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Exclusive conversation | Chen Long: Filming “Flowers” was a reshaping and rebirth

Exclusive conversation | Chen Long: Filming “Flowers” was a reshaping and rebirth

In the popular TV series “Flowers” currently airing on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Chen Long plays Tao Tao, the good brother of the protagonist Abao (played by Hu Ge) – a happy little boss who loves to be “troublesome”. In the play, Tao Tao and Abao are a pair of “red-pants brothers” (a metaphor for good friends who grew up together); outside the play, the person who has partnered with Hu Ge the most is actually Chen Long. Entries such as #, #胡歌陈龙之千亿典# were also on Weibo’s hot searches, and the deep brotherhood between the two was also praised by the audience.

  “I was very surprised to take on the role of Tao Tao”

It was a surprise for Chen Long to get the role of “Tao Tao”.

In June 2020, Chen Long received a call from the casting director and was invited to audition for “Flowers”. “They may also know that I have a good relationship with Hu Ge, and they specifically told me, ‘Hu Ge has also accepted this drama.’ In fact, I knew this for a long time. At first, I was thinking, ‘Why didn’t I accept it?’ So. When I received the call, I was very surprised and very happy.”

After agreeing on a time, Chen Long rushed to the set of “Flowers” and went through four auditions, which lasted a total of three months. “I was very nervous while waiting for the notification, and kept thinking, ‘Do you need me?’ It doesn’t matter if I get selected.” Having said that, when he received the official notice in September, Chen Long couldn’t help being excited and immediately packed his bags and joined the crew.

When he first auditioned for the role, Chen Long didn’t know that he was playing “Tao Tao”. “The script was confidential at the time, and I didn’t know who was playing it before I went there. After arriving at the scene, the crew gave me a script, and after quickly digesting it, we started filming. When it came time for the second audition, Director Wong Kar-Wai asked me if I would like to Give Tao Tao a try. I was surprised at the time because I had seen Tao Tao in the original work, and it didn’t match my personality at all, but I was still willing to give it a try. An actor is about challenging infinite possibilities.”

  “Filming “Flowers” is a process of reinvention and rebirth.”

Most of Chen Long’s past roles were righteous and strong, such as the upright and heroic “Commander Meng” in “Nirvana in Fire” or the jealous Wu Song in “Water Margin”. “I have been in the industry for almost 30 years, and this is the first time I have tried a role like Tao Tao.”

In Chen Long’s view, Tao Tao is a person who knows how to be content and happy. “Unlike A Bao, he is very ambitious and wants to achieve great things. In Tao Tao’s eyes, having a good brother like A Bao and having a career that can support him is already very satisfying. This is different from what I have done before. The role is very different. Director Wong Kar-Wai shattered all my past and reassembled it. For me, filming “Flowers” was a process of reinvention and rebirth.”

Wong Kar Wai once reminded Chen Long to understand Xiao Mao’s character when reading the original work. “Tao Tao in the original work is a very low-level character with many shortcomings, and the final ending is not very good. The drama version has made appropriate adaptations, giving Tao Tao more characteristics of Xiao Mao. You can carefully look at the seafood stalls in the drama There are many old photos of Abao and I posted there, including the two of us squatting in front of bicycles, practicing martial arts in the park, etc. In the novel, Xiao Mao likes to read martial arts novels and has also signed up for martial arts classes, so this is actually the story of the two of us. Part of Xiao Mao’s personality has been transferred to Tao Tao. Including Xiao Mao’s sense of loyalty has also been transferred to Tao Tao.”

  “I am willing to be the man behind Hu Ge”

In the play, Tao Tao and Abao are good brothers: when Abao was short of money, Tao Tao gave away all his belongings. Even if his family complained, he had no regrets. “The two of them are the best brothers. In Shanghainese terms, Tao Tao and A Bao are the ‘red pants brothers’. Tao Tao is devoted to A Bao wholeheartedly and gives whatever he can without hesitation.”

Outside the play, Chen Long and Hu Ge have also been good brothers for many years. “I told Hu Ge before that no matter when you look back, I will be behind you. And as long as I act with Hu Ge, I am willing to play any role. Now many netizens are teasing me as the man behind Hu Ge. I I think it’s okay to say that.”

This is also the first collaboration between Chen Long and Wong Kar-Wai. When talking about his feelings about cooperation, Chen Long concluded: The most important thing is to trust Director Wang. “On set, Director Wang will not compromise on his artistic requirements. If he comes up with new ideas and proposes reshoots, it means you still have room for improvement. For actors, the only thing to do is to believe in Director Wang and firmly believe in what he says. It must be right.”

After the series was aired, “Flowers” also received public recognition. “Many people have said that our film was a success, which makes me feel that the effort is worth it. For an actor, encountering a good work is the greatest happiness; for myself, encountering “Flowers” “How lucky you are. I have always regarded “Flowers” as a mirror. As long as you are willing to calm down and put aside the bustling appearance, you will see the deeper core of this work and a different “Flowers” “.”

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