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Enjoy high-end art experience Funde Life’s 2023 spring customer service activities come to a successful conclusion

Enjoy high-end art experience Funde Life’s 2023 spring customer service activities come to a successful conclusion

“The performance is getting more and more exciting every year. This year, I booked two tickets in advance, so that I can bring my friends to experience the VIP treatment of Fude Life.” At a performance in the 2023 VIP art season of Funde Life Insurance, a customer from Shenzhen happily shared with the staff.

In ancient times, music connected emotions, and there was a cultural tone of using music to talk about bosom friends; in the present, a firm follower and fulfillment of trust can also be called “bosom friends.” From early spring to mid-summer, Funde Life Insurance’s “Fu Qi Wen Sheng Lai” VIP art season will host more than 30 cultural and artistic feasts online and offline from January to June, meet customers for art time, and play the 2023 “Home “Love” four seasons of customer service activities in the spring chapter Sheng Lai movement.

  During the event, Funde Life Insurance invited famous artists to give online lectures on “Appreciation of Art” to explain the mystery and profoundness of Chinese calligraphy and murals. Offline, 31 various live art activities were carried out across the country, through famous stage plays such as “Du Fu” and “Shuiyue Luoshen”, famous symphony concerts, cross talk and other characteristic art performances, bringing high-end art to nearly 18,000 distinguished customers experience.

Blending in with the sound of music, enjoying the music is also enjoyable

From the high-end and elegant concert hall to the warm stage full of laughter and laughter, from the melodious orchestral ensemble to the unrestrained use of stage language, from the pure and dreamy parent-child time to the joyful moments of folk art and comic dialogue, colorful art Feast splashed ink on the stage of the art season, drawing a series of artistic pictures with blooming flowers.

Ten branches in Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan, and Shenzhen respectively launched traditional symphony concerts, animation audio-visual concerts, and Chinese classic music concerts in the VIP art season to share the artistic night with customers.

Among them, the Hunan branch invited Ma Xianghua, an erhu performer, and Lu Jia, an internationally renowned Chinese conductor, to join hands with the National Center for the Performing Arts Orchestra to hold a grand VIP concert at the Changsha Concert Hall, sharing the rhythm of nature with more than a thousand music lovers , won unanimous praise from the audience.

The drumbeat of the times was played between the inheritance and the transition, wandering between tradition and modernity, thirteen stage plays of various themes were staged on the stage of the art season. Branches in Jiangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Gansu, etc. carry out traditional dance dramas, modern dramas, parent-child dramas, etc., creating a beautiful stage art experience.

  Large-scale dance drama “Water Moon Luoshen”, the first domestic dance drama “Du Fu” with the theme of “Poet Sage”, national dance drama “Wake Up“Lion” brings wonderful audio-visual enjoyment, while recreating the beauty of classical and national traditional art, the immersive viewing experience also brings thoughts about historical changes, the rise and fall of the times, and the continuation of traditional culture.

In addition to concerts and stage plays, Shandong, Suzhou, Beijing and other branches launched “Jin Sheng Yu Zhen” ritual and music performances, special cross talk performances and other art season activities, combining customer needs to create regional performance characteristics.

“Appreciation of art”, a tour of art aesthetics

In the online special event, the “Appreciation of Art” art lecture invited young calligrapher and member of the Calligraphers Association of the Central State Organs Mr. Cheng Xiaoru to discuss the historical evolution of pen, ink, paper and inkstone, the structure of large and small characters in classic rubbings, and the works of famous calligraphers. Appreciation and other aspects bring professional explanations.

Mr. Fan Tianming, executive director of the National Cultural Relics Restoration Committee and an expert in cultural relics appraisal/restoration of the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum, gave a special lecture on classical murals. In addition to introducing the four major murals in ancient China in detail, he also unveiled the aesthetic veil of mural restoration. The audience unlocked the charm of China together and appreciated the paintings on the wall.

Widely praised, warm service

Keep up with the pace of the times and deepen the quality of service. Customer-centric, warm service, and diversified innovation have become a major symbol of Funde Sino Life’s customer service. Since Funde Life launched the first VIP theme concert in 2015, after nine years of service accumulation, the performance specifications, activity quality, and service experience of the VIP art season have been upgraded year by year. So far, more than 140,000 customers have deeply participated in related activities. As a high-value customer gratitude feedback activity, it has won many industry awards and wide acclaim from customers.

In addition to a strong professional performance team, VIP Art Season is also committed to enhancing customers’ immersive high-quality service experience. The careful invitation before the event, the heart-warming interaction outside the event, and the high-end and warm venue layout have virtually shortened the distance with customers. At the same time, through customer on-site communication, satisfaction survey, etc., focus on customer experience, create high-quality heart-warming services, and build a zero-distance contact platform with customers offline.

With the gradual accumulation of good word of mouth, the art season event has become the “big show” of the spring chapter of the company’s “Family · Love” four seasons event, and has gained many “loyal fans” among customers.

At the event site of the Shenzhen branch, the general manager of the customer service department of the head office had a cordial conversation with the customer, “The performance is getting better every year.” Said the VIP customer. After the large-scale ceremony and music performance of “Jin Sheng Yu Zhen”, the Shandong branch also received feedback from customers: “The event was very shocking, and the service was very thoughtful and considerate from the entrance to the end. I also learned more about Confucian culture during the event. , and enhanced cultural self-confidence”. After Jiangxi Branch’s dance drama “Water Moon Luoshen” was performed at the Ganzhou Grand Theater, many guests and customers from inside and outside the industry made enthusiastic comments on the event as “high-end quality and heart-warming service”. During the preparation process of the event, the Guangdong and Zhejiang branches have received enthusiastic inquiries from many customers to understand the event arrangement and invitation plan; the high-quality art season performances of Hunan, Sichuan and other branches are hard to find. The audience was full of enthusiasm, and the applause continued for a long time. At the end of the performance, under the enthusiastic voice of the audience, the artists brought wonderful repertoire to continue the audio-visual feast.

In the order of the four seasons, Funde Life Insurance’s “Family·Love” four-season customer service activity creates wonderful activities for customers throughout the year. With the successful conclusion of the VIP art season, the summer customer service activities have been newly launched. Through the upgrade of points and rights of “Fudexin Service”, online and offline themed activities, free reissuance of insurance policies, etc., we will continue to build a platform for communication with customers, and continue to Provide customers with warm service and 24-hour uninterrupted caring care.

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