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Employing its own workers and participating in the compilation of “Home Decoration Completion Acceptance Standards (Series)”, Hujia contributes to the progress of the industry!

Employing its own workers and participating in the compilation of “Home Decoration Completion Acceptance Standards (Series)”, Hujia contributes to the progress of the industry!

It is reported that in accordance with the spirit of the “Standardization to Promote High-Quality Development of the Private Economy Action Plan (2022-2033)” document, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the National Building Materials Testing Center, China Quality News Network, Zhongju News, Sina Home Furnishing and other units, Carry out comprehensive work on the formulation of relevant standards. This time, the main editing unit adopts a special invitation system. Shanghai Hujia Decoration was invited to participate in the preparation of group standards for the “Complete Acceptance Standards for Concealed Home Improvement Projects”, “Complete Acceptance Standards for Home Improvement and Bathroom Spaces” and “Complete Acceptance Standards for Home Improvement Customized Products”.

As a participating unit in the compilation of the “Home Decoration Completion Acceptance Standards (Series)” (Group Standard), Hujia Decoration combines the home decoration experience of hundreds of thousands of customers, plays a role model in the field of architectural decoration and decoration, and helps the compilation work to be orderly, smooth and Done efficiently. At the same time, as one of the representatives of reliable decoration companies in Shanghai, Hujia Decoration will continue to adhere to the user-centered business philosophy, protect the practical rights and interests of consumers in home decoration, practice new standards, constantly challenge the industry to new heights, and drive the development of the home decoration industry progress.

One of the purposes of formulating home decoration standards is to encourage home decoration companies to carry out construction according to standards, improve the quality of home decoration projects, and reduce post-decoration repairs and rectifications. It is worth mentioning that Hujia Decoration has its own industrial worker engineering department, implements its own industrial worker system, and provides unified training, unified technology, and unified standards to provide owners with more professional and reliable home decoration services.

At present, in home decoration construction, many companies still adopt a hierarchical subcontracting model. As a result, the decoration company cannot fully control the construction workers, and the management of the decoration workers is out of control, resulting in poor customer experience. Hujia Decoration insists on using its own industrial workers, and its advantages are very obvious.

First of all, by using its own industrial workers, the construction quality is more guaranteed. Hujia’s own workers have received professional business training and skill improvement, and have high skill levels and rich construction experience, which can ensure construction quality and efficiency. At the same time, Hujia also has strict management of its own workers to ensure that the construction process is standardized, meticulous and conscientious, thereby improving the quality of decoration.

Secondly, the service provided by self-owned industrial workers is more considerate and comfortable. Hujia Decoration’s own workers are very clear about the company’s requirements and standards. During the construction process, they pay more attention to the details of customer needs and the satisfaction of individual needs. At the same time, our own workers are very familiar with the company’s work processes and service standards, and can provide customers with better services and guarantees. This kind of service is also more comfortable and reassuring.

Furthermore, some owners reported that Hujia’s workers are very responsible, responsive after sales, and can get effective solutions. This is because having their own identity as workers gives workers a sense of belonging and identity. They know that they represent the company’s image and reputation, and have close ties and cooperation with Hujia. Therefore, if there is a problem during construction, Hujia can quickly dispatch personnel to deal with and solve it, so that customers can enjoy better after-sales service and win a good reputation for the company.

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