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Fan Jinshi, the prototype of the movie “I Love Dunhuang” released today, praised the all-female creative class for showing “her power”

Fan Jinshi, the prototype of the movie “I Love Dunhuang” released today, praised the all-female creative class for showing “her power”


Today, the biographical historical film “I Love Dunhuang” directed by Miao Yue, with Han Mei as the chief producer, starring Chen Jin, and co-starring Lin Yongjian, Huang Pinyuan, Zhang Zhengyong, Gong Zhe, and Li Muran, was officially released. The film is adapted from the work and life experience of Fan Jinshi, the “Daughter of Dunhuang”. It uses documentary and narrative techniques to show how scientific researchers of past generations carry out cultural relic protection work in Dunhuang, and expresses high admiration for their perseverance.

  Use light and shadow to record “Dunhuang Daughter” Fan Jinshi’s sixty-year persistence as a Ruziniu

The movie “I Love Dunhuang” recently held premiere events in Beijing and Dunhuang, and the response from the audience was very enthusiastic. The choice of these two cities is not accidental. In fact, both cities have memories of youth and life that are unique to Fan Jinshi. Dean Fan Jinshi graduated from Peking University in 1963 with a major in archeology. In the same year, he came to the Dunhuang Academy to engage in cultural relics protection. To this day, it has been sixty years since she came to Dunhuang, defended Dunhuang, and built Dunhuang. In 2018, the Party Central Committee and the State Council awarded her the title of Reform Pioneer; in 2019, President Xi Jinping awarded her the national honorary title of “Outstanding Contributor to Cultural Relics Protection”; in 2023, she donated 10 million each to the Dunhuang Academy and her alma mater, Peking University. It is used for Dunhuang studies, Dunhuang cultural relics undertakings and the training of urgently needed talents. In her, the perseverance and sincerity of scientific researchers in the protection of cultural relics are clearly visible. This spirit is bound to be a great inspiration to future generations of scientific researchers.

Miao Yue, the director of the movie “I Love Dunhuang”, is a very representative female director. She has shot many excellent films and won many authoritative awards such as the Huabiao Award and the Feitian Award. In her films, we always You can see a kind of spiritual power that can directly reach people’s hearts. Therefore, Fan Jinshi under the lens of director Miao Yue also makes us feel the innocence of the older generation of scientific researchers and the tenacity of being willing to be a coward.

  Chen Jin’s behind-the-scenes special is released for the first time, focusing on the stories behind the all-female creative team

Actor Chen Jin once said that she felt very uneasy about playing the real character Fan Jinshi. She said frankly, “The more I prepare, the more I feel that my soul cannot be imitated, and I feel more and more out of reach.” From the behind-the-scenes special released today by the movie “I Love Dunhuang”, we can see It can be seen that Chen Jin has put a lot of effort into character creation. The wall in the video is covered with photos of the original Dean Fan Jinshi from different periods. Directors Miao Yue and Chen Jin are discussing the design of the character’s appearance, from what kind of hairstyle to what kind of clothes to wear, and even details to the texture of the hair. , the wrinkles on the face are very meticulous. Perhaps it is precisely because of such awe that we see the “Fan Jinshi” now presented on the big screen. Chen Jin’s performance was not only affirmed by Dean Fan Jinshi himself, but also Dean Fan Jinshi’s colleagues said after watching the film, “Chen Jin’s performance is very consistent with the character of Dean Fan, and even his voice is very rational and intellectual.” , and it is a good shaping of Dean Fan’s overall grasp.”

The video was shot in winter. Due to the arid climate in the northwest and low vegetation coverage, the whistling wind can often be heard in the video. Even wearing a thick cotton coat, it was difficult to withstand the biting cold. Chen Jin even had to run to keep warm at the scene. But even in the harsh shooting environment, Chen Jin still insisted on meticulously studying every line and every action on set. Huang Pinyuan, who plays Peng Jinzhang, directly praised Chen Jin on the set, “All her thoughts are on the action, which is so good.” The movie “I Love Dunhuang” is a film directed by a female, starring a female, and produced by a female. A film made by an all-female production team, in which we can deeply feel the powerful vitality and tenacity of women.

The film is produced by Emei Film Group Co., Ltd., Gansu Fengxing Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Film Group Co., Ltd., Strait Publishing and Distribution Group, Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by Bright Dairy Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Film Group Co., Ltd. Produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. The movie “I Love Dunhuang” is officially launched in major theaters across the country today. Let’s experience the beauty of Dunhuang on the big screen.

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