Enjoy the romance, Guiyang Golden Tulip Hotel “Fuyue? Wedding Show” will be staged soon


From March 4th to 5th, 2023, Golden Tulip Hotel Guiyang will hold the “Fuyue·Wedding Show” to capture sweet tones with couples and explore the continuous love. The theme of the wedding show is “Enjoy Romance with Fun”. The venue layout skillfully combines lightness and dreaminess with classical solemnity, allowing every guest to experience a unique wedding feast in an all-round way through vision, hearing, smell and taste.

Golden Tulip Hotel Guiyang has complete banquet venues and facilities, star-rated catering experience and a dedicated and professional wedding team. The newlyweds in the marriage hall present the unique warmth and romance of dream weddings, full of “fun”.

  Noble and elegant design, witness the best appearance of love

Golden Tulip Hotel Guiyang has multiple large banquet halls with noble and elegant design, well-equipped facilities and flexible layout, which can not only meet the requirements of weddings of various sizes, but also bring guests an elegant and grand visual experience. The hotel also has an outdoor wedding space. The garden lawn has a wide view, shaded by green plants, decorated with flowers, the white wedding dress dances with the wind, and the black and white piano keys flow moving notes. Promise, witnessing happy moments with guests will surely become a good memory that will be remembered for a lifetime.

At the same time, the star chef team of Guiyang Golden Tulip Hotel will present customized delicacies, including healthy, light food, and low-fat delicacies that young people like, as well as local specialties that elders like. Exquisite tableware arrangement, elegant dining environment, rich and varied menu choices, the wedding at this moment will surely turn into a happy memory worthy of eternal treasure.

  Professional and considerate service, let love leave no regrets

For the couple immersed in happiness, they always yearn for a perfect and unforgettable wedding. The service personnel of Golden Tulip Hotel follow the principles of “global localized citizens” and “local experts”. The caring professional team will pay attention to every detail of the wedding ceremony. The wedding process is provided by hotel wedding experts who are familiar with the local wedding culture and customs. While meeting the personalized expectations of the couple, it also ensures that the guests and the host have a good time, so that the wedding banquet will not leave any regrets.

Whether you want a bright and colorful celebration, or enjoy the warm time with your family and friends, the service team of Guiyang Golden Tulip Hotel can take care of the needs of every guest, so that the couple can gain a wedding experience with style and taste, and deeply feel The caring service and fun culture of the Golden Tulip Hotel.

  One city, one flavor, enjoy a “delicious” feast

Founded in 1962, Golden Tulip Hotel is a personalized high-end hotel brand under the Louvre Group, the second largest hotel group in Europe. It is a differentiated high-end hotel that not only has the logo design and characteristic experience of the Golden Tulip Hotel, but also reflects the cultural attributes of the region.

The French Louvre Hotel Group has rich experience and a mature system in hotel catering operation and management, and has a Chef’s Club, which is committed to providing guests with high-end catering experience support. Through the collision of professional experience and thinking sparks, senior chefs start with local special dishes and ingredients, and combine personal style with classic flavors with interesting ideas, inject vivid inspiration into the research and development of dishes, show the charm of food art, and serve the golden tulips all over the world. Provide food innovation inspiration and make dining an unforgettable experience.

At the same time, Golden Tulip Hotel also creates a multi-catering concept, setting up an all-day restaurant, waiting for guests to come and taste at any time; local specialty restaurants, showing the city’s character with authentic flavors; bars and lobby bars, providing delicious snacks around the clock. While exploring the infinite possibilities of hotel catering, Golden Tulip Hotel is committed to starting a cultural journey of taste buds for guests and enjoying the “fun” experience of food.

Currently, Golden Tulip Hotels has over 225 hotels worldwide and over 30 hotels in China. With the strategic blessing and strong business network support of Jin Jiang International Group and French Louvre Hotel Group, it has always maintained development vitality and strong competitiveness.



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