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Exclusive conversation|Nazha: It’s a lot of fun watching dramas, and I fell in love with Yu Jiaen’s sharpness and tenacity

Exclusive conversation|Nazha: It’s a lot of fun watching dramas, and I fell in love with Yu Jiaen’s sharpness and tenacity


“I didn’t tell whether it is recyclable garbage or non-recyclable garbage.”

“Same as Li, different fate.”

“You’d better be sober, don’t become his moth.”

With the popularity of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Incomparable Beauty”, Yu Jiaen, played by Nazha, was praised by the audience as “sober in the world” and “Internet mouth substitute”, and all kinds of explosive memes spread all over social platforms. Recently, Nazha accepted an exclusive interview with Jiangsu Satellite TV. During the interview, she couldn’t help but feel that “Yu Jiaen is too talkative”, and even joked that she should learn more from her, “In this way, I will never lose in a quarrel.”

  Because I resonate with “Beijing Drifters”, I admire Yu Jiaen’s tenacity and bravery

In the play, Yu Jiaen encountered the double blow of “divorce + unemployment” at the beginning, and stood at a fork in her life at the age of 30. The “1/4 life crisis” came unexpectedly and deeply painful. Nazha said frankly that she could often see her own reflection in Yu Jiaen, and this “empathy” was one of the most important reasons why she accepted the show.

Nazha was admitted to the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2011, when she was 19 years old. From coming to Beijing to study alone to pursuing her dreams in this metropolis, Nazha laughed and said that she was actually a “Beijing drifter”. It is precisely because of this that I can resonate more with Yu Jiaen’s lonely and helpless moments in the play. “I understand her difficulties very well. She faces the difficulties that most people who work hard in a foreign land will encounter. At the same time, I also admire her tenacity and bravery. She always hides the pain in her heart and shows it to others. Others look strong, brave and invincible,” Nazha said.

Similar experiences also made Nazha more confident in her performances. Nazha said bluntly that it doesn’t even take too much skill to create Yu Jiaen’s role, all she has to do is to let go of distracting thoughts and put herself in her shoes to consider issues. “Sincerity is always a must-win. This drama itself is very close to our lives. I just need to feel it with my heart and interpret it with my heart.”

  Original lines are the biggest challenge, “She’s so slippery”

As the audience reported, Yu Jiaen can be described as a “network substitute” in the play, contributing a lot of explosive lines. According to Nazha, including Yu Jiaen, the main characters in “Incomparable Beauty” all use original voice lines. “Before the filming started, the director repeatedly emphasized, ‘As long as the lines of this drama are completed, it will almost be completed’, so I will put a lot of effort into the lines and memorize the lines every day as long as I have time.” Nazha said, Time is also chasing dramas at the same time. I am very pleased that my hard work can be seen by the audience, but I also see more room for improvement in my lines and performances.

In fact, Nazha in life is not as “sharp” as Yu Jiaen. Although she is strong at heart, Nazha said that her personality is a little softer and her words are not so slippery. “I really enjoyed watching dramas. Yu Jiaen is really good at talking. I hope I can learn more from her, so that I will never lose in a fight.” Nazha said with a smile.

  It was a lot of fun working with Chen Xiao for the first time, but I was “scared” by one scene

“Incomparable Beauty” is the first collaboration between Nazha and Chen Xiao. Although the combination of “fighting enemies” formed by the two has constant love-hate entanglements, the love that cannot be hidden in the corners of their eyes still makes many viewers go crazy. For the performance of his partner, Nazha gave high marks without hesitation, “He is a very professional and dedicated actor. Although it is the first time we have worked together, I think we have a good understanding. Every time we act It’s very smooth, and every improvisation can be caught by each other, and the set is always full of laughter.”

Nazha said that she has heard about Chen Xiao’s dedication before, but this cooperation is indeed “seeing is better than hearing a hundred times”. In the play, there is a scene where Xu Yao plays a clown in front of Yu Jiaen, lying on the ground while dancing, laughing and crying. In just a few minutes of play, Xu Yao’s pressure was vividly interpreted. “I was really scared in that scene, because he really acted out the feeling of depression, and the state of full devotion infected me very much.” Nazha recalled.

  Facing the “Quarter of Life Crisis”: It’s never too late to start over

For Nazha, who has just entered her thirties, the “quarter-life crisis” is also a topic she cannot avoid. But compared to Yu Jiaen’s occasional confusion and hesitation in the play, Nazha showed more calmness and calmness.

“Everyone will encounter this so-called crisis at every stage. As an individual, I think we should treat it with a normal mind and not magnify this kind of dilemma psychologically.” Nazha said: “In fact, any time to re- It’s not too late to start, we just need to maintain the courage to keep moving forward, and we will be able to overcome difficulties.”

Nazha said frankly that before the age of 30, she may still have some fears and various worries and worries. But when I really entered the age of 30 years old, I found that no matter whether it was work or life, there was not much change, and everything was developing in a good direction. “The heart is getting stronger and the mind is getting better and better. Maturity, compared to worries and fears, the growth visible to the naked eye makes me more happy.”

Talking about the future, Nazha said that she has never set limits for herself, all she has to do is let nature take its course and enjoy the present moment. “Solve problems when you encounter problems, overcome bravely when you encounter new challenges, and try boldly when you encounter new attempts. It’s that simple.” Nazha said. At 19:30 every night, lock on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s happiness theater “Incomparable Beauty”, and together with Nazha, we will clear the fog and welcome the new dawn of life.

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