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Exclusive interview with Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City Fang Fang: Diverse renewal empowers the city to move forward

Exclusive interview with Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City Fang Fang: Diverse renewal empowers the city to move forward

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At the beginning of 2024, Fang Fang, general manager of Tianjin Aquatic City Commercial Management Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with Jinyun Commercial and talked about Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City’s unique path to “newness”. In the past year 2023, Tianjin Pengxin Water City celebrated its 12th anniversary. Looking back at 2011, Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City entered the Tianjin market as a first-generation shopping mall with a breakthrough attitude. During the 12 years of deeply cultivating the local market, Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City relied on steady operations and continued to upgrade its brand. It has adjusted and gradually grown into a city-level landmark commercial project. It has always adhered to the operation line of “content is king” and is also the core “secret” key to continuing to keep consumers fresh.

 “Change with the times, content is king” – continue to explore the brand’s “new” power

In recent years, Tianjin Water City has introduced younger retail brands such as Boise, Bubble Mart, and MLB. At the same time, it has focused on the catering industry and continuously improved the quality of catering. It has introduced Taier Pickled Fish, Xiao Cai Yuan, Hama Sushi, and Wana Lemen. , Laotongye, Songhelou, Lu’s Pimple Soup, Tongfahao entered the mall for the first time, the first regional store of jasmine milk white, jasmine yogurt and other brands. The B1 floor was upgraded to improve the overall brand power, and introduced popular Internet celebrity snacks such as Lan Xiong Fresh Milk, Cake Qianxun, Steamed Bun World Legend, and Fang Yan. For Tower B, brands such as Boan Yoga, Aiwen Science, and Hua Gezi International Children’s Art Center have been introduced to create a quality lifestyle for young families, attract high-quality people, and enhance the style of the project.

Mr. Fang Fang said that since its opening, Tianjin Water City has undergone multi-dimensional upgrades and updates, focusing on the positioning of young family customers, from the initial adjustment of children’s entertainment and catering brands to the adjustment of brand fullness to eliminate quick digestion. Faced with multiple rounds of adjustments to the multi-business formats and fast-moving consumption on the B1 floor, Tianjin Aquatic City has always maintained a keen business acumen, can respond to changes in market demand at any time, and constantly injects new ideas to continue to bring freshness to consumers. experience.

It is precisely because of Tianjin Aquatic City’s brand orientation toward “newness” that many city first stores, first exhibitions, and first regional stores have been established here, forming a comprehensive and characteristic business brand of trendy retail, fashionable catering, cultural exhibitions, and parent-child life. Strong matrix. At the same time, Tianjin Water City has created a new integration of exhibitions and shopping malls, with high-quality exhibition resources such as the first British Library World Pixel Exhibition in North China, the first Andersen Illustration Exhibition in Tianjin, and the Van Gogh Art Light and Shadow Exhibition, injecting new attractions into business. By leveraging the Internet celebrity attributes of the northwest corner business district, the project will gradually increase its influence as a city landmark.

In this regard, Mr. Fang Fang said frankly that Tianjin Aquatic City has always maintained an operation and maintenance idea of ​​”changing with the times”. Market changes, changes in customer concepts, and the speed of brand innovation are constantly accelerating, prompting commercial operators to maintain market acumen at all times, from Offline scene creation, high awareness of spiritual needs, brand preferences, etc. are used to win the “resonance” of consumers and make Tianjin Water City an emotional and warm commercial complex.

 “Business + New Concept” – Innovative marketing allows business to develop “out of the circle”

In recent years, Tianjin Aquatic City has implemented higher-level business logic through “innovative experience + brand empowerment + scene immersion” to create a new concept of “business +”, bringing many “out of the circle” works, and more It tends to be younger and more entertaining, emotionally connected with customers, constantly improving consumption experience, and empowering quality lifestyles. Mr. Fang Fang mentioned that Tianjin Aquatic City has always focused on the relationship between people and goods, step by step creating its own business style from multiple aspects such as brand renewal, cross-border content and innovative scene capabilities, and providing consumers with diversified marketing activities. It brings a sense of stress relief and excitement to the users, thereby stimulating traffic conversion.

In the overall innovative marketing, Tianjin Water City has always been rooted in the local cultural atmosphere, serving as a carrier for the continuous dissemination of art and culture, constantly breaking the boundaries of brands for cross-border integration; focusing on the maintenance and innovation of the membership system, and constantly enhancing consumption While experiencing convenience, we can increase the emotional connection with members through popular salon activities, link high-volume IP, universities and youth activities to open up the second dimension, hip-hop, drama, music and other circle cultures, and launch script-killing, house-building Diversified membership activities such as dance, two-dimensional handicrafts, drama culture appreciation, college graduation works exhibition, parent-child joint construction, etc., fully cover the spiritual and cultural needs of customer groups in all circles, and strive to create a restaurant that is both local-integrated and distinctive. Non-standard commercial content allows consumers to achieve emotional resonance and gain ritual satisfaction while participating in activities or consumption. At the same time, they have a platform to share love, interact and communicate, and show themselves.

After attracting the attention of the city’s customer base in a “broad sense”, Tianjin Water City has a deeper understanding of the importance of private traffic. In 2023, it will focus more on member operation and maintenance, deeply operate its own private domain traffic, and at the same time convert online sales through Douyin live broadcast. During the store celebration, it ranked first on the Tianjin Douyin live broadcast sales list.

  “New business card for cultural and tourism merchants” – building a new consumption ecology without borders and time limits

In 2023, the “breakfast culture” in the northwest corner became popular all over the Internet overnight, becoming a national traffic check-in mecca. As an important commercial entity in the Northwest Corner Business District and the future West Railway Station Business District, Tianjin Water City has therefore become an important cultural and tourism business carrier, gaining very high attention from the city. In this regard, Mr. Fang Fang said that Tianjin Water City has been growing together with the northwest corner business district. The siphon effect of the business district will bring about the co-prosperity and development of business. This requires us to activate and link more resources in multiple dimensions, not only to serve To improve the local customer base, we must also serve as a “new business card for cultural and tourism businessmen” in the northwest corner of Hongqiao District and even Tianjin City.

In the era of digital economy, faced with the consumption trend of a new generation of consumers integrating online and offline, Tianjin Aquatic City has conducted a full-cycle consumption study based on “attraction-interest-cultivation-loyalty”, based on the official account of Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City As a carrier, we combine the merchants in the museum to build consumer ecological content, and fully develop the account content through the four major traffic platforms of “Double, Popularity, Viewing, and Commenting”. At the same time, we use KOL/KOC high UV value to build a consumer leader matrix to form a closed loop of transactions, online Online interoperability will help build a new shopping mall consumption ecology without borders and time limits in the northwest corner business district.

 “Refined” operation and maintenance – empowering a refined and beautiful life

2024 has arrived. When talking about the future development of Tianjin Water City, Mr. Fang Fang said: “After initially forming the fullness of the brand, we have settled down to summarize and reflect. In the next step, we will continue to ‘refinement’ the project.” Dimension adjustment, including scene tonality, management refinement, etc. In terms of business format creation, we will continue to adhere to the needs of young families and young customers, and make further brand extensions based on the high-quality brands currently introduced in the venue. Currently, The popular Star Club KTV has opened, and the outdoor ice rink has become a popular place for everyone to play in winter. The theater will also be renovated and upgraded. So next, we will continue to make renovations and adjustments to Building B and the outdoor plaza. Build Tianjin Water City into a more comprehensive entertainment venue for eating, drinking, playing and having fun.”

In the future, Tianjin Pengxin Aquatic City will continue to empower regional consumption upgrades through multiple business formats and bring exquisite and beautiful lifestyles to a diverse consumer base. “Whether it is scenario-based space design or high-quality content for interest circles, we will create a futuristic and growth-oriented space through the entry of new brands and refined product standards. The goal is to drive co-prosperity and symbiosis in the business district. , give full play to the city’s business benchmarking role and continuously inject new vitality into the city’s economic development.”

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