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Enter the “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report”: 86.18 million people are wandering in the galaxy of knowledge, and these provinces love learning more

Enter the “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report”: 86.18 million people are wandering in the galaxy of knowledge, and these provinces love learning more

Useful knowledge will shine. In order to allow more young people to experience the charm of knowledge without leaving home, Kuaishou will launch a hundred quality classes from famous teachers from September 1st to September 30th during the school season. In the galaxy of knowledge where famous teachers gather together, there is not only profound subject theoretical knowledge, but also experience and skills extracted from life. Recently, the “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report” report was officially released. The report recorded this growth journey accompanied by stars from multiple angles.

The useful and interesting knowledge attracted users from all over the country to start online “auditing” and join this rare knowledge feast. The report shows that in the 2023 Kuaishou school season, a total of 100 quality courses from famous teachers have been introduced, of which the number of videos on related topics has exceeded 1.01 million, the number of views has reached 14.1 billion, and the number of searches has increased by 32% year-on-year. This school season, countless people are following the brilliance of knowledge on Kuaishou and entering the live broadcast rooms of famous teachers and celebrities, trying to absorb the nutrients of knowledge, broaden their horizons and find the way forward.

61 famous teachers and academicians opened the feast of knowledge

With the development of short video live broadcasts, the mobility of knowledge continues to accelerate. It is like they have wings and fly out of universities and into the homes of ordinary people. In order to meet the diversified needs of different groups of people for knowledge, the content of Kuaishou’s famous teachers’ quality courses in the opening season can be said to be very rich, covering not only literature, history, philosophy, economics, medicine and many other subject areas, but also personal planning and learning skills. Hard core knowledge closely related to other skills. Among them, 125 quality classes by famous teachers from famous schools attracted a total of 86.18 million views, and the live broadcast received 4.35 million likes.

The “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report” shows that a total of 66.72 million users watched the knowledge feast presented by 61 famous teachers and academicians from various universities. They read “The Collection of Flowers” with Nankai University professor Ye Jiaying to appreciate the beauty of poetry, and read “Origin of Species” with Shu Deqian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to explore the mysteries of nature and enlighten their lives while looking up at the stars. When those classrooms of famous teachers that are usually hard to find are moved to Kuaishou, everyone can appreciate the elegance of famous teachers.

21 exclusive live broadcasts delivering hard-core skills

In addition to leading users to appreciate the elegance of famous university teachers, useful skills derived from life are also very popular. In Kuaishou’s high-quality classes by famous teachers during the school season, a total of 21 exclusive live broadcasts were launched around interesting and useful skills, with various experts such as Ji Lianhai, Pan Xiangdong, and Zhang Xuefeng answering questions online for users. The report shows that the number of viewers of the 21 exclusive live broadcasts exceeded 19.46 million, and the number of live broadcast likes reached 3.86 million.

From “How to choose the first Hanfu in life” to “Economists tell young people how to manage money”, from “PUA was also practiced in the workplace in the Qing Dynasty” to “How to make academic and career planning”, and watching movies to dismantle weapons Equipment and online fraud routines, it brings a lot of useful information around hobbies, financial management and fraud prevention knowledge, career tips, growth plans, etc. that are closely related to young people, attracting young people to come to the live broadcast room to check in and learn.

Different user groups have their own concerns, and the top 10 provinces that are most popular for learning are revealed

The starry sky of knowledge has its own light. In order to better understand users’ demand for knowledge, the “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report” also provides insights into the knowledge preferences of different user groups.

Based on the viewing time of users in different provinces, the report also shows a set of interesting figures. Among them, among the provinces that pay the most attention to the quality courses of famous schools, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi, Jilin, and Jiangsu rank in the top 10 in terms of live broadcast viewing time.

Among them, the top 10 subjects that Kuaishou users are most interested in are literature, history, economics, medicine, engineering, science, art, philosophy, education, and military science.

Among the series of elite courses from famous schools, Mr. Ye Jiaying’s poetry class is very popular among users. Whether they start from “The Collection of Flowers” or read Wang Guowei’s “Human Words”, the charm of classical poetry deeply attracts users. In addition, reading “Research on Modern Women’s Literature” with Professor Dai Jinhua, “Origin of Species” with Shu Deqian, and “Tsinghua University in the Eyes of a Tsinghua Student” by Professor Wu Heli have also become Kuaishou users’ favorite courses from prestigious universities. Among the many excellent history courses, Professor Zhang Fan’s “Zi Zhi Tong Jian”, Professor Li Chunyuan’s “Currency, Commerce and Cities in the Yuan Dynasty”, and Professor Chen Jianli’s “Tracing to the Origin: Where the Sanxingdui Bronze Comes from” stand out. , more favored by users.

Useful knowledge pours into Kuaishou, and “School on the Cloud” allows the starlight of knowledge to illuminate more people

“You can finally watch courses that you can’t choose in college on Kuaishou”, “I don’t know which one to listen to first”, “Listen to a good class and benefit from it for life”… In the live broadcast room of Kuaishou’s famous teachers’ quality courses during the opening season Here, people wandering in the galaxy of knowledge also express the joy of gaining knowledge in their own way. In addition, topics related to Kuaishou’s famous teachers’ quality courses during the school season have reached 392 hot spots on Kuaishou, and have been reported by China Youth Daily, The Paper and other major media, gaining high exposure across the entire network and helping the spread of knowledge.

As more and more useful knowledge takes root in Kuaishou, Kuaishou’s “school on the cloud” is turning more and more users into “cloud classmates” so that everyone can become a beneficiary of universal knowledge. Kuaishou Search[Excellent courses from famous schools]you can view the wonderful replays. At the same time, the release of the “2023 Kuaishou School Season Data Report” also allows us to see Kuaishou users’ desire for useful and interesting knowledge. After the school season begins and a new stage of life begins, Kuaishou will continue to shine the light of knowledge on people moving forward, allowing more users to roam freely and grow in the galaxy of knowledge.

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