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Enjoy the New Year: Kangkang Xiong invites you to taste the “Dragon Inspiration? Prosperity Flying” New Year Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the New Year: Kangkang Xiong invites you to taste the “Dragon Inspiration? Prosperity Flying” New Year Afternoon Tea

  January 19, 2024 — To welcome the Year of the Dragon in 2024, Conrad Tianjin[Qiatang· Lounge]celebrate the Spring Festival with a creative New Year’s afternoon tea. In this season of renewal, the “Dragon Inspiration·Flying Auspiciousness” afternoon tea feast and the warm welcome of Kangkang Bear jointly unveiled a luxurious journey of taste and vision.

Kangkang Xiong: the innovative ambassador of Conrad Tianjin

As the friendly ambassador of Conrad Tianjin, Kangkang Bear is a vivid embodiment of its commitment to innovation and bold attempts. Each season, Kang Kang Bear appears in a different image, inviting guests to share a carefully planned afternoon tea moment. In this new spring season, Kangkang Bear has transformed into the source of inspiration for the “Dragon Inspiration·Flying Auspiciousness” New Year Afternoon Tea, once again bringing different surprises to guests. This is not only an in-depth interpretation of the core theme of the afternoon tea series for each season, but also the hotel’s commitment to innovation and continuing to provide guests with unique experiences.

This New Year, Kangkang Xiong dressed in red festive costumes and created a perfect photo and experience scene for guests in front of a background board that blended Chinese architectural elements with the characteristics of the Year of the Dragon, allowing every guest to feel the joy of the festival. and peace.

  New Year Afternoon Tea: A feast for taste and sight

In the Qiatang Lounge of Conrad Tianjin, the “Dragon-inspired and auspicious” New Year’s afternoon tea is not only a feast for the taste buds, but also a perfect fusion of culture and creativity: carefully placed on a rose gold shelf Each layer of dim sum is a unique interpretation of gourmet art. The lantern-themed decoration adds a strong festive atmosphere to this festive limited afternoon tea, and every bite seems to convey New Year’s luck and wealth to you.

  Sweets and Savory: Creative and Delicious Holiday Celebrations

Dessert selection:

Honghonghuohuo – Red Fruit Vanilla Puffs: The perfect combination of soft Chantilly cream and red fruit cheese, which means a warm start to the new year. “Orange” Xiangruyi – Orange Chocolate Cake: Shaped in the shape of auspicious oranges, paired with handmade citrus jam and white chocolate mousse, which indicates good luck. Wealth is rolling in – caramel nut tower: a nut tower made of hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios and prunes, with chocolate coins on the top symbolizing rolling wealth. Good luck in the Year of the Dragon – Mung Bean Cold Cake: The Year of the Dragon pattern on the mung bean cold cake means good luck and prosperity. Go higher and higher – Strawberry Pudding Cake Cup: The combination of strawberries and fresh cream sauce brings unlimited inspiration and best wishes for the New Year.

Features of salty snacks:

Golden Brick Crab Sandwich: Selected crab meat and exclusive secret sauce, shaped like a gold brick, symbolizing golden wealth. Crispy hawthorn and dragon beard spring rolls: The perfect combination of hawthorn and thin spring rolls, which means welcoming the spring and bringing happiness. Lucky bag mini meat buns: Inspired by the lucky bag, the rich taste of pork belly and mini shortbread means full of blessings. Xixi Bao Vegetarian Spring Cake: The savory vegetarian spring cake symbolizes a bumper harvest and joy in the new year. Traditional snacks: awakening warm holiday memories. To complete this gourmet feast, the hotel also prepared traditional Chinese snacks such as honeycombs, almond biscuits, sesame candies, preserved fruits, as well as tangerine peel scones and vanilla scones, paired with homemade gold Orange jam evokes beautiful memories of traditional festivals.

  Invitation and Details: Experience Conrad’s New Year Charm

Conrad Tianjin sincerely invites guests to visit the Qiatang Lounge of Conrad Tianjin, spend quality time with Kang Kang Bear, and experience this dual feast of taste and vision. The price is 468 yuan per set, and the supply period is until March 25, 2024. Guests can also make reservations through the official online mall to enjoy the sweetness and joy exclusive to the New Year.

  More New Year Dining Experiences: Rich Options to Celebrate the Season

In addition to the “Dragon-inspired and auspicious” New Year Afternoon Tea carefully created by Qiatang Lounge, Conrad Tianjin has also prepared a series of other dining experiences for this beautiful and auspicious New Year. Yingxuan Chinese Restaurant will provide sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner as well as customized New Year dishes and New Year activities with different themes every day from the 30th to the 6th day of the lunar new year. The all-day dining restaurant Mei Ting offers a buffet full of local Tianjin flavors, while the Bamboo Shadow Southeast Asian Restaurant presents guests with special Southeast Asian-style New Year delicacies. These rich and diverse dining options demonstrate Conrad Tianjin’s unique understanding and creativity of the Spring Festival, and are committed to providing guests with a series of exciting New Year experiences.

In this Spring Festival full of hope and joy, Conrad Tianjin sincerely invites you to embark on this wonderful journey of culture and food with its carefully planned celebrations and rich dining experiences. From the “dragon-inspired and auspicious” afternoon tea to the diverse restaurant experiences, every moment is a perfect interpretation of the beauty of the fusion of tradition and modernity. Witness every beautiful moment of the New Year together at Conrad Tianjin.

About Conrad Tianjin

It is located in the central city of Nankai, which is rich in history, culture and vitality in Tianjin. It is located in the large commercial complex of Luneng City and is adjacent to the water park and Tianta Lake Scenic Area. The interior design combines modern fashion with exquisite Art Deco style, and the overall layout adopts a wrap-around European courtyard style to create an elegant and private experience. The hotel has 375 guest rooms, including 79 suites, with simple and elegant design, exquisite luxury. Four stylish and elegant restaurants and lounges provide creative and delicious delicacies. Mei Ting all-day dining restaurant offers buffet cuisine and a la carte menus. Yingxuan Chinese Restaurant specializes in delicious dishes that are unique and fusion from all over China. Bamboo Shadow Specialty Restaurant specializes in authentic Southeast Asian family-style dishes and representative Asian flavors. Qiatang Lounge serves special afternoon tea and a series of teas. The hotel has a 24-hour indoor heated swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center and a yoga area. A 1,068-square-meter grand banquet hall and 9 multi-functional conference rooms provide advanced conference and banquet facilities and carefully customized and thoughtful services. The hotel has convenient transportation, 100 meters away from Tianta Station of Metro Line 3, which can directly reach Tianjin Railway Station; 22 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai International Airport and 7 kilometers away from Tianjin Railway Station. The hotel is committed to becoming a destination for smart luxury travelers around the world, bringing a luxurious experience that inspires “stay”.


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