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With the blessing of the concept of the metaverse, AR technology is becoming increasingly mature, and more and more young people are falling in love with these smart black technologies: using smart bracelets to monitor sleep quality, wearing AR glasses to watch movies, check information, and enjoy immersive entertainment anytime and anywhere. vision.

At the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (hereinafter referred to as “AWE”), which opened in Shanghai on March 14, Leader, a young consumer electronics brand under Haier Smart Home, released its official Chinese brand name – “Your”. The new AR glasses portable screen that will be released in the future is also unveiled at AWE. It is compact in appearance, portable and easy to store. The small screen can be transformed into a large screen at any time, which can bring theater-level giant screen portable enjoyment.

  Leader’s first AR smart glasses, compact and powerful

The AR market is ushering in a new trend. According to IDC data, global AR augmented reality product shipments are expected to reach 300,000 units in 2023, a year-on-year increase of approximately 11%. The average annual compound growth rate from 2023 to 2026 is expected to reach approximately 137 %. This trend shows that AR products will develop rapidly in the future and gain more market penetration.

The AR glasses portable screen exhibited by the Leader brand at AWE has become one of the most watched consumer electronics products at the scene. It adopts a lightweight design and is similar to ordinary sunglasses. It is thin, compact, and easy to carry. You can wear it with a glasses case. Easy to store. In terms of memory space, ultra-large memory can provide better multi-threaded computing capabilities while achieving smoothness and no lag, greatly improving the user experience.

The Leader Portable Screen is not only lightweight and compact, but also has excellent performance. It has also made great efforts in terms of wearing comfort. The body is made of anti-sweat and anti-slip material, and the nose pads are made of elastic silicone to ensure wearing comfort. At the same time, for people with myopia, there is no need to wear myopia glasses. They only need to adjust the myopia of each left and right eye through the two knobs on the top of the portable screen, bringing theater-level giant screen portable enjoyment.

  Portable giant screen movie viewing, diverse scenes for camping, cycling, and self-driving

In addition to being lightweight, portable, and comfortable in terms of hardware design, the Leader portable screen also provides users with a more diverse and excellent interactive experience in terms of hardware performance. At the AWE site, the Leader AR glasses portable screen attracted many on-site audiences to stop and experience it. Many young users wore the Leader portable screen to unlock the immersive audio experience and experience an immersive sensory experience.

In terms of sound quality, the Leader AR glasses portable screen uses open directional sound transmission technology to direct the sound into the ears, effectively preventing sound leakage. It is also equipped with full-range dual speakers, which can be worn without burden and you can also enjoy the immersive experience. sound effects.

In terms of use scenarios, for those who want to use this portable giant screen to enjoy audio-visual entertainment, the Leader AR glasses portable screen can project the screens of mobile phones, tablets, Macs, handheld consoles, game consoles and other electronic devices to the big screen , a small screen can be easily transformed into a large screen, whether it is used in indoor scenes at home or in the office, or in various outdoor scenes such as travel and camping, it can meet the needs of use in various outdoor scenes such as traveling and camping. You can feel the refreshing experience brought by the giant screen in the sky anytime and anywhere.

For example, for young people who are keen on cycling, the biggest worry when going out for a ride is the mobile phone navigation, which needs to be taken out at any time to confirm the route. However, with the Leader AR glasses portable screen, you only need to wear it while riding, and you can carry it with you. You can see the navigation path on the screen in real time, so you no longer have to worry about getting lost. Get a cool new riding posture.

Insight into user needs, keeping pace with the times and walking with young people. The new audio-visual products exhibited by Leader are actually derived from in-depth insights into the life trends and needs of young people. It is not limited to TV, but dares to break product boundaries and explore diverse ways of playing smart ecology. In the name of cultivation, it accompanies young people. People become the masters of life.


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