EZVIZ Aurora Y3000 series face locks are favored by consumers

EZVIZ Aurora Y3000 series face locks are favored by consumers

Recently, the smart door lock of EZVIZ Networks has been favored by consumers, and it has occupied the Top 1 list of smart locks on Tmall on February 27. “Good looking” and “fast recognition” are the key words of user evaluation.

It is understood that EZVIZ Networks is a leading brand of quality smart home. It will be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2022. It is deeply involved in the field of smart home + Internet of Things cloud platform. Lianyun platform, an AIoT enterprise with complete vertical integration service capabilities.

In terms of smart door locks, EZVIZ Networks uses its technical advantages in cloud platform services and audio and video AI technology to realize the integration of door locks, peepholes, doorbells and camera functions. It focuses on smart video locks, which can realize remote video intercom, Diversified value-added services such as face recognition and identity reminders have obvious differentiation advantages in the industry.

Among the EZVIZ smart video locks, the most representative one is the Aurora Y3000 series, which adopts innovative structural design and 3D biometric technology, and incorporates EZVIZ’s original patented technology in the key parts of the smart lock such as the handle and lock body. The multi-modal intelligent analysis technology of infrared images, color images and depth point cloud images can perform millimeter-level 3D recognition and AI face recognition on faces, which has the advantages of safety, reliability, and convenient operation.

At the same time, the Y3000FVS model in the EZVIZ Aurora Y3000 series not only brings users visual experience such as 3D face unlocking, large indoor screen, and remote visualization, but also integrates a “smart brain” and adds a new algorithm store. Users are provided with triple intelligent algorithm detection of visitor detection, package detection and child detection to better meet users’ subdivided security needs. Among the major media’s recommendations for excellent products in 2022, Y3000FVS was included in the annual recommended product lists of technology media such as Zhongguancun Online, Paopao, and Hotspot Technology.

Judging from the hot sales of the Aurora Y3000 series of EZVIZ Networks, consumers favor high-quality smart lock brands with high appearance, strong safety performance, and good experience. As a smart home leader who has grown and cultivated for ten years, EZVIZ The Internet is also constantly innovating to meet the needs of more consumers and form new brand awareness.

At present, the smart door lock market is still full of challenges, and the competition is bound to become more intense. However, as a smart home brand with the advantages of industrial chain integration and technological innovation, EZVIZ Networks will surely surpass imagination and achieve longer-term development.

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