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Exclusive conversation with Chen Xiao: I have a tacit understanding with Nazha and I praise her hard work.

Exclusive conversation with Chen Xiao: I have a tacit understanding with Nazha and I praise her hard work.

In the popular Jiangsu TV drama “Unparalleled Beauty”, Xu Yao’s inner monologue resonated with many viewers. He said this: “As a man over thirty, your speed of success must exceed the speed of your parents’ aging, the speed of your children’s growth, and the speed of your wife’s requirements for you. Now I can only I kept my head down and kept going until one day, when I was sure that my own abilities could be relied upon by others, I could raise my head up.”


Xu Yao, who keeps his head down and rushes on, has become the epitome of many young people in life. “Incomparable Beauty”‘s observation of reality has also become the key to its popularity in ratings. Recently, Chen Xiao accepted an exclusive interview with Jiangsu Satellite TV, and restored to us a Xu Yao who, although not perfect, is more real and vivid.

  This character is not perfect, but it makes the audience extremely sympathetic

To be fair, Xu Yao’s character is by no means a “perfect male protagonist”. He is almost obsessed with entrepreneurship and success, even to the point of starting over his life over and over again. When his business failed, he chose to turn around and leave, leaving Yu Jiaen, who didn’t know the truth, to grieve alone.

But it is this kind of imperfection that gives Chen Xiao great enthusiasm for creation, “No one is perfect. What attracts me most about the character Xu Yao is his truth. He is very strong on the surface, but people who understand him You can see that he is very tired. Of course, as his age and experience increase, he will also grow, which is the most rare thing.” Chen Xiao said that he could understand Xu Yao’s sense of crisis, because Everyone encounters downturns and difficulties, it’s inevitable. “What we have to consider is how to adapt to this kind of crisis. Sometimes when you think it could not be more miserable, when you look back, you will find that it was also an unparalleled and beautiful day.” Chen Xiao said.


  “Promise you the rest of my life” accidentally turned out to be too sweet. I praised Nazha’s line skills.

After the broadcast of “Unparalleled Beauty”, the “Promise You the Rest of My Life” group formed by Chen Xiao and Nazha contributed a lot of famous scenes of “spreading dog food”, which made the audience intoxicated. In the play, Xu Yao was burdened with huge debts due to the failure of his business, so he chose to leave without saying goodbye, ending his eight-year relationship with Yu Jiaen by regretting and running away from the marriage.

Time passed, and when both of them thought they had given up on each other, they met again in the workplace as Party A and Party B, and the gears of fate began to turn again. Every time Xu Yao’s “eyes tighten”, every time he overturns the jealousy; every time Yu Jiaen rushes to the scene without hesitation, every firm support… their fates are closely linked. No wonder Chen Xiaohui lamented in the interview: “They are destined to be together and there is no escape.”

Chen Xiao said that this was his first time working with Nazha, but there was never a sense of distance on the set. The two of them cooperated very well. Talking about the performance of his partner, Chen Xiao repeatedly praised: “very, very hardworking.” Since the play uses original lines, it needs to be recorded on the spot, which poses a considerable test to the actor’s line skills. Chen Xiao revealed that whenever Nazha has free time, she memorizes her lines and ponders them word for word, “She is really one of the few people on our set who can’t make mistakes with her words, which is great.” Every night at 19:30, Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happiness Theater ” “Unparalleled Beauty”, pursue career and love with Chen Xiao, and find the true meaning of a happy life.

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