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Embracing new life insurance, Taikang HWP construction makes further efforts

Embracing new life insurance, Taikang HWP construction makes further efforts

  At the beginning of the new year 2024,TaikangHWP construction has reached a new level. January 6,by“New life insurance in the era, new career track”themedTaikang Life InsuranceHWP Talent Basic LawThe launch ceremony was held grandly in Chengdu.This press conference further demonstrated Taikang’s comprehensive embrace ofnew life insurance,Create a professional, professional and performance-optimized teamstrategic determination.

  Three-terminal collaboration,The platform is more solid

  On January 2, Chen Dongsheng, the founder, chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group, published a signed article “Embrace New Life Insurance and Embrace High-Quality Development of the Industry” in the “China Banking and Insurance News”, stating that based on the experience and lessons learned from the development of the life insurance industry at home and abroad, and Taikang With innovative practices, the traditional two-dimensional structural model of “liability + investment” in the life insurance industry is facing major challenges. Taikang combines physical medical care and health care services with traditional life insurance and introduces the “service end” to form a new life insurance with three-end synergy of “payment + service + investment”, providing a direction and path for the high-quality transformation of the industry.

  The combination of insurance products and medical care entities has also brought about changes in traditional life insurance marketing methods.The “new life insurance” model puts forward higher requirements for the specialization, professionalization and performance optimization of the sales team. The needs of middle- and high-net-worth individuals for health and wealth management are increasingly personalized and diversified, and they continue to call for high-quality professional service talents.

  sinceSince 2018, Taikang has launched a new profession of “Health Wealth Planner (HWP)”, with “insurance consultant + general practitioner + financial consultant” as the basic professional qualities, re-building the “products, customers and team” of life insurance operations. “Golden Triangle”.

  current,HWPandTaikang House, Appointment with HappinessTogether they constitute Taikang’s three business cards.The number of residents staying at Taikang House exceeds11,000 people,The five major medical centers in the country are also gradually launching.Happy Appointment Customer Breakthrough200,000 people, health and wealth plannersHWPTeam exceeds15,000 people have strongly supported Taikang’s stable and healthy development and become a solid foundation for Taikang to go through the traditional life insurance cycle.

  Four major systems, super body blessing,Empower more professional

  For six years,TaikangDevoting all the resources of the group to buildHWPproject,forHWP has established a complete set of exclusive four major systems of “recruitment, training, motivation, and growth”.And inHappiness has an appointmentproductHe Taikang’s rich super-body business formatsblessingDown,HWPofDevelopment momentumIt is fully released.

  exist“Insurance+ Medical Care” business model, Taikang innovatively launched super body marketing.At present, it has formed including longevity community, life care, Taikang Baibo Dental, comprehensive medical care, Taikang ecology, health and wealth experience center, Taikang strategic culture,VREight major super body formats including cloud super body.

  Super Body is a great revolution in life insurance sales. Compared with traditional sales models,Taikang’s super experiential sales, staff recruitment, and training model subverts the traditional insurance sales logic and transforms abstract life insurance sales into situational and immersive experiential sales. It solves many pain points for sales teams to expand their business and expands the scope of life insurance business. boundary.

  National layout,Development goes deeper

  TaikangHWP took advantage of the momentum and the team’s development entered the fast lane. at present,The total number of HWP entrepreneurs and partners has exceeded 500, HWPofStandard Premium and Happy Appointment ContributionRateRising year by year. at the same time,The team has shown the structural characteristics of young people, high education, high quality, high income and high performance.

  in completionAfter the nationalization of HWP in provincial capital cities and the network layout of developed markets, Taikang Life has fully launched a performance transformation.2023YearApril,Taikang Life InsuranceHWP talent training program launched,Help the Central Branch Headquarters rise and set a new benchmark for excellence in the industry.

  this timepress conferenceOn, Taikang officially releasedHWPBasic Law for Talented Talents.The Basic Law is based on the currentHWPThe Basic Law is the model and is adjusted accordingly according to regional conditions.,forHWPYoucai provides comprehensive assistance such as dual channels for personal sales and team development, new allowances, high returns, dual inheritance of team + customers, and super double enjoyment of performance + management.

  Cheng Kangping, Executive Vice President of Taikang Insurance Group and President of Taikang Life InsuranceHe said at the press conference that building a professional, professional and performance-optimized team has become an industry consensus.Taikang launched“Taikang Plan in the Longevity Era” creates a new track and platform for the sales team to share and start businesses.New tracks provide new opportunities.welcomeMoreexcellentTalent joiningTaikang, becomeHWPleading the wayNew life insurance era.

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