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Everbright in the era of longevity丨Make the dream of “retire with wealth” a reality

Everbright in the era of longevity丨Make the dream of “retire with wealth” a reality

The issue of old-age care has always been one of the hot topics that people are most concerned about. According to the evaluation standards of the international community, my country has entered an aging society in 2000. In order to cope with “care for the elderly”, the state has intensively introduced a series of policies to accelerate the development of the elderly care industry.

“Everbright Anxin Pension Plan” is a comprehensive pension industry cooperation jointly carried out by Sun Life Everbright and Everbright Pension, a subsidiary of China Everbright Group, using their respective superior resources to provide high-quality insurance products and living rights in pension communities, which can meet customers’ pension fund planning and pension plans at the same time. The comprehensive demand for nursing services will truly allow customers to live in a affordable, well-lived, and high-quality retirement life with affluence.

Up to now, Everbright Pension has managed more than 34,000 elderly care beds and more than 190 elderly care institutions, including nursing homes, nursing homes, community elderly care institutions and other business forms. The layout of more than 50 key cities including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei & Central Plains, Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area and Southwest has been realized. Now it has the experience of serving 350,000 elders, and has been widely praised by the elders.

The professionals of Sun Life Everbright will analyze the pension needs according to the customer’s family economic status, different risks, and different physical conditions, and formulate an exclusive pension reserve plan. Corresponding guarantee.

Mr. Wang, who is engaged in financial work, is 30 years old this year. He has a harmonious family and a successful career. When he entered the juncture of his 30-year-old life, he decided to prepare and plan for his future retirement life at the peak stage of his career. After various investigations and comparisons, he resolutely chose the Everbright Anxin Retirement Plan.

After the customer really enters his sixtieth year, he can start living in residence for the aged. For example, Dongshan Village, Fotang Town, Yiwu City with rich historical and cultural heritage; Everbright Pension Weihai Rongcheng Elderly Apartment with beautiful environment and pleasant climate; Wuxi Leyi Nursing Home, a natural oxygen bar that depends on lakes and mountains, etc. It is a modern medical and elderly care institution integrating rehabilitation promotion, psychological comfort, cultural entertainment and other functions. It also provides long-term residence and residential elderly care services. While traveling every year, you can also live in the comfortable elderly care community of Everbright Elderly Care, enjoy health care services, and enjoy the elderly care life.

Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance stated that it will continue to take the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” as an opportunity to actively fulfill its social responsibilities and public welfare responsibilities, show the public the strength and temperature of insurance, and make due contributions to continuously improving the good image of the insurance industry.

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