thanks at the ceremony and said that the TVPSS program is a special innovative project of today’s school resource centers, aiming to support learning based on network information in the 21st century to meet the challenges of today’s digital development.

Fang Wanchun (first from left) presented the award to the winning group of “Journalism Experience Workshop” students from Guanghua Primary School.

“To this end, the Penang State Education Department, through the Northeastern District Education Resources and Technology Department, in collaboration with KidLand, intends to use this TVPSS program as an important strategy to support students to improve more complex skills, especially to train domestic students to be competitive in the 21st century. . I hope to have more such cooperation with the Northeast County Education Bureau so that more schools and students can benefit from such workshops.”

He said that this was the first time that workshops on “upgrading skills” and “reshaping skills” for millennial journalists were held for primary and secondary schools in the state, and KidLand also hopes to cultivate students with high literacy in IT and educate them to dare to work in the field. Interacting in front of the public and cultivating their creative and critical thinking, as evidenced by the work of the KidLand students in the workshops’ detailed reporting videos uploaded to various schools’ YouTube channels TVPSS.

Representatives from Heng Ngai Middle School in the winning group received certificates and bonuses. From left were Fang Wanchun and Mohd Zawawi.

75 students and teachers participated

“I saw all the videos produced by the students were very interesting, such as journalistic ethics, basic video editing and photography, communication skills, etc. They also collected many “likes” from netizens and then won this Northeast County level competition, It encouraged students and accompanying teachers to become more enthusiastic about making videos and learn new skills.”

This “Journalism Experience Workshop” was held on November 28 and 29 (secondary school group) and December 5 and 6 (primary school group) respectively, with 75 students from 15 primary and secondary schools in the northeastern counties of Penang. students and teachers participated. KidLand sponsored the workshop venue and food for all participants, as well as a very generous full cash prize.

The results of the competition are as follows: First place in the primary school group: Green Grass Lane Abbey Elementary School, second place: Guanghua Primary School, third place: Wright Street Elementary School. The first place in the middle school group: AL-MASHOOR Girls’ Middle School, the second place: Convent Middle School, the third place: Hengyi Middle School. The special award was won by Green Grass Lane Abbey Primary School, which received a total of 11,000 “likes”.

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