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Enjoy the journey of sweethearts with the four seasons

Enjoy the journey of sweethearts with the four seasons

poet terry·Fan Ning once said:“Friendship is like a warm breeze. You can’t hold it, smell it, and know when it will come, but you can always feel it.” One of the blessings in life is to have close friends accompany us to visit the beautiful scenery and scenery of different cities. and delicious food.At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, Tianjin, where retro European style and modern modern city blend, has just entered the season suitable for roaming. It is particularly pleasant to stroll along the European-style Five Avenues and look for slow-paced literary and fresh shops; the seagulls from Siberia have also If you arrive as scheduled, you can go to the old pier to watch these white elves dancing on the sea, amid the leisurely chirping of birds and the waves.symphonyEmpty your mindWhy not take a leisurely tour of Tianjin with your best friends before the cold winter comes and build a beautiful friendship?

As night falls, escape into JinchengFour Seasons Hotel TianjinFour Seasons Hotel Tianjin,The towering guest rooms are isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. It feels like being in the city but far away from the city.A space with a blend of warm brown and off-white, gentle lighting, and a comfortable custom-made four-season bed completes theGentle and joyful living space.choose“Sweet sleep” girlfriend travelers can enjoy afternoon tea for two in the executive lounge on the sixth floor, and relax in an elegant afternoon; before going to bed at night, they can take a bath by the window to relax; the next dayearly morningreturnAvailable atinternet celebrityskyline swimming poolunrestrainedTake a dip.

black PearlJinyun Chinese RestaurantChef’s specialties 

Jinyun Chinese Restaurant wins the Black Pearl Award for the sixth consecutive time,Li Huaibo, the Chinese executive chef with two-Michelin-star Chinese restaurant experienceAlbertHost.Following the principle of eating according to the season, heCarefully selected seasonal materials and ingenious designs to nourish the body and mind."Chef’s specialties",includeStir-fried fish maw with osmanthus and scallops, stir-fried meat crab in typhoon shelter, salted egg yolk, tiger prawn balls and seafood tofu stew, etc., either traditional or innovative Cantonese stylebeautifultaste.It can also be accompanied by a professional tea sommelier/Sommelier recommended tea/fine wineallowing guests to experience the mealTea/An upgraded experience of wine pairing.

tarot night9Restart the party

Tarot, a mysterious and romantic divination ritual, helps people see their inner subconscious and capture inspiration tips on the way forward.2023Year11moon18In the evening, the hotel9The bar held a “Tarot Night” restart party, with a specially invited tarot master to perform divination for guests on the spot, and a new bandTrinote DuoDuring the first performance, guests drank special cocktails to the dynamic melody, which was relaxing and enjoyable.9The bar is open every Tuesday to Sunday night, serving special cocktails, selected whiskeys, exquisite wine and snacks, and live foreign house.

Blues Forever” 2023Autumn and winter wedding fashion show

2023Year11moon12dayhotel jointCareWell-known wedding fashion brands such as Banquet Design and Huatian Xipu Wedding Dresses were held in the grand banquet hall on the third floor of the hotel.2023Autumn And Winter“Blues Forever” themed wedding show. The main color is the novel, rare, high-end and deep deep sea blue, and the velvet curtains with rich texture and beautiful design are used to create an elegant show wedding. The dreamy opening of the pas de deux ballet was a feast for the eyes, and there were also elegant and fashionable wedding dresses on the catwalk, showing off the elegant, light and agile style of the couple. The deep staggered dark blue and the bright crystal lamp symbolize the bright future of deep love.

Extraordinary gatheringYear-end banquet

Time changes and the end of the year is approaching.The hotel pursuesextraordinaryGuests who experience the annual meeting are launched Extraordinary gatheringenterpriseannual meetingcombo,Includes Chinese-style customized or Western-style buffet dinner,Beer, wine andsoft drink2HourAll-you-can-drink, standard table flowerslayout,VIPrestroom,free4Built in hours and Standard stage and other benefits;Booking8Table and aboveCanEnjoy the surpriseCourtesy.Hotel provides2943Square meters of elegant and flexible column-free banquet space,Include767square meters of banquet hall and638square meter Four Seasons Banquet Hall;Among them, the Four Seasons Banquet Hall has natural lighting, a charming terrace and a high and transparent front porch.and an elevator that can pick up cars.; The accomplished and creative international chef team customizes delicacies and feasts, combined with thoughtful conference services, to create a wonderful gathering experience.

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