“Excellent” enjoys new health, “Health and excellent enjoyment” Taikang’s 27th anniversary company celebrates the new


  in TaikangOn the occasion of its 27th anniversary, Taikang Life launched the “Taikang Health Preferential Insurance Product Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Health Preferential Insurance Plan”) to help customers cope with the risks of serious diseases and enrich the health protection for the people.

  In the age of health, the critical illness protection gap urgently needs more valuable products

  With the deepening of aging, China is about to enter the age of longevity and health, and a long life is accompanied by a higher and higher risk of serious diseases.However, my country’s critical illness insuranceThe gap is still huge. Industry data show thatFrom 1994 to 2021, there were about 200 million critical illness insurance populations in my country, covering only about 14% of the total population. According to the data of Taikang Life Insurance’s annual claims report for the first half of 2023, the trend of “three highs and one low” in serious diseases is becoming more and more obvious. The morbidity rate is high, with 72.18% of people suffering from severe diseases; the cure rate is high, with a five-year survival rate of 60%-70%; the cost is high, with an average cost of 300,000-500,000 yuan; the age is young, with an average claim settlement age of 31-50 years old. The average compensation for critical illness cases is less than 80,000 yuan, and the gap is huge. Only by configuring sufficient critical illness protection can we actively fight against health risks.

  As a leading life insurance company, Taikang Life is close to the dual needs of customers for disease protection and wealth reserve in the era of longevity, and launched“Health Preferential Insurance Plan” builds a firewall for families. The plan consists of Taikang Health Premium Endowment Insurance (main insurance) and Taikang Additional Health Premium Critical Illness Insurance (additional insurance). The plan provides 120 kinds of critical illness protection, high disability/death protection, and at the same time, after the endowment insurance expires and pays the insurance money, the critical illness protection remains “lifelong”. On this basis, it can also provide protection for 40 types of mild diseases and 20 types of moderate diseases, as well as premium exemption for mild and moderate diseases. Specifically, the product plan has the following five highlights.

  (Note: Severe disease and mild disease can be understood as the early state or milder condition of a major disease compared with serious disease. Moderate disease refers to a type of disease between major disease and mild disease. Please refer to the insurance policy for specific diseases)

  discount price.Welcome to Taikang at the moment when the scheduled interest rate of insurance products is switchedCelebrating its 27th anniversary, the “Health Preferential Insurance Plan” benefits consumers at a more affordable price.

  Receive a living allowance. After the endowment insurance expires, on the one hand, the survival insurance benefit will be paid, and the amount is the accumulated premium of the insurance plan; on the other hand, multiple survival benefit receiving time can be flexibly selected by customers.

  Assure“lifelong”. After the endowment insurance has paid the insurance money at the maturity date, the critical illness will continue to be protected for “lifetime”.

  Flexible customization.Taking into account the different needs of new and old customers, old customers can customize the insuranceThe “Health Premium Plan” avoids repeated insurance applications and reduces expenses; new customers can customize the “Health Comprehensive Plan”, which can be provided with mild, moderate, and critical illness coverage and premium exemption for mild and moderate illnesses at one time, making insurance liability more comprehensive.

  also,Customers of the “Health Preferential Insurance Plan” can also enjoy Taikang Lvtong’s “three specialties, four protections and five links” services.

  In the new era of life insurance, create customized solutions centered on customers

  To meet the different protection needs of Taikang customers,“Health Preferential Insurance Plan” is subdivided into “Health Preferential Plan” and “Health Comprehensive Plan”. “Excellent plan” matches the basic insurance liability of critical illness insurance with endowment insurance, which helps old customers who already have serious illness insurance with mild and moderate illness protection to optimize their own protection; on this basis, “full plan” can increase the critical illness insurance Choose insurance liability, so that customers have more choices.

  The responsibilities of “You Plan” include critical illness, high disability/death, and full-term survival; 0-55 years old can be insured, and the upper limit of insurance age can effectively meet the insurance needs of old customers; the insurance period of endowment insurance has 20 years and 25 years , 30 years or over 60 years old, 70 years old and 80 years old six options, the payment period is divided into eight options of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years. Critical illness insurance covers 120 major diseases. “You Plan” effectively alleviates the two major problems of “the older the age, the higher the premium” and “the lifelong critical illness is only paid”. Disease can also be guaranteed “for life”.

  On the basis of the protection of the “Excellent Plan”, the “Full Plan” increases the protection responsibility for mild diseases and moderate diseases. If you suffer from 40 kinds of mild diseases for the first time, you will pay 25% of the basic insured amount of the additional insurance, and you will be paid up to 6 times; if you suffer from 20 kinds of moderate diseases for the first time, you will pay 50% of the basic insured amount in the additional insurance, and you will be paid up to 3 times. After any one of the two responsibilities occurs, all remaining insurance premiums of the plan will be exempted. “Full plan” one insurance policy covers mild illness, moderate illness, severe illness, death/high disability, etc. The insurance plan is more comprehensive. At the same time, after paying the living allowance, the insurance for mild illness, moderate illness, and severe illness can also guarantee “lifetime” .

  (Note: Exemption of premiums is regarded as premiums paid)

  With its comprehensive and flexible protection functions, the “Health Preferential Insurance Plan” can effectively match customers’ life-cycle health management needs in the age of longevity. On the occasion of its 27th anniversary celebration, Taikang Life Insurance continues to focus on its main business, innovation and sustainability, to help customers better enjoy a long life.

  Risk reminder: The specific insurance liability and liability exemption and other matters are subject to the two product terms of “Taikang Health Premium Endowment Insurance” and “Taikang Additional Health Premium Major Illness Insurance”. Please be sure to carefully read the insurance clauses about liability exemption, exclusion of liability, Truthfully inform the obligation, hesitation outside the surrender period, waiting period, the scope of the hospital, etc. According to the contract, in some cases, we are not liable for payment. The specific time and conditions for the payment of premiums are subject to the terms and conditions.The main insurance of “Taikang Health Preferential Insurance Product Plan” can be insured separately, and the additional insurance can be withdrawn flexibly.


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